Liberals control Micronesians....the uneducated ones

That is a fact. You guys and girls with brown skins who agree with Factsmatter or Sarem are controlled. How funny how u guys let these weak foreigners to controll your speech and thoughts. That is a statement. Vid radioor how are those kids in cages? Aki Aniol how are those kids? Kathy how are those kids? Madam Former President of the Marshall islands, Hilda, how are those kids? Remengasau of Palau, those coral reefs no mean shit without kids to look after them. All u guys weak.


  • For the first time ever i agree with you Reaps.These liberals are insane.
  • I like to get involved in the discussions but I failed to understand the subject matter. In simple words, what are we talking about?
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    @noname , we are not allowed to talk negatively about the way the Democrat Party of USA us lead by individuals who are Socialists. Socialists not by their own nature. But Socialists by way of the education system.

    Look at our court system in Micronesia, in General. All the top officials are foreigners. Mostly Whites. And these whites who were appointed to these position may it be be in the courts or the health or commerce ministry or dare i say our education system back in Micronesia (Kiribat, FSM, Nauru, Palau, bonpe, Kosrae, Guam, Saipan, Ruk, iAp, )....Judge ingram is the head of the Supreme Court in the RMI. He has been there since i was 11 years old. Now im 30 years old and he is still there. He is a Former peace Corps volunteer.

    Thats just the beginning. The Marshall islands Journal is Owned by a White man Name Murphy. Murphy is a former Peace Corps Volunteer. The Chief editor of the RMI Journal is None other Than Giff Johnson. Another student of the Peace Corps Program. Who Control PII? PII, is the biggest constriction firm in RMI. The owner is white!. Grammer!

    Thats what the fck i meant by saying the liberals controll Micronesans. The Education system, the news, the radio and wat u learn back home is all designed to make me, u, us, we, fail!

    If u can't understand that then so be it. Your ignorance is ur own making.
  • Jack Neithental, He is a white man who is American tried to run in our goverment in RMI. He is also a Peace Corps Volunteer. The Judge who allowed him to run is none other than Ingram!
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    Marshallese custom is by blood. Blood inherited through your viens. Not cuz u married one of us. Ur children through ur wife or ur husband will be our own but not u. U have to earn it not force it. Especially by using these systems that are supposed to protect us.

    If u Agree with these foreigners then so be it.

    Kwõj bõk ñan wõn k kõj wõt in!

    Jepelpel in Keju kaan!

    Kajoor wõt wõr.
  • Riinjinem ñe kwõj jab ain juõn!
  • @Reaper/ There’s an Indigenous/Black uprising soon.We may not agree on many things but these whites are our common enemy.They have no place running our kingdom.Us natives alone are the guardian’s of our forefathers lands.

    Idk about you but I’m ready….no mater what it takes.I’m prepared to spill white blood.
  • We should treat everybody the same; white, black, brown and other colors.
  • @noname/Tell that to Factsmatters and her people.
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