You’re all babbling amongst each other.The same people for the last decade or so.No audience besides our minuscule group of “interesting” individuals.This site is officially dead.I’ve found refuge in Twitter where most Micronesian people dwell.Come join us!.Bring these topics there it will make an interesting discussion than what we have going on here.

RIP Micronesia Forum (year founded-2020).


  • Thanks but no thanks I rather stay in MicornesiaForum than anywhere else..
  • @Visafree/What’s the matter afraid of new opinions than the ones you’re used to?.That’s on you pops the longer one dwells here the more they become mentally unstable.You’re welcome to join Twitter at anytime.
  • Me. Nobody: This site only has one active Trumpist White Supremacist wannabe. Twitter has millions of them, and probably hundreds of thousands of China apologists.

    Why would we seek out those people?
  • @Sarem Chuuk/Millions no more they all deactivated their accounts after their führer was terminated(Berlin style).Like the Nazis they too surrendered.We commies liberated Twitter.It’s now a utopia of my communist family and your fellow liberals.We all coexist although your folks occasionally makes a fools out of themselves.

    Cmon join! Post your thoughts there I’d like to see opinions from fresh faces.What you and anyone in this lame forum afraid of?
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