FSM and RMI and 74 other nations sign the Plastic Pollution Declaration

June 8, 2021


We, representatives of the below states, are alarmed by the high and rapidly increasing levels of plastic pollution and the impacts this has on the environment as well as on livelihoods, health, economies, and well-being. Strengthened action is urgently needed to prevent further discharge of plastic pollution into the environment.

Guided by the long-term ambition of eliminating all discharge of plastic litter into the oceans, agreed by the United Nations Environment Assembly resolution 3/7 and Sustainable Development Goal 14.1 “by 2025, to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution“, we believe that there is a need for a stronger global response for the effective implementation of measures to reach this goal. This issue is global in nature and cannot be solved by any one country alone. An effective, dedicated global governance response is needed to address existing gaps and promote coherence, coordination, and effective prioritization of our efforts.

We, therefore, call for the development of a new legally binding global agreement on plastic pollution.

We encourage other interested actors to join the call for a new legally binding global agreement and to actively participate in international conferences and processes to develop such an agreement.

We welcome the establishment of the Group of Friends to Combat Marine Plastic Pollution and will engage through this group with regard to further developments on a new legally binding global agreement to combat plastic pollution.

We commit to work for a decision at UNEA5.2 to establish an Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee recommending starting negotiations of a global legally binding agreement to combat plastic pollution, with the aim of concluding this as soon as possible.

Endorsements – 76 States so far

Antigua and Barbuda
Cabo Verde
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
European Union
Federated States of Micronesia

The Netherlands
Papua New Guinea

Republic of Korea
Republic of Marshall Islands
St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
São Tomé and Príncipe
Solomon Islands
Trinidad and Tobago

Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)


  • Quiz time: Which major countries are NOT listed as signers?
  • USA the mighty and advance nation of all.LOL.
  • Also the People's Republic of China, Russia, Belarus, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran. Where is China, MrNobody? Pushing from behind?
  • @Sarem Chuuk/Making great change my lib friend.You should visit the country to see for yourself and stop being fed these lies orchestrated by the west.Most of those countries you listed are taking action.By now you should know people like me despise western sources.Every issue humanity faces is traceable to white people.Climate change was caused by westerners.

    Better wise up for when the great revolution start I wouldn’t want to see a fellow Islander like you get caught in the crossfire because of your fondness for these pale skinned parasites.If only you’d see how mentally imprisoned you are.Colonial slave.
  • Let me see if I get this right, MrNobody. First, Chuuk is making great change. That is what you said, right?

    Then you said "Climate change was caused by westerners." That is what you said, right?

    So if Chuuk is making great change, how come the only island with intermittently dependable power is Weno, and that power is provided by diesel engines? And where the Chuukese people historically walked everywhere, or used sail power or human power boats, now everybody and his/her cousin or uncle or auntie now gets around either in an SUV or in a motorboat, which burn incredible amounts of gasoline. And they can't even drive their cars around Weno, because Chuuk spent all the infrastructure money on uts. And sea walls. Is the $30 million road finished yet, MrNobody? How much has it really cost?

    Great change. Westerners caused climate change. Where are the solar powered generators in Faichuuk, Nobody? Where is the sea wave generation, and the wind generators on the reefs?

    BTW, which nation burns the most high sulfur coal in the world? Don't guess. The answer is China.

    Westerners may have started the climate change game, but China is out to win it!

    BTW. You are not as smart as you think you are if you truly believe I am Micronesian. I was born and raised in upstate New York, and both of my parents (now deceased, may they rest in peace) were Caucasian. So I guess that makes me a westerner, right?

    Not a colonial slave. Not a capitalist. Not a Micronesian. And I have a very low carbon footprint, for a westerner.
  • answers to the quize time..USA, China.India, Australia, Russia, Japan, and Taiwan, both Koreas, most of the middle east countries ?. these countries are killing our ocean with their oil production.. btw, SC sorry but I agree yo sound like a micronesian pretending like hell! to be an American ..

  • Very interestingimageimage
  • I hope EVERY country signs this agreement.

    Just as importantly, I hope the agreement is actually implemented and enforced.

    Too many of these "international agreements" are just empty words on paper.
  • No need to apologize, VF, I actually view that as a compliment. I am just an American trying like hell to be a good American. I worked in Chuuk for four years total (two 2 year contracts, a decade apart), have a few good friends there; unfortunately did not learn much of the language, something I really regret.

    On the subject, in case readers do not know this, VF is absolutely correct. The oil producing companies, mostly from the Middle East but also including the United States, Canada, and Russia, "are killing our ocean with their oil production." What may not be known, or fully understood, is that all plastics have as their primary raw material... OIL.

    Plastic is manufactured from crude oil. And the amount of oil necessary to convert oil into plastics, through the refining processes necessary to make toothbrushes, single use plastic bags, automobile bumpers, children's toys, etc., etc. ad nauseum, is beyond comprehension. It takes a huge amount of energy to convert crude oil into plastic, and the source of the energy is principally OIL.

    So the next time you are asked if you want a bag to carry your take out food -- the stuff you eat from that plastic Styrofoam container -- ask yourself why God gave you hands if not to carry stuff.

  • There is got to be some forms of incentive from the Oil Production that pays to clean the ocean.. I believe this cry has been cried before but the call shouldn't be stopping but push forward to the finish line. the thing is, everyone has to unite and rally behind this issue. what about a good policy that will charge any shipping company that passes through these waters a percentage of their operating cost and passed to these small Islands for them to clean their shores and lagoons? what about Climate change? this can work as a remedy too, why not?

  • Which begs the question, why do the people of the small islands need to be paid to clean up their islands. Why can’t they just pick up after themselves instead of throwing their trash out the windows of their SUVs and over the gunnels of their boats?

    Personal responsibility, anyone?
  • Money n Policy works hand in hand, policy shape the attitude, attitude shapes the outcome the magic question is how do one government shapes the attitudes? why are some nations being successful from being one of the poorest to be one of the richest nations around the world what is the magic bullet?. it is clear it is the behavior and attitude of the country ( the People)
  • I could be wrong, but IMHO the key to successful government lies with motivation from within. It is much harder to successfully impose democratic institutions from the outside than to develop them from within.

    What are the successful Pacific Ocean island nations? How many are there? What island nations have developed political and economic institutions from within their own people?

    I am pretty sure, however, that just giving people money and expecting them to act responsibly with it is a "fools errand."
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