Marshallese Try, Without Success, to Flee Effects of Climate Change

There are many people, mostly in the US, but also around the world, who do not believe in climate change. They think that global warming and increased storm intensity are just weather, caused by sun spots, or such.

For those who persist in not believing the world is changing before our eyes, and in ways which will destroy entire societies, and cause massive human migrations, I offer this article from this morning. It is about migrants from the Marshall Islands, who fled the rising seas caused by climate change, only to see first hand the effects of global warming on the great Pacific Northwest of the United States, where they were certain they could avoid the rising seas which were swallowing their homeland. What they got was "inescapable" heat, and all consuming forest fires, caused by the same human degradation of our climate that is causing the irreversible rise in sea levels which they fled.

And in another article on this AM, a story about shellfish -- clams, mussels, starfish, etc. -- being cooked alive in the extreme heat consuming the Pacific Northwest this year.

There will be, in the not too distant future, mass human migrations caused by the apparently irreversible effects of human activity on our fragile globe. The Marshallese, and the Central Americans heading north for the US and Canada to escape the drought enveloping their homelands of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and San Salvador, preventing them from growing food, are just the canaries in the coal mines.


  • Shame on you to target the Marshallese only on one this issue?. Ho0w come I smell jealousy on the note?. shameful as is, I can hear the song and pint point what language in Micro-nut is coming from?..shame!
  • And shame on you for failing to see what is right before your eyes. I did not "target" anybody. All I did was to provide a link to an online story by CNN about the Marshallese community in the Pacific Northwest, and their struggles with rising seas at home and overwhelming and unprecedented heat in their adopted home.

    What did I do, VF? Did I "target" clams and mussels being cooked alive by the heat by not mentioning sea urchins and sea cucumbers?

    If CNN had published a story about the Micronesian communities in Arkansas, or in Missouri, or in Texas, who were primarily Pohnpeian or Chuukese or Palauan, would I have been "targeting" those communities by linking to the story?

    Chill, VF.
  • Nice try eh Chuuk Sarem, but you can not lie, words don't lie bro!!, check it out, your concluding opinion on this biased topic of yours is shown your true color toward the Marshallese who by the way are from part of Micronesia and not from Latin America country?. what do you make off that?..
  • What I make of that is that you are looking for a fight where none exists. And the eagerness with which you seek a battle is an indication to me that you are purposely deflecting from the purpose of this thread, which was simply to point out that climate change has progressed to the point that it is irreversible, and that there will be hell to pay for all humans, be they Micronesians, or Central Americans, or Europeans, or Africans.

    I am not looking for a fight, and will leave you with only another thought to ponder. Can you name the only species on Earth that has purposely set out to cause its own extinction?
  • From my point of view, global warming is a threat to everyone on this planet regardless of ethnicity or citizenship.

    I have lived and worked for many years in the RMI, in the FSM, and in the U.S. All three countries are negatively affected by global warming.

    I further believe that each and every government and human being on this planet have a responsibility to do what ever we can to slow the rate of pollution, global warming and sea level rise.

    We are all in this together and our children and grandchildren are depending on us to leave them a livable planet. We don't have enough time left to just do nothing and assign blame to others.

  • @Visafree/I may not fully agree with you sometimes but Kommoltata(Thank you very much) one Islander to another.Respect.It’s not a surprise these white want to control us and turn fellow natives against one another.

    The same thing he provided is heavily bashed in Twitter.CNN is a western propaganda and shouldn’t be taken serious.Lies and deceit is all you’ll hear.
  • Lol!

    Why don’t you bring these Ill thoughts about my people to Twitter Sarem.See how long you’ll last.White parasite coward.
  • We are not going to America cuz of Climate change. We going there for better opportunities. Climate change is not one of them. Climate change may be a factor but it's not the main reason. It's about economic and education opportunities that AMERICA OFFERS. Climate change was once called global warming. We are not going to the US cuz of Global warming. It's the opportunity.

    The AMERICAN dream. Hard work, and improving where u make wrong. That's why. Not to fucking Global warming or as they say now days on CNN:CLIMATE CHANGE.


    MARSHALLESE AND ILLEGALS IMMIGRANTS MOVING INTO THE UNITED STATES ARE NOT ON THE SAME PAGE. WE/MARSHALLESE came here legally. We didn't broke no law cuz of Climate fucking change like CNN say.

    No ever Include us Marshallese with the law breakers and ILLEGALS at the U.S border.

    We/Marshallese are here legally. Don't ever try out us in the same category has them In them illegally crossing the border of Mexico Into the USA.

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