In Cuba the People are fighting against Socialism/In America Democrats are Trying to install it!

It's not cuz of covid like Joe Biden Press secretary say. Biden admin say the people in Cuba are protesting their government cuz of covid. Cuba is socialist or Communist country. Truly people in Cuba are rioting cuz of Covid? Ain't it cuz they have no freedom? Freedom to say what they think about their government. Or freedom to have religion? Or freedom of the press? But according to Biden it's cuz of covid. Rise up Micronesia before we fall into this nightmare disguised it happened In cuba. The people of Cuba are finally awake. Good for them


  • What you forgot to mention is that the Cubans were waving American flags while our black athletes turned away from it during the singing of the national anthem. Maybe the US should allow these patriotic Cubans to come to the US and send those non-patriotic to Cuba. This is also same for the Squads.
  • It's all I can say. The party of democracy who claim to be Democrats are supporting socialism and Communist.
  • Cubans are fighting for Democracy....Something our white Masters in our education system don't want us to SEE!
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