Cubans are fighting to have Democracy...Biden administration won't help them

The so called Democrat party of the United States has make it clear. Joe Bidens administration say it won't help Cubans fleeing to US from socialism in Cuba.

Joe BIDEN AND HIS PARTY ARE SOCIALISTS. OR ARE CONTROLLED BY THIS IDEA. Biden and Democrats have made it a US policy not to help people In Cuba have Democracy.

Putin from Russia is friend with the Socialists government of Cuba so yeah. Democrats won't help Cubans who hate socialism.

Don't forget... Biden lifted Trump sanctions against Russia.

It's all coming together. Be afraid guys. Not cuz of the riots but cuz the Democrats in the USA are trying to be like the government of Cuba.


  • US will never become a Socialist country. Majority of the people in the US will never give up their freedoms. Only a few radicals such as AOC, Sanders and the Squads are supporting socialism or communism. I think these radicals only want to show off or hungry for attention. But in reality, they are in support of capitalism. If they really hate the USA, why did they migrate to the US in the first place and why don't they go back to their original countries? For Sander, he is no longer relevant.
  • It's becoming a socialist country..... Biden administration is now telling Facebook what to post and what not to...u didn't know.
  • Current fucking events
  • youre full of shit a Reaper.. what President Biden meant is exactly what your a doing on this social media.. ": misinformation and disinformation" . too bad to have been brainwashed to the point of no return, pitty looser like you man Trump.
  • They are protesting for what?
  • According to socialists on CNN and the Whitehouse the Cubans are protesting cuz of Climate change???
  • Climate change is BS ..the Cubans are protesting cuz they live under a government that is socialists or Liberal or progressive or wat new name they call it now.
  • Socialism has failed In CUBA...AS WE ARE NOW SEEING. BUT THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO INSTALL SOCIALISM IN AMERICA.....why are Cubans fleeing Cuba when it's a socialist country?. Why are Cubans risking their lives to come to America/USA, than stay in a country that Democrats love cuz it's socialism?
  • Can anyone answer that?

    @FatherHazel... Can ur white privilege as a white man and a priest answer that?
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