Revolution is needed in Marshall islands

The old system has to go. By that....the white people in charge of our government need to go.


  • The whites know who they are.
  • Sarem ur sins will follow u. That's a promise.
  • I invoke a precedent. botoktoj ej kur botoktoj....words have meanings. Ur sins will follow ur bloodline. ur bloodline is a URA. Ura In Marshallese is your family from top to bottom is dead.....
  • I hate to do this but it is wat is it is
  • Factsmatteer u on the list too
  • Equal treatment
  • We control the gateway to Hawaii....u gotta land on Marshall islands if u go USA/Hawaii...we go see how I look.
  • Sarem I will see u... eventually.
  • Iakwe Jen aelôñ in A'TE'TA'Ma!
  • I agree, your country has been controlled by foreigners, the core democracy of your country ( the justice department) is controlled by foreigners the fundamental human right to fair and equal justice is been corrupted by the executives and the legislative branch is not doing anything about it.. I applaud you point this out for a chance.. this kind of discussion is imperative in this kind of forum.. keep going!
  • Reaper, please get the mental health help you obviously need.
  • It is so sad to see the foreigners go into your country and do bad stuff and escape without a problem and with the help of your Justice department?.. shamful.
  • Amazing, ZF, that is almost the same thing as the indigenous peoples of what later became North America said in the 17th Century, and the Mexicans said in the 18th and 19th Centuries as the Europeans first invaded Africa for labor and then brought that slave labor and invaded North America. First they tried to assimilate the natives, then they tried to relocate the natives, then they simply exterminated the natives. Assimilate, Relocate, Exterminate.

    And in their thirst for space to rape the land, they spread West like a cancer, driving the Mexican people out of the Southwest and back across the Rio Grande, until they took over all of the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    Shameful. Shamful is a pillow cover with a pillow inside.

    Oh, and don't forget the Chinese spread into Tibet and the Uyghur homelands. Its not just white people with a rapacious quest for domination. And once Climate Change really makes water the most valuable commodity on the planet, watch out for the mass human migrations out of Africa, and South America, and Australia, and all island nations, to places where they can find the ever decreasing life force.

    The only species on the face of God's Green Earth which has intentionally and willfully set out to cause its own extinction -- homo sapiens sapiens.

    Have a nice day.
  • SC, the difference here is the fact that the RMI itself allowed crooked people over to take over whether it be in the government or in the private sector, they give them RMI passports and engage with them in doing bad things in the country and then let them go without a problem. and with the help of the Justice department?.unbelieveable but true ..
  • Most of the foreigners in RMI are Chinese from Taiwan. They controlled almost everything, stores, restaurants. hotels, taxi services and you named it. This is good for the RMI. If it weren't for them, RMI will not be well-off compared to the other Pacific Islands.
  • Maybe good for RMI tax revenue but not good for the Marshallese. so far the migration of the Marshallese people is in full throttle because of bad government services and lack of on b opportunities the Leaders get to do what they please without respect to the constitution and the rule of law. the leaders are a bunch of crooked and corrupted leaders and the worst they allow bad activities and most are engaged in bad activities. did you know some FSM citizen who was the branch manager to Bank of Guam on Island ? he was involved in fraudulent acts and escaped without a problem and escape prosecution with the help of the High court judge how can this be good for the RMI and the people?
  • It sounds like the problem is with the leaders. This is nothing new; a sickness encountered in the FSM also, maybe worst. One advantage of the RMI is the private newspaper, Marshall Island Journal. We have one in the FSM, Kaseleliha Press but it has limited circulation. What the general public needs to do is to expose all the corruptions caused by the leaders by using the newspapers and other means like the word of mouth. Also, the AG needs to be strong in prosecuting these corrupt leaders.
  • In RMI the AG is controlled by the executive and it is hard for the AG to prosecute any one of the high-ranking government officials even the judiciary branch, it is not an independent branch, the executive and the judiciary got married back in 2013. makes the Justice being controlled by the executive.. leaving the people helpless in their own justice system
  • We are not the same
  • That's the difference...Palau is lie ...Mama Belu....U Are ....Elap am aibojoj Ba'Lau/Palau....Bar kwe Iap/Yap...lal in Iap ej Ruuk...Ruk/Ruuk/RiRuuk/Chuuk...I know the ancient names of urs....What is my ancient name beside Marshall (Island's)?
  • We RiMajol are fiesty for a reason....We glow in the dark.... Godzilla is from Bikini Atoll u dummehes...
  • @Visa, we did not allowed white folks to control our islands....We had no modern weapons...If we had guns then we would have's easy to get the weapons we need now days... Hypothetically speaking we can and we will....Botoktok ej kur Botoktok!
  • @ Reaper, your leaders did by installing foreigners in the judiciary system, The AG, the Chief Justice, the associate judges, supreme court justice. that is the difference compare to other Micronesia FAS states. you must understand that separation of power between the three government branches is important to deter the act of corrupt political activities... that is not the case in your country.. Right now your country is in a constitutional crisis.. you probably don't notice.
  • Same thing has took place in Kiribat and FSM and Palau...Don't tell me it's only happening in 692/RMI. You a fool if u think RMI has this problem only....I see whites and foreigners controlling the system in MICRONESIA IN GENERAL.
  • The education system back In the islands... either RMI. Palau or FSM is controlled by whites. Same with our court system....all the top judges In Marshall islands or FSM or Palau are whites or liberal leaning....Liberal or as we say now days Communists.
  • @ Reaper, and you are a fool for not paying attention to what's going on in your country?.! I mean how many times have we withness in the news, a foreigner using your nation a stepping stone to become rich on the expenses of the people?.. and you think this is normal?. how fooler can you be in order for you to have a least common sense? fool!
  • I understand your government lacking the quality human resource and that recruiting from abroad is essential to the survival of the country BUT there is a constitution that must be defended and enforced otherwise you have no country.. simple as that?

  • Btw, I dont think the high court in other Micronesia states, including Guam and CNMI and all over Micronsia.. Only in RMI.. are controlled by foreigners.. check your facts..
  • Revolution is an old fashioned wordimageimage
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