The US is building a military base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Micronesian residents have questions.
The base is seen as another component of the Biden administration’s continued effort to increase its footprint in Oceania.

Last month, during high-level talks in Honolulu, the US Indo-Pacific Command and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) agreed to build a new base in the island nation, an archipelago of more than 600 islands strewn across the Western Pacific, some 3,700 miles from Hawaii.

The move is seen as another component of the Biden administration’s continued effort to increase its footprint in Oceania.

However, details about the base, so far, are scarce, causing anxiety for some FSM citizens who are worried about disruptions to their way of life, and wary about the idea of American military expansion in the region.


  • I am very happy to hear about this good news. Not only this is good for our security, the new base wherever it will be located in the FSM will create jobs for the locals and bring in the most needed revenue to the FSM government. Most of all, it will deter China from venturing into our islands.
  • FSM has a very large and rich Exclusive Economic Zone. It is probable large scale poaching of marine resources occurs. The US could and should help reduce this theft of FSM resources. .
  • The people have spoken we don't want another base.US military contributes to climate change by polluting the environment via bases,navy,air,&exercise training.our leaders are being groomed by the American empire.

    Let's see them build a base.Many indigenous like myself aren't afraid to cross the line.
  • @Noname&Gavilan/American slaves.Indigenous traitors.
  • besides Guam and RMI, Palau is obligated to provide such needs to the US government
  • Good point, visafree. FSM is also obligated under the Compact.
  • Mr. Nobody must be a chinese sympathizer.
  • The United States has 800 bases in 70 countries and China have just 1 who’s the actual threat here?.

    You people screech about human rights being violated all the time or how we should unite as one to tackle global warming/world issues yet here you morons are praising this.BUNCH OF TRAITOROUS HYPOCRITES.

    Nothing but a liberal hive in this thread.

    Let them build the base we true indigenous are ready to burn it down.Uprising is coming.
  • @noname/Proud of it.Better than to kneel down and get whiplashed by these white western parasites.
  • America is a melting pot of every nationality including China.. what planet are you from? Nobody?
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