Give it up for the KPress!

For those of you who may not be aware, the only newspaper in the FSM is in some financial difficulty. If you are in the US, and read the newspaper online, or if you are in the FSM and read it in paper form, take some time and send a donation to the paper and help keep a free press alive in the FSM.

If you are in Kolonia, stop by the office and say hello to Bill Jaynes, and when you leave, shake his hand and put a twenty dollar bill in it.

If you can only afford a dollar, send a dollar. If you can afford more, send more. If you are rich, send a lot. Help keep the Kaselehlie Press printing every two weeks, and stay informed.


  • Does he take donations in food stamps?
  • He probably would, lam, but he is in Pohnpei, and I don't think food stamps have any value there.
  • who is this Bill Jaynes anyway. Isn't he the one that I been hearing in here how he was elected or appointed by the president to have a job in the government per se? at any rate who will be more generous other than the government that be has befriended..... how is his paper been surviving all these years? Perhaps he should get back to the basic on how it was run before...... I am quite discontent by the fact that he cannot use my foodstamp. I was thinking he could fly to Guam and cash them in. That's how much wholeheartedly I want to contribute. Skip meals for the amount of the foodstamps I would have sent. Oh well. So much for wanting to help.
  • Miss whoever you are Iam,

    Are you that stupid? Foodstamp is not money, and you should know better!
  • Oh really? Thank you for pointing that out to me. I m so sorry but I've been told that you can buy food with it , go to message parlor paying service with it, its value equivalent to money.
    The fact that you know foodstamps than I do doesn't give you the right to broadcast my stupidity universally, does it? So give me some heads up on Foodstamps? What else should I know about it? That you as a Chuukese if my assumption is right, pick Vancouver to reside because it has easy access to the kind of benefits that you seek for. Not in Portland or Salem. KNowing that FSM citizens are not qualified to the types of assistance that the State of Washington is generously saturating your kind with? Now I know where all your knowledge about foodstamps come from. But do forgive my stupidity.
    Thank you again. Keep up the welfare education that is. It is somewhat enlightening to turn to people like to enlighten us in that particular field. Again pardon my ignorance in your field of expertise.
  • Iam please go and zabasearch yourself. You have a message about your son Jason. Are you a deadbeat too? So many deadbeats in here. I used to be one too, but now I'm caught up on all my payments.
  • bij/d-head

    Your assumption about me being a foodstamp recipient is absurd and totally wrong! Do this for me plz,
    do not try to be someone you will never be---you can try but you'll always be yourself!!

    FYI: I am not a chuukese, though, I wouldn't mind being one.. They are very kind and warm ppl. Exluding you!
    you have a serious ego problem. NOw, miss wanna be, iam not a chuukese, you are!

    Oh, by the way, do you realized that you can't purchase newpaper with foodstamp? is that how they do in Salem, Oregon?
  • ????? You got the wrong person Sorrow. I have no son Jason. I am not a divorcee. It's good to know you used to be one. What makes you think that you are different now. Once a deadbeat, always a deadbeat. Keep on working so you can have child support payment. If I am right and you in the mainland, for a boy, you'll stop payment when he reaches 18. A girl, she has to be 21. So for your consolation, worry about your payments dont spend your energy trying to find dirt about me. I never get into the kind of shit that others get into because of the kind of decisions they made in their lives. It is wonderful that people like you wise up after the child support bites them on the ass. LOL. It is LAM
  • Now now Vancouver. I am a Chuukese. Freaking proud to be one too. It is just interesting how educated you are in foodstamp. You need to educate me. what's wrong with that?
  • ok ok, lam & vancouver,...

    keep the ball in the court. lets help Kpress. No sarcastic remarks.

    lam, if you can help pls contribute.
    vancouver, help out too.

    Thank you
  • Bill Jaynes newspaper, the kaselehlia press, equates with the National Enquirer - all full of rumors, gossips and request seeking for monetary benefits. I don't quite understand why the newspaper uses the name "kaselehlia" because it is not a locally owned press. Bill Jaynes is a foreignor, like many other americans, he is here to make money off of us.
  • Make the stories juicy enough for people to prescribe. That will generate the revenue to keep it afloat. Or perhaps one like Bill Jaynes should cough up the expense if he wants it run. Ok. No need to bash me. LOL
  • tam,

    you are way off the mark. This thread is asking for you to support. If not, you really do not need to post any non constructive comments on this thread. Easy, read.. if you do not wish to contribute, dont, but for crying out loud... dont rock the boat.

    Kaselehlieh benefits me and the majority of islanders whom are abroad. For that matter, I am supporting it with little of what I have. You know the motto.. " Be part of the Solution, instead of being part of the Problem." That mentality you have, need to be buried we live in a civil society and we owe KPress our gratitudes.

    Thank you KPress, we will support.
  • Never mind. The comments posted in here indicate that none of you deserve a newspaper. All you can do is whine, criticize, make racist attacks, and demonstrate your collective ignorance. Sorry I ever raised the idea.
  • that person with the name I don't know how to write or say...... and that goes with the rest. I apologize for being a little, just a little bit of a pain. and thanks for the mature ones that don't let anything penetrate their thick skin. I will be good. Please don't bash me. I am fragile. LOl Anyway that person with a foreign name, I need to know where to bury my mentality so I can put flowers at the gravesite. Why is everyone so serious and uptight. Oops, there I go again. I like to read. And when things get relentless and repetitious, I get bored and want to play. But that is not an excuse to be an ignorant. At any rate, pardon moi silvous plaid monseiurs. and merci.
  • Serem,

    Thanks, I think parents shouldn't let their kids play with their computers... Apwuda!
  • lam, sorry I was corrospending with Tamping. I know you are being sarcastic and its cool. perhaps you should resort to chat. Seriously, it may be in our best interest to help our online newspaper to publish.
  • "Be part of a solution instead of being part of the problem", now that really confuses me. Which is which? It even gets worst when you seem to confuse the problem as the solution. Wanting the newspaper because that's the only connection you have with the island is absurd, if not idiotic. Don't bank off your brothers and sisters in the islands, you want to know about the islands, stay in the islands.

    Have you ever notice that FSM has become the dumping ground for all kinds of unwanted people? Just look at the previous AG for the FSM, Paul McClrath and Matt Crabtree. If you don't know, Paul McClrath is gay, very gay and had a Pohnpeian male as his wife or girlfriend (which is which) when he was in Pohpei. Matt Crabtree had a criminal conviction in the U.S. for robbing a pornographic bookstore, he went to Pohnpei and worked there as assistant FSM Attorney General. The old man working at legislature for Pohnpei State, he too has been seen with bunch of little girls hanging around at his house. The other guy working there, I don't know his name, has been rumored that he likes little boys. Bruce Talley, an american also, has three cases against him for having sex with three 12-year-old girls. He is out roaming the island. You can easily see him outside Kolonia Elementary school sitting on his bicycle.

    You think the americans came here because they like us and want to better our country? You better think twice, they have their own hidden agenda and fetises.
  • Tamping,

    I do no know where you get your anger with the americans. I will agree to disagree with you. With you coloring up your comment, such as, "gays", "hidden" ,"agenda","pornographics", whatnots, I chose to support something that is part of Pohnpei, something that is good to have, something we take for granted and that is information. I am paying for the information that i will read and keep me updated on the important issues affecting our home island, not the managing director.

    Thank you.
  • lam\tam:
    Please be serious ... this is about Kaselehlie Press, not about food stamps, where one is from or what other people have done in terms of crimes, etc. If you don't want to help or contribute anything, then skip this thread. Tam, you need to start another thread to address your hatred toward foreignors and title it appropriately so whoever wants to listen to all that anger can join you. I, on the other hand don't want to read all that nonsense. There is an appropriate forum for that type of issue/problem and I don't think this is it. Please, if you have no interest in helping or have anything nice to say regarding Kaselehlie Press, just skip it or shut it. Kalahngan.
  • Thanks to FSMPIO and the President's Office, we have ourselves a converted public parasite in KP.
  • lol@parasite

    speak for yourself Jeff. Dont forget to flip the sign behind you.

  • Lien and Local,

    I don't mean to pissed you off. I have every right as you to post and express my opinions on here. what I was saying wasn't any propoganda but reporting of facts just as Kaselehlia Press is doing. Perhaps you can ask Bill Jaynes to write an article on what I have said and for him to follow up the investigation and see if anything I've said so far isn't true. How's that for a start? I can post all background information of people living here in the FSM in this forum and I have proof the back them up. Someone please dare me!
  • thank you tamping,

    but this particular thread isnt about investigative reports or what have you, but merely this is for individuals', like me and many others, to contribute to KPress. We all know that we have every right to post, write, agree, disagree, but apply it to an appropriate thread. Leave this thread clear with any means to fogg the stereo types.

    Thank you again, tamping
  • Tamp:
    You did not pissed me off. I know you have every right to post whatever you want. Whatever you posted in this thread has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. I merely stated that maybe you ought to start another thread and post all your allegations, etc. there for people who gives a hoot. You sound intelligent but too self righteous and full of hate.

    Thanks. That's my point exactly .. . allegations, self righteous attitudes, etc. that has nothing to do with 'HELPING THE KP" to be posted elsewhere on an appropriate thread...that's all.
  • Let's give a little to KPress. I'm calling the first 5000 micronesians working in the USA for $25.00 each ...that's how much nickels and dimes? Plennnnty! For the military personnels like, saila, you guys donate more, ok? My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    KPress don't lose hope....thanks for the email.

  • KPress, like all other companies, will ask for contributions; however, it must find long-term funding from other sources (e.g. local, regional, or international grants). By depending solely on people's donations, KPress will constantly be forced to hang by a string. I'm sure the board and editor is aware of that. I will be sure to contribute.

    On another note, is there any local(s) who write for KPress? If not, why?

    Thank you.
  • Kembo, I nominate you to be the local writer for KP as you are a well balanced person...and I mean it.
  • K Press is a business for profit. it is not a non profit organisation. they should find ways to raise more capital. they should invite more investors to invest into the business. Running a news orgainsation is not only to disimilate information. it is a business that needs to be run like a business in order to stay in business.
  • Guys and gals! K Press is barely surviving, although in most cases, he just evened out the cost and the returns. Only few big businesses cared a little about advertisements and those who actually bought the paper, often shared them with other folks after they're done with it. At least KP is also online which gives some of us easier accesses and you do not have to drive to the nearest stores for your paper. Don't be surprise if one of these days, Bill Jaynes disguises himself and ride on down to the China Embassy in Palikir to ask for help.

    If you can spare a dollar, buy KP... but if you can pledge some financial contributions, do so with the kindess of your heart. If you're undecided, then may I suggest that you visit this website and check it out for yourself: . Thank you folks.
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