Urusemal Waste Time in Chuuk

where are those many chuukese special assistants to the President? Tony Otto? Bensesar PEtrus? Samuel Nathan? how much good that the President has to go to Chuuk? does a President always has to go to Chuuk every time Chuuk makes a mistake with Compact money? what does the President do to prevent a Chuuk governor and Finance from mess up Compact money?
yeah, his assistants are excited. they are going to a Catholic Diocese gathering on Mosh in the Mortlocks. Catholic Diocese always donate lots a money for the church. Last time, the Catholics here in Honolulu donate $30,000.
the President is going to help the Church take money from the people. and make them make food for him and his assistants. And for everybody else. Too much from the people already. President better give them their money. Not make up for Chuuk government mistakes.


  • I fully agreed with you plumeria and keep up the good work. I understood your stress and also your busy schedule like a counselor. For this time i think the president needs to have a career counselor in his office to settle things out...
  • Why worry too much about the President's religious visit to his outer island friends in the Mortlocks? The people of the island of Moch will definitely welcome a native son of the outer islands with open heart and warm hospitality. He deserves a real taste once again of the outer island delicacies. Besides, there is no Compact funds expended for this special occasion.
  • Plumeria, think first before you post something like this. For your information, the President has every right to visit all the islands in Chuuk as the President of our nation. That's one big responsibility. When there's something wrong in one state, it's should be a good gesture and also as part of his job to check on his people whenever necessary. He wouldn't have visited Chuuk so often times if there weren't that many problems to deal with, would he? I would say if you were a Chuukese, you should be more appreciative. By the way, what does the Catholic Church donations have to do with our President? That's something so out of line to blame the President if they people chose to donate whatever amount they want for their church! Why do you think the President would want to take money from the people of Moch? What I know is that, whenever the President makes a visit to the outer islands, he always spent money on them. He always contributed something to the youth groups or any kind of associations for good cause. So, please, try to refrain from tainting our President's name for something you do not have substance to support.
  • I think the header should have read "Chuuk, Waste of Everybodies Time and Money"
  • Well why do you people say I'm tainting the President name for nothing? and for your information the chuuk problems is not waste for eveybody's time. its those chuukese like this Keta and Tony Otto, Kasio Maita, lot of them, that waste the Chuukese time. they left their chuuk families to marry their Pohnpeians. But they say they love Chuuk and want to help? Ha, what a laugh!
    They just don't want nobody ask questions about their President. They want him to keep them their jobs. But they never helps Chuuk. The President never helps. He only comes around to show off after the people contribute their hard money. Every time they come to Honoluy, they never help the people in the housing. So are we making up stories to taint names. Don't think so!
  • Plumeria, please go to coco chat room! This is not a counseling forum; please call Dr. Phil.
  • Plumeria, you should be grateful that we still worry about our Chuuk. You must be someone you know us very well that you pick on us among all the thousands and thousands of Chuukese being married outside of Chuuk, and you say that we waste the Chuukese time. Why is that, and how do we waste their time? I should be the one laughing at you for not doing enough for Chuuk since you do not want any help from outside. Poor thing, what are you doing in the Honolulu's housing anyway? Is that how you're helping Chuuk? Go and play in the parks and let us Chuukese worry about our islands. We are the true Chuukese who still love to help Chuuk even though we are away and enjoying the luxury of the beautiful Pohnpei.
  • Plumeria,

    The president of the FSM is for the people of all four states: Pni, chuuk, yap and korsae, therefore he has to go chuuk if he has do like it or not. The assistants are for the president; therefore the people of chuuk are merely relying on them but the president. I believe the president has many responsibilities and applications to all four states either chuuk or other.
  • When politicians make trips to meet people right before an election, one gets suspicious. I hope the President and his chuukese staff are using this trip to campaign for their candidate. I heard from the grapevines how they used govt ships to go to the outer islands to meet the people and what they did was campaign.

    We do not see the regular senators and legislators doing this anymore, ever since money got scarce in our govt. Now the Pres, VP and his staff take on the habit????

    Now, what is wrong with this picture?
  • correction: I hope the President and his chuukese staff are NOT using this trip to campaign for their candidate.
  • Correction: Would a Yapese representative even take an initiative to go to Chuuk just to campaign for a candidate who is out of his own vacinity? Think twice. People seem to take things so negatively, I don't understand whether it's heriditary or just plain foolish speech.

    ms. antagonist
  • In any case, allow me to be more blunt about posters like Plumeria who seem to take things on the less brighter side, and say that when the President pays a visit to either islands in the FSM nation, people should appreciate it. Just imagine going to an island which people who neither speak or understand your language receive you, and then sit down with them to have Kon and Fish for dinner... wouldn't you like them to accept you as one of your own? Please Plumeria, I sincerely hope you were raised better than to despise others for not being able to say "Ran Annim" the proper way.

    Someday you'll be great, until then, respect those who are.
  • Plumeria,

    You should be proud of the President's visit because now you know that there is something coming in the pipe line for you people. President Urusmal was one who persistantly persuaded Yap leaders to lend a hand at times when Chuuk needed most. I am sure the President didn't come to witness one of your infamous government practices. And in regards to the church money it is the same thing as the Bishop visited Yap which he always come on empty pocket but returned worthy of his visit.
  • Lets put it this way. If the President decided to visit any place within the FSM, it is because he is the commander-in-chief of this god forbidden nation. It is the only way he can hear his people cry out for assistance, especially those hard to reach people in the outer islands of Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap. This will help him work closely with the Congress to address issues that will help the citizen of the FSM. I am talking about people who remain within the FSM, not those who decided on their own to seek a more greener and lucrative places outside of the FSM. They will be dealt with accordingly, and in a manner that respect laws and regulations of the country which they reside.
  • iwe iwe..pwan hello sefan seni am meinisin nge pwan omsuano ren mak patt..iwe pwan ii ekis pwan mefiem won na memef ren nouch na president...what can we say? very goood man!!! a men och an nouch na president visit fonuach chuuk ren an pwarano netipan ngeni semach won nang...an asor mei manaw nge ami kena ese wor ami asor ochami penichon mei chon.....ooooh iwe kinisou iei chok sipwap pwan sosopwei ren eken ran mwach..iwe ina chok a pwan naf...oh ren chok ami opwe faat pwe am se urumot..am mei serious....iwe ina chok kinisou chapur ren ami fifitikich non nouch ei taropwe...an kan onowe d2 kapong
  • i just wish that one of you people were on the island of moch when the president got there... oh you should see how the people greet him. and the food??? weseen ngaweno....
  • Turmai

    Let me clarify something regarding our honorable Bishop. You’ve mention that he always went to Yap "on an empty pocket". When was that? Who in this world gave you the wrong impression that he travel on “an empty pocket”? I assure you, he got more money than you could ever imagine. Let’s be thankful that he spends his money for others. Please don’t just said what you like to say without knowing the truth.

    Peace out
  • Let me say that any big guy that visits our state, in Chuuk, I'd be glad and proud! Wow! I mean, it's the President of the United States of Micronesia for goodness sake! What sad people we are if we do not appreciate it. Imagine what he had to go through just to get here? Thanks, President, and your Vice and your people for helping us realize what beautiful people we ought to be.

    -the enemy
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