Speaker Peter Christian or Noahs U Resio Moses?

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Pohnpei, let's narrow down our choices. Let's throw out here all the pros and cons of each candidate and weigh them. One of the advantages that many many Pohnpeians say that Christian has over Moses is Moses' isolation in Congress, the fact that he does not have any support whatsoever in Congress. Here's my take on this issue, while there are some good apples in Congress, on balance, there's more corrupt people in congress than not. Members of congress are for the most part driven by corruption and self-interest. Moses has proven to be different from many of these, and that is why he is so isolated. What would you have, a Pohnpeian congressman who is corrupt or self-interested but effective and powerful in congress or one who stands by his principles EVEN AT THE EXPENSE OF ISOLATING HIMSELF IN CONGRESS? The fact that congress has earned itself a poor track record in recent years says a lot about people who are powerful in congress. To be powerful in an environment of corruption and self-interest, you have to be corrupt and self-interested yourself. Look at the Chuuk delegation, they are so afraid of being investigated and tried for misuse of government funds that they would only support somebody who is just as corrupt as they are. The fact that Pete is so powerful in congress says a lot about the kind of person and leader that he is.

Waiting to hear more from the rest of you.


  • Firstly, its Dauk U not Noahs.

    I am one of those many who through hearsay only, have learned about the many negative allegations about Speaker Christian. And because of that, I have not taken my hearsay knowledge to be the determining result for who I should vote for. The same goes for the honorable, Dauk U Moses. Politics in the FSM is known for its often cut throat campaigns that often blinds out the greater virtues of an individual candidate and thus, favoring the other. Nevertheless, as you pointed out, poor track records of our Government is the readily available evidence. But, both gentlemen are current participatory players in this so called " poor track record " Government that we now perceive it to be. I guess, the question i often ask myself is, who will most likely change this poor track record and surface as a better captain?

    If Resio is a silent isolated fella, will he be more articulate and power driven for change if given a second chance? Will Pete re-group and take upon a much more corrupt-free vision? Nobody knows for sure. This is one of those elections that heavy reliance on your own instincts may just be the proper avenue as skepticisms run high. And that's scary. That's like guessing whether it's going to rain tomorrow or not. Both men are able and have served long as servants to their citizens and their Governments. Ruling out Mohner, whom I think is a bit too early for him to run this time, I like to beleive that future track records of the two (Resio and Peter) will largely be influenced by their relationships with their peers in Congress. Congress is a team work environment and not merely a place to exercise solo demands and isolation. Neither is it a place to gain more power over the other, without proper wheeling and dealing to have your way. This is as genuine as any other political arena on the face of the globe. Fill me in as I have yet to make up my mind. Just my thoughts.
  • Prince, both Resio and Pete have served long enough in government for you to be able to decide who to vote for. Also, there is enough said out there at the sakaw bar and elsewhere that are actual truths not rumors about both. It is partly true that they can be both blamed for the level of respect that the FSM people have for their Congress, but Pete should be ultimately responsible being under his watch. And if Resio has been an outcast in Congress because of his principles, how could he be so equally blamed?

    It is also not wholly true that we have a teamwork in Congress. How can that be when one or two are ostracized, like Resio? The fact of the matter is that Pete has so much influence over the many junior congressmen with him, that he has virtually had them by the neck in terms of influrence and control. We are seeing a runaway congress, whipped by the political whims of its leader for his own ends. It is people like Resio who needs to slow it down and earn back the respect it must have from the people it serves. It is not surprising to hear people say that congress is losing its professionalism (e.g. a social club) and out of touch with the people that put them there. Much of the attention is to themselves as you can see in the pork-barrel pojects they put out in pitcher-catcher fashion. So, please let us not kid ourselves that we do not know enough about these people.
  • ulong,

    Beleive in what you beleive, but I don't beleive Pete is in any way a power house, influencing his subordinates to his liking. Resio is just not trying hard enough. He prefers to sit back and point fingers when Congress actions don't prove successful. What has he done really? Tell me. I surely am not in favor of a Congressman that knows something fishy is in the making by his peers and instead of raising hell and defeating such fishy acts, sits back and watch in silent. What is he, a spectator?

    My perception of a true elected official is one who fights against what he and his constituents (you and I) know is not right and defeat it completely. Not one that simply lets his fellow congressman have his way causing misery to the larger populace citizens of the nation and its Government. All this mention about Pete being a powerful man in Congress is all crap to me. I don't buy that. Even so, if he is indeed a powerhouse in Congress, who gave him such powers? Not Resio and the rest of the Congress gang?

    Sheez, every single congressman is to blame for our current status. Resio included. This silent " good boy " perception of Resio just don't cut it with me. Perhaps, he doesn't belong in Congress, as he apparently is not productive enough to put people like Pete and the rest of his supportive peers locked away for their unlawful actions and corruptive actions we have long heard and read in this forum and elsewhere.

    Nice try but am still not convinced.
  • This is an interesting discussion, so much so, that I am urged to also contribute my two coconut shells. I am appalled as to why people call Resio and out cast. The only reason you hear so many people say that is because only he and Mr. Figir have been so desparetly trying to reduce the amount of compensation the congress recieves. Please take the time to check the www.fsmcongress.fm web site and read the journals. January 17, 2007 Day 8 Wednesday's journal said this. "BILL CALENDAR
    Senator Figir: Speaker, I move that we place……I move to withdraw C. B.
    No. 14-123.
    Senator Moses: I second.
    Speaker Christian: C.B. No. 14-123. Chief Clerk, do you have that ready?
    Can you just read the title so the members know what to vote on?
    Chief Clerk reads the Title on C. B. No. 14-123 as follows:
    Speaker Christian: Motion is to withdraw from the Committee and place on
    the calendar for action, is that correct?
    Senator Figir: Yes, that is correct Mr. Speaker and I move for the previous
    Speaker Christian: Previous question is called for. All those in favor of the
    motion to withdraw please say "aye"; all oppose say "nay". Motion carried. Now
    we have one bill.
    Senator Figir: Speaker, I move to place C. B. No. 14-123 on the Bill
    Calendar for consideration.
    Senator Moses: Second.
    Senator Alik: Mr. Speaker, may I move for a short recess, please?
    Speaker Christian declared a short recess.
    Congress went into recess at 10:19 am
    Congress reconvened at 10:25 am
    DAY 8 – JANUARY 17, 2007 (WEDNESDAY)
    - 9
    Speaker Christian: Congress comes back to order. Motion before
    Congress is the…oh, there is no motion right now.
    Senator Moses: (inaudible)
    Speaker Christian: We voted already for the withdrawal and placement.
    Now I need a motion.
    Senator Figir: I move to place the said Bill on the….
    Speaker Christian: No, no, motion to pass.
    Senator Halbert: Speaker, I guess I'll go for the good Chairman and I
    move that we defer this bill indefinitely.
    Speaker Christian: There is a motion and I did not hear a second to it.
    Senator Kansou: Second.
    Speaker Christian: Motion has been seconded. Motion to defer is not
    debatable, all those in favor say "aye", all oppose say "nay". Motion defeated.
    Senator Figir: Division?
    Speaker Christian: Division is called for. Chief Clerk, ask them to raise
    their left hand when you call them. All those in favor of deferring the bill please
    raise your left hand. . . roll call? All those who are opposed to the motion to defer
    please raise your right hand? Motion for deferring succeeded. Six members
    voted for defer. Senator Figir?
    Senator Figir: Speaker, I asked for poll and I asked that the roll call be
    Speaker Christian: Roll Call? I did not make the pronouncement on the
    count. I just did now. The motion to defer passed; the bill is deferred to any time
    any members of Congress wish to bring it back to the floor. Anymore bills, Chief

    This one reason. When reading through the journals you will find that Resio is not always isolated. Please read the one where he introduces a resolution to recall the Ambasador and call for an investigation into the offices doings. He is very active with a lot of support. Support on other isssues and not the Decreasing compensation of their rep funds.
  • On the contrary Prince, I don't see Resio as a silent spectator. It is because he hasn't been a silent spectator that he is perceived as somewhat of an outcast in congress. And no, I know very well the difference between what's rumor or hearsay and facts. My opinions of Speaker i can assure you are based on facts. Shall we go into specific examples? No maybe in person.
  • All reasoning aside. Who is physically capable for the job.

    Peter Christian is somewhat healthy. He is what some would call boss.

    Moses is half baked. He can't stop smoking. how is he to joke with his colleagues to wheel and deal for that bill.

    Esiel is too heavy to carry his own weight. How is he to carry mine.

    So i vote for Peter! maybe peter pan plans will land me the catcher position.

    Just think a minute..
  • Oh hobub, is that you reasoning? sheesh! If you would note Moner is more than able to "siped" Chistian and resio stopped smoking 6 years ago. You're judging without knowledge.
  • Prince,

    I hope Oun Kitti has convinced you that Resio is not a silent person afterall as shown through the congressional journal. In fact, he actively attends public hearings and asks good probing and merciless questions. I hardly see public hearings attended by a good many congressmen, a forum where public opinion is vital and indispensable. You and Baron need to wake up and get your views corroborated with facts. Oh, Baron, I would like to trust that Resio is physically fit for the job, otherwise, he would not be running. How physcially fit can a person be for this job? I would rather having a sick person but yet trusted person to represent me in Congress than a healthy but corrupt one. I owe it to my children more than myself, and that includes even if I am a "catcher" for pork.
  • baron,
    Remember that Peter Pan refused to grow up.

    I totally agree with Iadue an ulong. I would also rather have a trusted person who is more concerned for the benefit of the people instead of one who is seeking the position as a benefit to himself.
  • Thanks guys, but like I said, I haven't made up my mind yet. So don't toss your weight on me. It just might richochet. Like many, I wish there were more choices than just Mohner. Peter and Resio have done their part long enough without much success. Am talking about significant and collective improvements to the Nation as a whole and not just some silly quarreling over Congressional salary and per diems. How low.

    Am talking about overall achievements and in measuring overall achievements, you would want to look at the collective end results. What is our current status? Good? Bad? So-so? Okay, so Resio is known to challenge immoral issues, but does he succeed in his attempts? In that Congressional Session of 17 January as OUN provided (which I happened to attend) both Figir and Moses came out on the losing end. Why? Not enough ammo? Not enough intellect to shut the opposition? What is it? Nevermind, just let the records show that I oppose? That to me, is a true depiction of someone who really does not care enough and does not try hard enough, and does not mean well enough to win my vote. I despise weaklings and especially as my Rep in Congress. Nah, imma pass.

    Have a good one y'all.
  • Prince,

    Nice to hear you are still tossing the coin up in the air. You are a walking political drunk who knows your political alphabets back to front. Am glad you are slanding more towards Mohner which I think deserve to get in Congress. He has charisma, very polite, intelligent, humble and down to earth. With all those charerteristics what else can the Pohnpeians want.


    Go Mohner!!
  • Everyone,

    Remember, time's a tickin'.. We have to make up our minds.. Passivity is a common virtue at the big house in Palikir.
    We need Activism that's been shown time and time again through uncommon grassroots involvement that:

    The Honorable Peter Christian has shown throughout his district. Ask any of his constituents.. They will tell you: Things get done with Pete.. So again- I vote for Pete.
  • Prince,

    I like your critical analysis of performance based on results. That is what we should all demand of our congressmen or anyone in public service position. Yeah, there is always going to be much to be desired from our leaders, especially those long enough in Congress, given the bleak circumstances we are in. I can understand the way you feel when you look around and don't see many signs of progress, but there truly is slowly and gradually. One cannot be successful at everything, but it is the trying that may pay off. At a time when it is going to be difficult to make ends meet, it is absolutely essential that we have leaders that we can trust that he/she will deliver on the public good, not personal good. This is a challenging attribute for a leader to have because you must have good principles to be able to live up to that public trust, especially at our time and age. I don't intend to lecture here as I know you all know talk is easy, it is the action that is hard and that matters.

    I have done my thinking based on what I know and the views about each of the candidates from friends like you. If you are still in the toss-up, I would ask that you vote for Resio. He has shown enough that he can be trusted based on his track record. He has the attributes that a leader should possess to earn the respect of his commons, and being a traditional leader himself makes him humble, simple and caring. I like Moner and has good attitudes and values?, but he is new and yet to be tested in the annals of congressional politics. And don't forget people can change colors when they are in leadership position as you well know. I like that he is new, perhaps with new ideas--but what are they? He needs to share those. Oh, by the way, we don't need strong people to represent us in congress--what for? We need people with intellect and selfless attitudes.

    I should add that our congress has been visited by new people, but we see virtually nothing new coming out in congress. They tend to be caught up in these social club that eventually overwhelms and disables them. This is what I understand Resio to be doing, to break up this social club mentality and restore the integrity and professionalism of congress. He has not been successful enough, because he gets overwhelmed too, sort of like one lone voice against many. But, he is not giving up, he keeps faith with what his people expects of him. He may not be achieving what he fights for, but he does try and he is willing to try again--if you give him this chance, probably the most important chance he will ever have.
  • Well said Ulong. Resio might be a loner, but in my eyes, he is a lone warrior. He refused to be brainwashed, and always put his constituents first. He also refused to join the club eventhough he knew this will cost him one day. Here we go, the Godfather of the club now seeking to oust him. Pretty much same scenerio that happened between the former Godfather from Chuuk and Former Senator Asor.

    Reminds me of one of Lucky Dube's song which title, "If you stand for the truth, you're always stand alone".
  • Ulong,

    Again, I respect your position and I may have swayed a bit negatively on the incumbants and it was because some of us would prefer to analyze performance on a collective basis rather than individually. Furthermore, my interest for a better candidate other than the incumbants may be shortcoming as there are none running at the moment other than the incumbants themselves and Mohner, which without disrespect for Rebel and many others who support him, I wish to convey as merely for informational purposes that our friend Mohner is currently trailing on the polls as we speak. This is largely due to a fairly high percentage split of campaign supports between Resio and Pete in places like Pingelap, Nukuoro, Kapingamarangi, Mokil, Sokehs, Nett and U. Although, Mohner has high marks in Kitti and Madolenihmw and approximately 20% in U (Awak area), the two latter populations are not enough to place him in the lead.

    So, my focus has narrowed down to just Resio and Peter. And that is why I stated earlier, if only there were more candidates coming out of either Sokehs, Nett and U, then that would paint a totally different picture for Mohner. But these are only estimates, but are coming from people who have been seriously following the campaign trails and counting the rising number of supporters for each candidates as we rapidly approach the few last weeks before election day.

    Coming back to the incumbants, yes, I understand where Resio stands in as far as his principles and virtues as being an honest politician and someone with great integrity to pursue what is right and disbanding himself from controversial Congressional issues that may harm his reputation, a temperament nature he has long displayed in his entire political career that is now paying off as he strives for another try at his seat in another election for Congress. But we must also be prepared to accept disappointments if Pete comes out in the lead and be able to look onto positive perspectives and appreciate the qualities (if any) of his also strong opponent. I wouldn't be surprise if there is a run-off.

    But these are really not my point. My simple feeling is that we the citizens must begin to carve and shape new and potential faces (maybe not now, but soon!) that we can confidently push forward and have a fair representative of population support to represent our voices and our ideas with concrete results. We must begin to refrain from our apologic natures traditionally and customary rites and make those willing to take charge as representatives know that we expect nothing less. It is long overdue, that citizens of the FSM may go to sleep at night knowing that tomorrow is a promising day for the future of our Government, our welfare and that the basic essential services in ensuring prosperous (at the least) livlihood in the FSM are in place and readily available.

    I understand and support the need for transparency, accountability and honest politicians in our Governments but those virtues are far from any concrete indications that promises any significant reversal in our current Government shortfalls and in developing all the necessities and prerequisites in due time before the remaining 16 years under Compact funding expires. We are in a situation where the focus should be more on seeking out options providing greater impacts for a self-sustaining Government than the simple desire to do more in house cleaning of dirty politicians. I'd like to think that if our boat is sinking, greater emphasis must be employed in seeking safety for the survivors on the boat rather than to deliberate on who caused the boat to sink. We have a larger spectrum of serious problems to worry about than to worry over the morales of each candidate.

    That is why, I am one who strongly beleives in concrete results. And to this day, the report card of our past and current politicians have not been impressive. Apparently, they have other agendas other than to unify as a team and to look out for one another and collectively provide those necessities that we citizens have voted them in to do in the first place. How many second chances do the candidates need? We are already have a second Compact, primarily due to much screw ups in the first Compact, will history repeat itself? Think about it people. Think seriously i beg of you.

    Thanks again.
  • Prince,

    Your last paragraph really hones in on what the voters should principally think about when they cast their votes in March...not too far away eh? Yes I agree with you that tangible results should be the driving force for voters to be aware of concerning the candidates, e.g, what have the candidates achieved in the past that the people have benefited from. And not to engage in moral issues which is more often divisive and individualisitc and thus missing the points of getting into the Congress in the first place. As you said:

    " How many second chances do the candidates need? We are already have a second Compact, primarily due to much screw ups in the first Compact, will history repeat itself? Think about it people. Think seriously i beg of you." Well said my friend.It sums it all up Prince.

    Is that mean the voters should give Mohner a chance?

    You owe me a half shell of sakau with a full shell interest.

  • In 1986 when Leo Falcam supported the continuation of the Cultural Education Program under Title V of SCSEP with an appropriation of $300K plus, Resio Moses lobbied the State Legislatures to trash the program. In the early 90s when Congressional members appropriated supports for several municipal projects, Governor Moses then again lobbied the state legislature to stifle the Municipal Aid Funds to stop cost-sharings. The State Government even ordered the field trip ship to go and hide outside Oroluk so it would not carry the tons of cements earmarked for the outer islands, and they claimed it was going for dry-docking. Senator Simiron Jim then even stopped his Municipal Aid Fund earmarked for Mokil so no pay for stevedores to unload cements for Mokil basketball court and dispensary renovation...

    Several key federal programs like the USDA Hot lunch for schools were terminated under the instruction of the governor then, Hon. Moses, claiming that families and parents should prepare lunches for the students. Meals for senior citizens and health services for also senior citizens were also ordered to be terminated by placing the staff under different positions when the Congress appropriated funds to sustain those programs which happened to be supported again by Leo Falcam. There were a number of projects earmarked for Pohnpei and funded by the Congress which the Governor then refused to accept them and the funds were lapsed.

    These were some of the things which affected Moses when he became a member of the Congress...and they remembered how he played against them during their attempt to help Pohnpei State during the earlier and mid part of the Compact I. Discreetly, the congress members declared him as a backstabber rather than a team player. When he pushed for lesser compensation for the members, according to Dept of Finance & Administration, he was the first to claim his allowances once the bill passed.

    An isolated member....maybe, but for a good reason. He refused to also endorse some Pohnpeian nominations for cabinet members.. and these could be acquired through the journals as to which nomination or bills for Pohnpei he supported or not supported.

    Let's consider one thing here... the unspoken part of the gentlemen agreement. As the seat for the Capital, Pohnpei must head at least one of the paramount position: Speaker, President or Chief Justice. Since Chief justice and Speakership is out of the question, will Pohnpei then acquire the Presidency...or Vice Presidency? Who among the three candidates stand better chance of keeping Pohnpei in that post? I cast my vote for the State... hence I am leaning toward voting Peter Christian in. Thanks.
  • You seem to have a little bit (and I stress little) of history on Senator Moses. There are ALWAYS at least two sides to every story. Instead of just stating what you said, why don't you state the reasons? You simply just saying that these are your reasons to want to vote for Peter Christian is not going to change my mind and hopefully not anybody elses mind either. Another list of this "trash" can easily combined for your choice for the at-large seat. And just as equally fair, I would appreciate to hear the reasons behind what people are saying about Speaker Christian ie the PMU fiasco and the likes. I'm sure he has his reasons and should have the right to explain. I don't know that there has been any sort of public debate or if there is one that is scheduled but I don't think it is a bad idea. One must take all things into consideration before making their decision.
  • That is really a wonderful idea. Why can't these candidates come out in the open and debate and disclose to the public their views on the major issues facing our government. The transparency international questionnaire presents a good set of questions that are very relevant for economic development and an objective panel can easily build on those questions to include other issues that people might be interested in. BUT NO, I supposed the candidates, some maybe more so than others, find it easier to take the short cut, buying up all the sakau bottles in as many markets as they can. I mean what does buying sakau bottles have to do with securing a better and brigher future for our country?????
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