To the Moderators regarding 4States


Isn't it time you took some action against 4states continued participation in this forum. He has not made one positive contribution to any thread. And it appears that his only motivation for participating in this forum is to slander people and make ad hominem attacks, apparently without any willingness to support his slanders with facts. To my view at least, he (or she) should be a prime candidate for elimination from the forum. Can you indicate one instance where he has contributed anything to any thread?


  • sarem chuuk.

    sorry if i interfered with you side seen in here. but my fact i am speaking on behalf of what happen to my family. do the fact that a fromer governor of chuuk by the name of mr. gidoon doone appearendly sold my family land without our authorization. the proven fact open walter a person from sapuk is reside on this i would like you to give me a advice on this suituation instead of you shoot me down like the rest of this forumers.i appologize for what i said if you find it disturpting your vison in here. again i need help please.

    thank you

    Who are you to disbar a forumer in here? Are you a North Korean? What ever happened to the freedom of speech and personal rights, the basic tenet of democracy, that you swore to uphold in your professional training? Forget about your useless barking to restrict 4states' freedom of speech in here. Go take a dive in the muddy waters of Sapuk.
  • daBaron

    with all respect i thank you for understanding about our freedom of speach. i for once though sarem chuuk interpreatation on our law. which is i do repect he or she serem chuuk. since you mention the village saput in your post. then now i have a clue why serem chuuk wan'ts me to shootdown. well sarem chuuk if you kind of off track from the way i post.. because open walter is the person that bought the land. hei i'm saying the doone is the one who did the tranaction. and if your defenting gillian doone sarem chuuk well . i will find you if your in chuuk and i will talk to you more.

    thank you
  • We all are aware of the Freedom Of Free Speech, but there's gotta be some limitations on how a slanderous individual to keep posting in here and doing what he/she's doing either on a particular race or topic that becomes so repetitious. For example like, RichardCranium: always talk down and so negative about Chuukese in general. Also mah fren 4states: always repeating the same over and over about Gillian Doone, about his land dispute towards the Doones' family, to me, he should take them to court instead, but not dragging the Doones Family in here and throw mud, i understand if it's only once, twice, this is way too many and too personal for the two of them 4states and GD, remember that they are blood related, according to mah fren 4states. So, 4states, please resolve this in the court of law but don't make a fool out of you guyz family. Again, Best of Luck to you both. Gillian, 4states and i are going to vote for you this coming march, GD, you have all my family support. " VIVA CHUUK STATE "
  • It helps to have ¨thick skin¨ and not be bothered my mere words on a computer screen...two traits foreign to chuukese.
  • thick skin or thin skin,,,, let's implement "tact" in our vocabulary. Personal vendetta does not justify the abhorrent verbal behavior exhibit in here. And to you Richard Cranium, why am I not surprise to assume such soliloquy from a so called perspicacious as you. Oooops
  • just when things were getting interesting, people have to jump into the "world-not-reach" by exponentially exaggerating their use of vocabulary. could we please stick within the boundary of I UNDERSTAND IT SO? peace.
  • exaggerating use of vocabulary? Yakumo, perhaps that is what you need. An exagerated comprehension on exponential sesquipedalian words and then you will define your boundary of understanding. Peace
  • lol, some minds just can't seem to get it. must I spell it out for you? lam, no offense, but youre quite a "character" in here. if only Cinderella still needed a prince, you'd be the rightful candidate for the job! it would do you much good if you relax a little. bye. lol
  • 4States,

    I have watched your postings from the beginning your name appeared on this forum and I just get very amused how all the forumers are not able to understand your messages nor are they able to identify your true identity. You've been on this forum longer than most forumers but one of your bad habits is that you change your names so many times, forumers are unable to keep track of your true identity. If my count is correct, your many fancy names have exceeded twenty. I have only five. But what I find it most amusing is the fact that when you post new threads, you argue against the same, immediately, but under one of your many different names.

    As 4states, you pretend to misspel words and often times the grammar structures also got bad. But the issues you discussed are those of a professional because you are one. Your issue against Mr. Gideon Doone, the former Governor of Chuuk State, is bogus and you know it. Not once you've mentioned the name of the land which you alledged that Governor Doone sold it to Open Walter. Not once did you clarify whether the land was sold by Mr. Gideon Doone in his former capacity as governor of Chuuk or as a private citizen. Not once did you mention the location of the land nor how much it was sold for. Micsem should not even try to ban you from the forum because it just cannot. It may ban you as 4states but the very next thing you will do is become Mr/Ms 40states. As I've said before, you have more than twenty names, arguing for and arguing against the same issues in the same threads you authored. Best thing to do is just let you play your childish game until you get completely satisfied yourself that you are much smarter than most forumers. And that the forumers are still unable to pin down your true identity. I would not dare reveal any of the names you've known by except the one that you are notoriously known by on this forum when you really are serious about your postings and when you want the forumers to know who you really are and your true identity. But on second thought, I will just let that one pass too. I am having fun reading your numerous threads, so please continue doing it, no one can catch you; neither can Micsem. We have too much fun with you the way you always are.
  • 4 states keep on, keepin´ on...and I quote Gillian Doone from another thread,

    ¨I am a free man and it is stated in both the Chuuk State Constitution and the FSM Constitution.¨
  • RC, you finally found a partner in crime uh! You two have something in common, strikingly similar...bitterness. 4states the wordy one and RC the short and precise one but hostile. lol . You two makes the forum even vibrant. Hope you don't loose that mask of your buddies. These guys will not hesitate to jump on you two.

    However, on a more serious note, can we refrain ourselves from naming names in here unless the reasons are valid and factual? For heaven's sake, this is getting way off track...very unlikely of us, MICRONESIANS.
  • sarem chuuk. this is not a dictatorship you think we all listen to what you want. hei listen if i see you in chuuk i will fix you a kolemel mwe emon momichik ika kosap tien uruk diarrhea.this is exactly the mean of you relax, by the way are you in chuuk? if you are i want to get together with you.

    thank you
  • Why you guy's gotta expose 4states like that?...LoL!
  • 4states,
    ahahahahh. and lol....ewer ngang pwal emon chon un maruwo non an open walter na restaurant. atun asoso me THS uwa kan no un koffi me cha maruwo. tep maruwo non ena kafie..if in fact it is still a cafie.
  • Pintong>> pls change your name...the original pintong which is also my brother never cha maruwo...he's a descent man...just flirting with many women but never at one time did those kind of stuffs...

    SAREM>> i agreed with you 200%...i am sick & tired of their childish and nasty posts...
  • disrict one.
    just for the record. i did mention on some of my post who was the owner of the land that gillian dooones dad sold to open walter. okay i'll put it in black and white if thats what you like. the name is the dannis family. this gendlement is first cousine of gillian doones dad. the location of the land is accross the gym of our chuukhigh school. until now gillian doone never answer me back. i'm still waiting. oh by the way he was trying his best to answered me but the sad thing he was using a different person. code his denied to represent him in court. i don't now if this is gillian and his dad just covering up for this accussation. seems to me gillian doone is not been stand for what type of person he claimed. which is honesty. so see. i don't know this type of trick there doing to us the people of chuuk state.

    but like i said in my other posting gillian is nothing but a politican. so he play his game and to bad this bumd asses people in this forum bought it. i try my best on my grammar to explained no bodady seem to open there pachan eyes, to see what i'm talking about.i will not let any phoney politican to phic my people just because they want there foot set in the political aerna. there you go. i hope i answered you statement on gillian doone. and for my self i am just a farmer/fisherman from weno half uman.
  • 4states,

  • mount_hood

    my real dad is lucio dannis. he got rip off by the doones
  • Apw, mwa i, esap en noun Lucio Danis, 4states. Iei a fat ika en io. Mei chok i pwano puan fat me mwan om resin orukoruk fetan non om poraus me makken fosun Merika, kesap ekieki pue ka koon tipachem me sinenap nein meinsin usun om kan talk down me turunufas ne kan netiwei chon Chuuk non om poraus nupuen mwich, won radio, me wisom kewe, wisom kana. Noun Lucio Danis, nengin chok, mei wor emon at nge esap muo nge tour ngeni ew computer ina pota kosap chofona, kosap osukosuka netipen aramas, eitengawa me etipisi emon pue en popunapen osupuangen Chuuk ikenai. Kopue kinamueno, nikitano GD, pwan menni ekkena ikenai om ei kose chiwen wis, nge om epinukunuk me vote e feito seni GD non ekkewe fansoun. A puan moreno ami we ew aramas me inen GD we?
  • Iwe mwa ina Jack in da Crack, kene mo emwounoo ke mesepat. Apwan ma wes omw fansoun kirikiringaw. Iei GD me Mr. Asor ra chok ajojo ngeni met Chuuk epwe sor jimweta ren.
  • Jack Crack

    I thought you use to be next to bishop....Now what happened?
  • ppl,

    Is Jack Cranium the chuukese/PNIan guy? he's first name Is Jack Last name is Sham. he was Johnson Elimo's classmate at Xavier.
    Jack Sham from Metz Village.....a good fren of MetzinWa. I gathered this from him mentioning about Kolang. Kolang is my distant relative.

    the late Konang was from Mechitiw and he is from the clan "Fanimei" ekena fonu pou pwe fonuwen ena cho and konang me an kewe aramas...and Yes, Jack Sham is related to Konang. Mwa fakkun en ei enan chanu ke fakkun put chuukese down, after all you are a chuukese from Mechitiw!

    ke ina ren om spend most of your life in pni eh?---when I see you in Iraz, upwe wenen Pajingkonuk kopwe kak faja.
  • LOL....sorry went to PICs...and mechitiw is a dump...
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