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Ran Allim!

The mere intention of this announcement is to solicit your assistance the Oneopians, who have been away from home for quite a long time, that our island needs your help to accomplish its goals and objectives for the general wellbeing of the people of our island.

As you may know that the amened Compact has abolished the CIP funds earmarked for all municipalities. This has jeopardized the objectives already set by our municipal government to accomplish during this second Compact duration. However, to ease your feelings, our municipal government is lucky enough to purchased some parcels of land during the first Compact by its shares of the CIP fundings. This of course has secured the requirements by JEMCO that most of the municipalities and even the State of Chuuk are facing! The issue of government lands!

For your information, our municipality has undergone some major developments very recently first with the demolitions of the Japnese built Kakko, followed later by the old coral Office building and subsequently followed by the TT old dispensary and the school cook house! All these were done in a short time to make way for the expansion and enlargement of the athletic field which is now very expansive and larger! Of course, we are looking forward to hosting all future athletic competitions in the Mortlocks as we used to do in the past.

Moreover, it is good to host the sports competitions as the Ice Plant is now running properly, producing ice, freezing meats and fish, and providing ice for whatever use. We are looking into ways to supplement the cost of running the plant so that service will not be ceased. Your input is always welcome as we cruse into the inevitable future.

In addition, the renovation of the old 3-classroom building, which is parallel to the Ice Plant, is completed and could be seen as a brand new one with tiled floors, except that the doors are relocated to the easterly side as part of the plan. More interestingly is that a new 3-room building was constructed and completed in the same month of November 2006 on the landfill at the southerly side of the municipal dock. Fundings were made available by grants from a non-profit organization complement by hard working natives who have the knowledge and perseverance in exploring other means of fundings instead of relying only on Comapct II grants only!

More major projects are still on the table awaiting action! Since the survey on the purchased lands has been done by JEMCO's own land surveyors, the proper documentation and entitlement are officially issued to substantiate the claim that our municipality owned the land. By this, we are happy to inform you that the fundings through the Education and Health sectoral grants are granted for immediate use.

The first phase under the sectoral grants will be the construction of a two-story building with four-classrooms each. This building will be situated on the southerly side of the landfill adjacent to the newly renovated school building and the Ice Plant, oh by the way, which just completed its renovation.

Then the second phase will be the construction of the new dispensary building. This will consist of an examination room, a dental room for dental personnel on tour, a lounge lobby, inpatient room, an office and restroom/bathroom. Oh, there are newly flushed restrooms also constructed on the site for the classrooms.

So now you know what have been going on on your island and we want to let you know that your island needs you despite what it has accomplished so far. As we believe that we have to look outside our own means to achieve the dreams we are dreaming. Let us not rely only on Compact II, but let explore more from outside sources. And this is where you all educated Oneopians come in by utilizing your talents, knowledge and skills to work on your own on behalf of your island and its people by writing proposals to any non-profit organization, seeking out the opportunity for any kinds of assistance they can provide.

That's not all, you can also conduct any non-profit organization or schools where you reside and ask for any used textbooks, sports equipments, chairs and tables, school supplies, used uniforms, etc. We are willing to provide the cost of freight to ship the materials to our island.

We implore your generous assistance in whatever you can provide. Again let us work together for the best of our island and people. With you, we can do it! "MAI KUL, POCHOLAP ME ONEOP".


  • To HCB

    I am totally moved by your posting and I could vouch for the recent developments as I was on Oneop last 2005 and those were not developed then. Anyhow, if you are serious enough, you should at least leave a contact address or emails for people who may actually want to help. I know I have some Oneopese blood in me through my maternal side and I know I could help out a little, but I do not know whom to contact. Please include an address... or if there is no group to coordinate this effort, then its best you start one. Thank you.

    ps. I will stand ready for when my time comes to help out. Thanks.
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that the newly erected outdoor basketball court is currently in use as enjoyed regularly by the youths. The track and field has been leveled and grass has been planted and grown. The work on this was provided by our youths through the WIA program. As you can see, we are utilizing every available resources that are afforded to us to other programs. With financial constraints, we don't want to miss every opportunity given especially when we know that we are indeed in a race of which municipality will accomplish before the Compact II expires.

    Just to stir up your interest, the final projects will be the construction of the Community Hall and the building of the Municipal Office on the second floor of the Ice Plant.

    We plan to have most of these major projects completed in June 2007. Thus, there will be an island celebration eyed for that month. So those of you who want to witness these major developments, plan now so that you can make it to that day.

    Take care and be always good at your present resident!
  • Greetings Snap,

    Thank you for your swift response to the calling for help. You can contact me by clicking on my user's name in this forum where it will link you to my e-mail address. Then we can start the discourse pertaining the matter. Again, thank you.
  • hcb.
    Are you really a Oneopese or just a sympathyzerer? If you are, then we can discuss the future of that piece of coral sticking out of the ocean where birds and people roam. I am really interested to know where you are going with these developments.

    On the next wave hcb!
  • Hcb, will you or any of your fellow Oneopese help me with this question. Who can help Oneop development more?
    Incumbent Peter Sitan? Returning Old Timer Henry Asugar? New Comer Jimmy Emilio?
  • Mid-Namos'

    All three can help in their own capacity. None can do better than the others. It is who you want to pick that matters. Do'nt do anything that will create problems in your family(circles) and your traditions.

    Fair enough?
  • Greetings Reikewe and Mid-Namos,

    Yes, I am a 100% native of Oneop and also a island boy sympathizer. These developments are essential to the general wellbeing of the island people without any doubt and we'll keep on grabbing every opportunity given to us through any sort of resources for the best for our island and its people.

    For your inquiry Mr. Namos, I would prefer to refrain from commenting on the subject as I believe the one who is elected this coming election does matter most regardless of what.

    As one of my late island man would nostalgically chanted, "REPEN EKUNG REPEN KUMWAIMWAI, USUN ENN LIMERAKIS".
  • hcb.
    So,do you really think that these developments on ONOP will help the people? In what ways? Please explain considering local, state, national and global events or issues.

    On the next wave my friend.
  • Reikewe, seems something fishy is being born out of curiosity here! Given the kinds of questions, I am afraid you're attempting to challenge me to an extent which I fear not subjective to the main purpose of the hail.

    Why do you ask those types of questions? Don't you personally think they certainly have basic purposes of importance? What global events or issues which you think are co-related to the developments? Can you expound more?

    If you are an Oneopian, please click on my username in this forum and e-mail me so that we can discuss your concern. If not, don't waste my time because I do not want to indulge in other topics at this time.
  • hcb

    It really doesn't matter to me either I am a Oneopese or not,but it should be an important aspect of a never ending improvement of our perspective of the issues I mentioned earlier. Please remembr my dear friend, "no man is an island entire of itself..." I belive we should look at the BIG PICTURE. Do you fathom where I am coming from and where I am heading? Sooner or later we will see where we are on this canoe you're launching. KEEP COMING!

    Did you go to church this morning? See you later.
  • HCB,

    Mayor Phillip at it again, once a dominant figure in the Mortlocks who failed from grace and now seem to have a comeback. I wish him and the people of Oneop all well. I am just a bit disappointed with the demolition of the old Kakko. My childhood upbringing was often dominated by stories from my dad who once attended the Japanese school there and always spoke of his days at the ole Japanese Kakko. I had seen the place a few years back during my visits to Oneop and I had hoped that Oneop would give it its honorary due by marking it an historical site. Best wishes nonetheless for all Oneopians....
  • Reikewe:

    You said, "Do you really think that these developments on ONOP will help the people? In what ways? Please explain considering local, state, national and global events or issues."

    As a 99.999% Oneopese, let me answer you. Absoultely, YES, it will help the people of Oneop in numerous ways. Education and Health are shown to be given priorities in direct line with the development priorities of the State, National and International.

    Students will enjoy schooling and motivated to learn in decent learning atmosphere while the teachers will eventully enjoy the same decent atmosphere knowing that they are given priorities. In the long run, the students will emerge one way or another, perhaps in the global arena in the pursuit of higher education, not to mention when they are lucky to work, discuss global issues, and share interest in that extent. A journey with thousand-mile must begin with a single step... one at a time. How can you jump to emerge in the global arena without beginning with the basics. That is supplemented by healthcare without which you would ahve been sickened and stuck to your bad or worst eliminated from this planet somehow. You didn't come to this far learning to place your fingers on your keyboard without going through the prior steps that had taken you this far.

    Economically, residents of Oneop will enjoy the hard-fetched income during construction period hence able to afford sacks of rice and turkey-tail. Most importantly, the prudent long-term investment in the children's education and health at this early stage is what counts the most.

    Let Oneop shows some classic examples to its brother ans sister municipalities and I'm sure we definitely can do especially with proper use and wise investment of the compact funding sources, the mentality to think outside the box, and the diligent efforts to search for other supplemental sources of funding for our planned projects.

    Peace out for now.
  • HCB,

    Greetings my lost cousin and to Arnold Swachz...something! Forgot the last name of the governor.

    Looks like Oneop is ushering a new golden years of shall I say "Pax Oneopia" ...the United Villages of Oneop Republic (UVOR). Glad to see its citizens ( Oneopites not Oneopeans)indulging in their brave new world. Yeah strive to be the leader of the Mortlocks pack by setting the examples we should follow. Oneop's neighboring cousins from the other side of the lagoon send their warmest congratrulations in your latest achievement. While Oneop is progressing positively, its neighboring cousins are going backward because of improper practices such as drinking too much bush home brew from the proceeds of political mismanagement. Am I invited for the "afinun" of the new school buildings?

    Again Congratulation to Mayor Ander Phillip and the people of Oneop.
  • Thank you iconnect for your input on the issue. I hope Oneop will succeed and maintain what will be best for the people. We'll see.
    Thanks again and I'll be here waiting.
  • Thanks Iconnect for taking the initiative to respond to Mr. Reikewe's questions. I know that you have eloquently provided more logical answers.

    For Mr. Razzy, you are always welcomed as a very special personal guest as I will be there during the celebration.
  • Should not surprise anyone given that Mayor Ander Phillip is probably one of the most productive mayors of all times in Mortlocks. He was an implementor who rallied the people behind him to do many impossibilities, like the beautiful dock, the ice maker, and just simply getting what he wants then.

    Today is a new story, with a new man who lost not only his seat in the Chuuk legislator few years ago but also his family and many other things that come as consequence of his womanizing. All he needs is to do is rebuild his personal reputation and fine tune his personal character because Mayor Philip is definetaly a 'doer' that many mayors in the Mortlocks now should always imitate. He has a can-do attitude....
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