Senator Halbert True Statesman In FSM Congress

Senator Dohsis Halbert is the true stateman in the FSM Congress, with charisma, experiences and allegiance with other states members. In a complex body as the FSM Congress...seniority is important and election district #1 has been fortunate to be represented by Mr. Halbert. Having said this, I solicit the support of all supporters and non-supporters alike. Let Pohnpei keep that edge in the legislative body by voting in Mr. Halbert... and also Mr. Peter Christian.


  • Dohsis could not even answer some simple questions in the Kaselehlia Press for all the candidates for the sake of the public!

    Please stop taking people for fools. Truth is Dohsis does not belong in Congress. Only those Mortlockese Pohnpeians keep him there so he can keep give them rice and pigs during Sokehs funerals. Nothing about FSM globalized development.
  • Mr. Mid,

    I beg to differ. Mr. Halbert has unselfishly done more than just provide for his constituency during hard times (funerals, natural disasters and community development). If you can get a hold of journals of the Congressional sessions for the past few terms of his tenure- you will find that the great senator has always been pro active in all aspects of national development.

    Morover, he has the capability to keep the allegience that he has, for the most part, created with senators of the majority seated Chuuk state. We can't afford to lose this most important accord at a pivotal time in our states(Pohnpei) quest for much needed support in congress to ultimately affect the influence of the majority for favorable funding to maintain standards that our state government have worked so hard to reach, from the beginning until today.

    Oh, can you please explain a little more in detail what you mean by FSM globalized development?
  • With the yearly influx of Mortlockese to Pohnpei, I bet it could be difficult for Congressman Albert to lose his seat because he has acquired more ammunitions to his advantage. These people can vote both for their candidates in Chuuk and Pohnpei without being caught as they have been doing it during past elections.
  • Onofek,

    With this allegation, could you name one person that votes in both Chuuk & Pohnpei so that you may report it to the officials. This may help solve this problem.

    If you cannot do this, please dont label & stereotype the migrated people that constitutes Sokehs municipality in the state of Pohnpei. They are not Mortlockese but Pohnpeians. They migrated from the various outer islands of Chuuk. Labeling these people mortlockese is somewhat belittling them as the name mortlock is a white mans name and not that of the people you labeled.
  • stormy weather,

    I am retracting everything I said because...I don't want my Sokehs fiancee to kill me.
  • mis namos,

    i know that you are not from pohnpei so please dont talk about our pohnpeian candidates. why dont you talk about your chuukese candidates?
  • Election day is drawing nearer and nearer. We hope that everyone eligible to vote makes effort to go to the polling place to vote. Good luck to everyone. Vote wisely and stay out of trouble. Don't be upset if your candidate loses. Be supportive to those who win the seats. Afterall, if we want them to do good jobs, we should work with them instead of drawing ourselves away from them.
  • you must be careful of what ur saying onofek, because i knew ur fiance i can go tell him rite now.
  • Hey Snapshot thank you cuz i do believe you. Yeah man, he is true stateman. I already know and have been watching him helping and supporting people's ideas. I can see that that's one of his respect and tenderness to poeple will come back to him one day so this is the day......???....
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