Election Discepancies-You'll Be The Judge

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> 1. Election law override allows extra days for special polling places overseas
> Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services) – An override of President Joseph J. Urusemal’s veto of Congressional Act 14-118 has allowed for the special polling places in Guam and Honolulu to “remain open for seven days, including election day, to make certain other adjustments to the timing of the election activities, and for other purposes.”
> The override became Public Law 14-98 on January 11 2007, during the Sixth Regular Session of the 14th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.
> Among other matters, the new law eliminated the requirement under the Revised Election Code that “all absentee ballot request forms must be individually mailed or delivered in person to the national election commissioner by the Registered Voter making the request.”
> As a result, the National Elections Office adopted emergency amendments to the to the National Elections Regulations, among which noted that after January 11, the office would begin “accepting bulk delivery of absentee ballot request forms for all types of absentee voting (i.e., VAAPP, Special Polling Place, Absentee by Mail, Traveler and Mobile Polling Place).”
> In compliance with PL.14-98, the National Elections Office has also instated various emergency procedures to meet the requirements of the new law. Among the newly instated procedures is the requirement that any absentee request forms received in bulk prior to January 11, 2007 must be rejected.
> Additional information on the newly instated procedures and requirements can be obtained from:
> National Elections Office
> P.O. Box 1685
> Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941
> Telephone: (691) 320-4283
> Facsimile: (691) 320-7534
> Email: ned@mail.fm
> =====

What's going on in the Congress Chamber in Palikir? Just few month ago, the Congress repealed the FSM Election law in its entirety without due notice to the public which made many and even some prospective candidates scrambling and eventually resulted in their being disqualified to meet the deadlines for filing, consistent to the requirements in the repealed law.

And now while we have already complied with the newly established requirements set forth by this newly revised election law, in just a very very short time, other immediate changes of requirements have just recently surfaced. Are we going to scramble again to meet these newly bureaucratic requirements discreetly made by our Congress? What are the true intention of rushing many changes in a very short period?

This cynical acts of our FSM Congressmen really tell us something that: (1) they don't even give a damn about our rights as citizens to have a fair hearing before any change will take effect especially when dealing with legislating laws that will certainly affect us as participating citizens. (2) they are not serious enough when doing their lawful responsibilities to their people. (3) they never study and scrutinize their legislations or bills before passing them. (4) they are just a bunch of irresponsible fools!

Our solemn rights and duties to our country have been deprived because of our selfish and senseless leaders.

Hell with our Congress in Palikir!


  • Onofek,

    Thank you for bringing to the table a very interesting topic. It is amazing how our "Do-Nothing" congress is finding justifications to have elections held in the special polling places for over a full week. How in the good Lord's name did they come up with such an idea? Even the poor old United States of America, with over 100 million voters could not find such justification. Perhaps we should ask our almighty FSM Congress to give them so clue as to how they did it.

    Our FSM Congress have not seized to amaze us with their little brains. Woooowww!

    Ennetin Tong Chapur
  • This is not surprising. Our FSM election laws are always messed up from day 1. They say Dohsis Albert committee is good only for corrupting elections. When his friend Speaker wants to be President, their congress will change the law to make him win.
  • This is just a recent string of self-serving laws from FSM Congress who will do anything to get reelected: Dedcution of wages for the calculation of GRT to assist their business cronies without looking at revenue impact; increase in salaries for FSMNG employees when the funds to not exist for such an increase, and now this. There is a common thread: greed.

    Amazing that anyone would even consider the current Speaker for reelection; let alone the Presidency.
  • It is a battle between "Legality" versus "Ethical and Morality" as the same goes on in Fiji. These morons in congress can not distingquish the differences. They are trying to rig the election the legal way. Keep that in mind next time you cast your vote. And thanks alot onofek, I was going to post it but then you have done it very nicely and need no further clarification.
  • It may all be a strategy to catch people off guard. People that aren't in the loop. :)
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