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For those who may be interested in reading positive things about the young people of Chuuk, and in the education system in general, you can go to this new blog, . You may be pleased with what you find.


  • WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get." through our own lenses. The love of your country will enable you to put the heart back in your action. My take on the blog! Very interesting.
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    here's the link..

    your welcome
  • Sarem chuuk,
    Thank you for sharing the webpage....love it.
  • If you are black, tell the people of the world that you are white and I am sure that except for the skeptics everyone else will see the white in you. Isn't it true that even if a woman isn't that good looking, but when you talk about her so excessively she will become the most beautiful lady of the land? Isn't it true that even if the candy tastes awful, it will be the sweetest thing in the world if you are good at convincing? Unfortunately, sometimes it is very very difficult to convince others of the wonders of our own world or possessions. The psychology dunn always work, and I am afraid the matter at hand is a classic case.
  • I told myself once not to date any chick with the smell of sigaretto because I loathe it. I just cannot stand smokers, PERIOD. No matter how beeawtifull and glittery her eyes are, but she will never be a glamour or a beauty in my eyes. Her love for suba (sigaretto) disqualifies her from my list, and serves as the sore in my eyes. And to give that habit up just to pass the litmus to be on the list will never guarantee any chances either. Once the stain makes its marks, the chances for it to be removed becomes extremely difficult. And so here we are discussion the goods versus the bads, but as of now the bads reins way way beyond the goods. I dunno about you folks, but I become extremely suspicious when I am around those who have stains up their asses. hahahahhahahahahahahahaha
  • daBaron:

    What in the name of Almighty God do your rantings in this thread have to do with the thread itself? What the hell are you smoking? Are we to assume that your rantings are intended to imply that Chuuk is so horrible that there cannot be anything nice, or worthwhile, or constructive about it? If so, you are not only misguided, you are an idiot!
  • An elder relative of mine taught me a long ago that wise men are so humble. Being so defensive isn't the act of man but of women. Boys squeeze your balls to see if you really have testicles.
  • deBaron,
    lol @ you can't stand cigys ppl...am with you all that! when a smoker comes near me, I fart and leave!! lol
  • HAHAhahahaha Pintong.........

    Remember the Shield ads against smokers? That's exactly the way I feel about smokers, but this thread is about the goods attributed to the worst by those from the worst. From your posts, I think you are from there, but hey don't blame me for calling the worst of names out because I did not invent it nor am I the causes. They, if you are not one of them, are the causes.

    Sometimes we have to stand up and be the man that we are. Being defensive is being childish. And I get offended when the so-called "educated" ones (whom we have all entrusted to be our standout leaders) become so blind, obnoxious, and being stupid. Of all people in this world, I always thought they should be so smart to know what people are alluding to. Well, I guess sometimes people are so dumb in spite their education. Sad ain't it.

    By the way, my dad was a smoker and I never wanted to be around him whenever he had that sigaretto burning. So one day I asked him why he smokes, and he told me that he thinks better with it. If he is right, then maybe the loud mouths in here need to smoke one to see the underlying messages. Sad ain't it that in spite the years of rigorous classroom training some still come up EMPTY. You see that's why you don't have to trust your doctors all the times. If you dunno what they call the not so bright ones, well..........in our lingo we call them QUACKS, you know. But I am not sure what you call dumb liars. Opps, I mean lawyers. Sore E kais.
  • stain up their asses...lol@ you deBAron...you're funny my fren. love ya..lol--wish I have time to chat, but I gotta do my work now.
    adios amigos and bitches...lol take care deBaron...god bless. hahahahahahh.
  • thanks for the link, sarem...love it!
  • A carpet is any loom-woven, felted textile or grass floor covering. The term was also used for table and wall coverings, as carpets were not commonly used on the floor in European interiors until the 18th century. The hand-knotted pile carpet probably originated in Central Asia between the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC. Carpet-making was introduced to Spain in 10th century by the Moors. The Crusades brought Turkish carpets to all of Europe, where they were primarily hung on walls or used on tables. Only with the opening of trade routes in the 17th century were significant numbers of Persian rugs introduced to Western Europe.
  • Dabaron seems like for state. I can smell his stinky breath.
  • Nantucket: What are you doing, helping someone with their assignment?

    Sarem Chuuk: Love the CHS site! What is going to happen to these students without a school? Where are the JEMCO funds to build benchos and paint the buildings, let alone pay the teachers?! If COM takes over the CHS campus will they offer GED classes? Or are the JR HS's being rennovated to become high schools? Fantastic photographs! That one of the woman beside the wall should be on the cover of National Geographic! SEND IT! Who is looking into federal funds these days that go beyond Compact funds? Why is someoby changing the subject to talk about smoking?!
  • proof-reader:

    So many questions I can't answer. This is not my blog, but that of a friend. Your guess is as good as mine about what will happen to those high school age children who don't have a school. I think that there are plans to either build a new high school, or to renovate an existing school. Perhaps Mr. Doone has information about that issue.

    If you are speaking about the $3 million in grant money, $750,000 for each state, I wish I could tell you. That money may just have disappeared because the Congress refused to sign off on it without being able to designate the money to go where they wanted it to go. Perhaps Kasio Mida can answer that question.

    I wish I could send you the picture, but as I said, I just put up the URL, and don't have access to the JPEG files. The photographer is a professional who came to Chuuk and took some students out to show them how the eye is the best camera available, and how we can see beauty in everyday life, and even with a small camera can capture wonderful images.

    Nobody is looking into federal funds beyond Compact funds (other federal grant programs, for instance). That is one of the really sad aspects about the failure of the Chuuk State government.

    I guess the smoking discussion relates to the subtance abuse aspects of SHIP/HOOPS. It is one of the core functions of that NGO to reduce smoking in teens, and to reduce all substance abuse.

    By the way, people are trying to find a way to open a slot for a qualified Chuukese at Xavier High School, I guess for this coming year. The problem is MONI! Even if a young man or woman passed all the entrance requirements, the tuition would be about $1,200 per year, which is far beyond the capabilities of most Chuukese. Anyone who has a couple of dollars lying around (I know, times are tough) can find the Xavier website, and there is contact information. You can send an e-mail requesting information on this effort, or just send a check to Xavier designating it for tuition expenses for a Chuukese student.

  • he,he,he,eh,...beware old farts in da'house....he,eh,eh,eh....somebody's trying to teach poems....old farts....nan....he,eh,he,eh.

  • Sarer Chuuk

    I thought you are much smarter than that. You blame Congress, but it was not Congress, it was the "idiot" who did not know what he was doing. The idiot sent the grant award to Congress for approval when the FSM laws are very clear on the Compact grants. All other grants besides Compact grants have to be approved by Congress. The man in charge did not know what he was doing, my priend Sarem. kinisou chapur.
  • what is the name of the new block? better be good lawn and good landscape too...lol @ sarer chuuk===... mwa met kan wewen itom na sarem chuuk?
    why can you find somthing more meaningful neminda upwe kan peno ren itona mi kan unusen ponen ai ei panti
  • nike nike:

    Thanks for the kind words. I always appreciate being reminded that I am an idiot. Makes me feel good. And I am sure you can point out exactly WHICH FSM laws required that this offer of $750,000 to each of the four states had to be approved by Congress. I am certainly too stupid to figure that out, and I am sure that a brilliant person like you can provide me with the specific law and language in an instant.

    I await your brilliant reply.
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