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I think the Freedom of Speech, Micsem Forum and the Kaselehlia Press also played part for the 2007 FSM election results. People were discussing issues and candidates on Micsem. Some candidates in FSM did pay attention to what peopel were saying on the web about their campaigns. Some pretend not to show but they did care what peopel write or say about their campaigns.
The K Press did a good job with campaign articles. K Press invited the candidates to answer questions and printed some of their answers for the campaign. And then when it printed the K Press article from former Congressman Sabino Asor which really took the campaign discussion to a serious level in the FSM press. BJaynes and the K Press did do a good job with the article. The Asor article suggest that said Vice President Killion and Speaker Christian were not going to reelected. That was so farsight prediction. Like it could tell what the people were feeling and thinking.
Thanks K Press and Micsem. Stand firm with the people and their freedom.


  • Yes, the newspapers are helping. Keep them going.
  • Jn,

    What about the responsibilities of the media to the people esp. those articles that afford criticism or attack individual candidates. When the K-press printed the Sabino Asor article, did the K-press takes the reponsibility to offer those candidates to defend themselves? All voters may know about the Freedom of Speach but most don't know about journalist professional ethics. I hope those candidates won't follow defamation suit.
  • I'm going to respond to this even though I know I'll probably get killed here. We printed the Sabino Asor item as a letter to the editor which is what it was. In the time that I have been here there has only been one letter that I didn't print because it personally attacked someone. There were three issues after the Asor item and everyone is free to write letters to the editor. I even personally invited some of the candidates to do so but they didn't. I refuse to invent a letter to the editor and so nothing appeared. The one response that did come in came in too late which I told the writer of it even before I knew what he was writing about. Fortunately, that one response appeared in the exact same format in the Ran Annim news before the election. I was pleased about that.

    I have to tell you that I was disappointed that there was no response, which I think I wrote about. I shouldn't say this but I think that Mr. Killion got the short end of the stick on this and that disappoints me. There was a lot of talk after that issue which is a good thing but it was all in the community and not in the media. I can't print what I'm not given.

    The more I work here the more I'm concerned that I not be involved in changing things in this country I have come to love. That's not my function. Dr. Lindsey said that the role of an Anthropologist is "to observe and to withhold judgement". I think that is the role of the reporter as well and I am committed to it.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.
  • The newspaper is invaluable. It's a thankless job that benefits us all.

    I was really disappointed that the candidates didn't use the KP to address the people. They could have shared ideas and plans so that the common folks would get an idea of what being a Senator really means. Instead, we had one letter to the editor. It was a good one, but it should have started debate, not stood alone.

    I see this as a first step though. The news will only be more widely read when the next election comes - and our newer, younger, more open-minded leaders will see that the people need to be involved in government.

    Transparency International must do better as well. Hold debates - get the candidates to respond to the questions posed. Don't sit back - transparency is not easy to achieve.

    Keep the KP coming and leaders, use the KP as a way of making your voice heard.
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