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No offense to Kuttuisland. I'm sure he's a good person.


Give him his own section of the forum for BS and religious topics.

We want real discussions here. Not all his BS! It is so ANNOYING!

If you other fourmmers are with me, POST HERE!


Enough is enough!


  • Fourum,

    I almost jumped on your proposition to MicSem Admin, but I realized that Kuttuisland does have a right to freedom of the press as long as he is within bounds on this Forum, you know what I mean. Just don't read his stuff, and I know and admit that he is hard to avoid as he has an ubiquitous presence on this Forum. But, maybe we can ask Kuttuisland to slow down? I leave this to Keta as they know when to step in, but meantime, just ignore his postings.
  • Sorry, forum! He has his right to express himself whether you or I agree with him. It's his basic right to freedom of the press.
    Forum, try to refrain from being a communist in here. Don't try to censor someone. If you don't like it, don't read it!
  • Ulong, with due respect, freedom of the press is generally guaranteed to people that such right would not be hampered by a GOVERNMENT, through a constitutional provision. MicSem being not a government with such constitutional guarantees per se, is not capable of infringing upon Kuttu's constitutional right to free speech. Curbing what Kuttu posts is not taking away Kuttu's freedom to say what he says. I however find Kuttu insightful and humerous at times. He is harmless, please keep in involved. And as properly pointed out, simply ignore his postings if you so desire. Kalahngan en kupwuko.
  • Freedom of the press? Yeah, of course no one is saying HE CAN'T post in here.

    The point is IT IS SO ANNOYING that 90% of the posts are his.

    Every time he posts, it bumps a GOOD POST down off the page. Then you have to go search for it.

    He should be allowed one or two posts a week. He can't dominate this thing and ruin it for others.

    Fourum is not being a communist! But KUTTU IS being a DICTATOR!
  • PohnMahs,

    so how does government hampers the right for freedom of the press as constituted by the constitution to be classified as taking away the freedom of the press?

    in what way would micsem be seen as impinging on freedom of the press or individual freedom of speech if freedom of the press can only be guaranteed by some sorts of constitutional provisions?
  • My point was obviously missed but I was saying that MicSem may erase, control, curb or curtail whatever it deems approprirate for this forum that are posted or attempted to be posted by anyone. However, to continue the credibility and ligitmacy of this medium, MicSem has to use sound discretion and fairplay (it has been generally fair, mostly). To simplify, if the forum were run by the FSM Government, for example, then the forum cannot erase, control, curb and/or curtail what Kuttu or another writes, unless such writings are done in such ways as to violate the law (such as defaming by using untruthful items). Mweihn e sawas?
  • As long as no one breaks the rules of the forum they have equal rights to posting new topics and replies to discussions started by others. Just look at OneBigSkyFan on this forum http://www.oregonlive.com/forums/vikings/ just about every post was either posted by him or has ten replies by him. Can the forum do anything no and people have complained there more than here we all would like him to grow up but he has a right to speak his mind even if it annoys irritates or POs other forum members.
  • Pohnpei Mahs,

    Right on! You left me nothing to say and thank you all for sharing you concerns. Though, I really enjoy his posting and sometimes find it hard to catch up with him, not that he done something wrong but it's me that failed.
  • If MicSem wants to do something, they can.
    They can block Kuttu if they feel like it.

    I don' think they should, BUT I DO THINK HE NEEDS TO HAVE RESTRICTIONS!

    KETA, post and ask him to slow down with the constant posts.

  • "One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness..."
    -Josh Billings

    Kuttu Power!
  • Pohnpei Mahs,

    Your the lawyer; I am not. I appreciate your comments, but I am not convinced. MicSem may not be able to infringe on Kuttuisland's constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech, but I would like to think that they have an interest, if not responsibility, to esnure the integrity and usefulness of the Forum, besides a free and equal airing of views from those who have been allowed access to the Forum. Let's turn to Keta to sort this out as there ought to be some important grounds for curbing or denying Kuttuisland this priviledge, if not right.
  • ulong if I may, the constitutional provision was intended to subjugate government intervention against free speech, however it does not guarantee beyond that in authority to supercede legitimate or other immediate rights. Although, this forum is considered public place, people from micsem can maintain discretion over publications against moral or their religious belief but not to be unfair in doing. Fair and equal representation is an equitable principle from it arises freedom of expression for the citizens and will not goes against its fundamental doctrine. If the government own this place your freedom of speech is gaurantee almost indiscretely. Sorry for being too nosi here.
  • Leave Kuttuisland alone. He has done nothing wrong but preach, at least he is not cussing as some of you have been doing.
  • Hey kuttu,

    I know you're somewhere reading this and I somehow know that you're not that bad. However, you did post a topic which I think was not quite appropriate for us Micronesians to discuss....the one asking if it is ok to have more than one wife. Come on kuttu, I know you can do better than that. Just what were you thinking about when you wrote that?....and for your information, IT IS NOT OK TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE WIFE....PERIOD!

    Please have a descent heart and let's post topics that are for mature audience. With all of the above and what other posters have wrote, I will go ahead and forgive you and wish you luck and hope MicSem will do the same.
  • Uperem

    I think Kuttuisland had touched a sensitive issue which, in my humble opinion, may have derived from the number of church folks engaging in adulterous acts nationwide, if not worldwide. In Pohnpei alone, many Protestant ministers are engaging in adulterous acts. Few may have access to MicSem forum.

    As someone alluded to earlier, poster have the choice to choose what they read in here. Let us however not be offended too easily at the words of God, and coincidentally, let us not be the luke warm believers who actually crucified the Lord on the cross...This is the Easter Week!
  • Kuttuisland,

    Good morning. A suggestion...why not write a reflection on Passion of Christ this week and Resurrection next week at the Religious base section. I will be there and I'm sure some will come to read too. okay...

    Write your topics that will be appropriate to this Liturgical season. Glad to know you are a deacon, I'm sure you are a assistant to a bishop as one of the deacon's roles in the church.

  • Sote,
    I want to make sure first my topic is not showing up under the General, evethough I put under Religion.

    But I will be glad to.

    God is good all the times.
  • how can kuttuisland be even consider stand on it's own? I Just don't see it....
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