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  • So you mean to say that living will choose who will they baptized on behalf of the dead? How about those which are not related to those who are preaching and baptizing for others? I'm still trying to connect the missing links in my brain friends. So, help me out because I still believe what the bible said about how will we be judge by God. Isn't it says that we will be judge by the light or what we know? For example, the little infants who died before Jesus came and died on the cross, would they need to be preached to or baptized in their grave so that they can go to heaven? I guess not. We all know that would make God illiterate so to speak. Right? In another sense, if Jesus did went into that prison as it reads in the bible, does that mean he preached to all those who have died since adam days? Or just some few elects like His relatives or anyone who only belong to the tribes of Jacob? Please think and explain to this poor one. Thanks
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    Well my friend, I don't know about that but as of myself, I am collecting all the information that I can get for my loved ones so that I could do this important everlasting ordinances for them on their behalf, which the bible said that they will be judged by man in flesh, which is me who is still living today. I know that most of my long gone love ones hasn't been born again yet before they died. Those that are recently gone not long ago that I know of they were not Christians as well. I don't want them to loose their salvation which the bible also acknowledging us about when it said if we loose things on earth, we will loose things in heaven as well. Also I want them to be released from the spirit prison where I know that lots of them are residing in today. 

    As of little infants, I believe they are innocent cause they have not yet committed any sins yet and when they grow up and begin to know what is wrong and what is right and start to do evil things. That's the time that they would need to be baptized for the remissions of their sins. So for infants that died before Jesus came and died on the cross, I think they will be the same as every infants who even die today or in the future.

    "Write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his names sake." (1 John 2:12)
  • amen brother. but how about where in the bible it says that all have sinned or inherited the curse of Adam and Eve's sin. Does that excluding the living or and dead infants? Sorry mate, just trying to fit in the puzzle. thanks.
  • "For he said, Surely they are my people, children that will not lie: so he was their Savior." (Isaiah 63:8)

    It is clear what your sharing my friend, the bible is talking about those who have sinned or inherited the curse of Adam and from my own understanding, I don't think that a child or and infant has committed any sin yet so what the bible is acknowledging here is about those who have sinned. Which meant those who have committed sin. So yea I do believe that an innocent child have nothing to do with what the bible is acknowledging here which concerned of sins. 
  • Thanks my friend. So, that means when the bible said "All" have sinned meant for those who know and did not obey God's will? If so, then that could mean that when bible says something it doesn't always mean it didn't mean for all but some? Please enlightened me more braduh? thanks
  • Exactly my friend. "All" which mean all of those who have committed sin.
  • Then that means Jesus died just for the sinners and not those excluded from the term "all" who have or will sinned. Is that it?
  • Exactly! What you think my friend. Isn't it that was the reason why he was crucified? The only ones the I believe that are excluded from the term is the innocent children. All besides that are sinners.
  • Thanks my friend. So, if that is the case then mind insert a bible text which said that children did not also inherited sins of Adam? God bless.
  • Well there are couple verses that I believe would acknowledge us a little of your concern including the ones that I've already shared earlier.

    "For every one that useth milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness; for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their sense exercised to discern both good and evil." (Hebrew 5:13)

    "Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein." (Mark 10:15)

  • Thanks my friend. But please correct me for what I've been learned from studying the holy bible by comparing texts to texts, I found these two verses and many more mentioned in the bible their purpose is to give or sort of metaphor or example Jesus and His disciples uses to get their point.

    So, here is my understanding starting with the first bible scripture posted.

    It is about the message of God when sharing it, we need to be careful on how and when will be right to share them. In other hands, we (human) new Christians are like little infant or newly born babes in the church (believers) of God. So, we know how and what little children eat or drink and we give them what is right for them to eat or drink (word of God) in healthy and humble manner. They don't take the food of a grown man or woman but food for babies. The little (new followers of Christ) needed special attention or humbleness when we deal with them not as grown adults (Those who have given their lives to Jesus and had learned and grown in the church). The fact is, if we feed the little ones (new believers) with grown ups food it could either hurt them or harder for them to swallow. So, we need to be more careful when feeding them.

    for the second scripture, Jesus was saying that with regards to adult behavior. In fact, the statement is all about how we grown ups should do and behave as we continue our journey on this earth. We are to be like children not so mean we need to become like children physically or psychologically, rather be able to forgive and forget doing of others that may hurt our feeling or physically hurt by their actions. You know that when children get together they seem to enjoy one another and at some point, one of two of them may do something that could hurt or make other kids cry. But, in a short while the same kids who were hurt or been crying already up playing again with the ones who hurt them. This is the kind of mentality that seems to be difficult for a grown adult to easily adapt and that is where Jesus and disciples were trying to teach us. We need that speedy turn around like the little children because that is the only we can be like Jesus and His Father who will always and ready to forgive and forget sins of those who hurt them psychologically or physically. That's just a brief insights of what I understand about the two scriptures you shared. And thank you for sharing these great and wonderful words from the bible. God bless you and all who are following this thread.
  • Exactly my friend, that's why if we know the truth, we need to shared it exactly the way the bible acknowledges us but not in our own ways. You know what I mean? That is exactly what you are sharing about in which you example with a little child and a grown adult.  It is just like repeating the same old things we're sharing over and over again plenty of times. We need to be humble like what Jesus Christ has shown us and spread his gospel the way he may wants us spread it to those who may needed it but not to be so offensive and so violently spread like what some of us been showing in this forum. 
  • That is why the Bible does not teach us to take other men's wives and marry to a woman and her daughter at the same time.
  • Thank you pekalong. TT my friend please do we need to keep repeating what we already said? I believe all of us including pekalong heard you loud and clear already. So, please let's keep this dialog in more invitational to allow us to contemplate other issues with loosing sight of the issue we discussing. Thank you and I do appreciate you effort in sharing what you know and believe that others in here need to hear. But, if this tiny and spongy tissue memory is still recoverable, I believe you said your piece and let the holy spirit to do his work.

    Pekalong, I believe the question I raised before was about whether or not little infants or children were free from the penalty of sin after Adam disobeyed God. And I just can't figure in this small brain how is that gonno work when the bible said that no not one is sinless but all and yet children are free from sin that all have inherited by and through the sins of our first parents. This is just my thinking if it was true Children are sinless, then Jesus didn't die for them but just those who broke the commandments of God. Is this correct? Please share everyone. Thanks
  • Like what TruthIsThat is sharing right now, which is offending others of same old married more then one wife accusation. TruthIsThat just go and fornicate with that widow friend of yours and stop bring up something that will soon make me to pronounce your real name in here cause I truly know who exactly you are. No doubt about it. So just be careful, you need to take that piece of fornication from your eyes before telling others about theirs. 

  • Take it easy brothers. You know that anger stirs up nothing more than just bad and worst things. Pray that you guys can easily swallow up those hurting you may have and continue to share only the goodness you've been blessed with by our creator. Please pek, don't do that because that is not you that I know who is goal is to become like Jesus who can take whatever people will call us or do to us on this earth. Be diligent in your faith in Jesus and you'll be find. Like said, let's not keep us in the pit, but rise above it with the help of the holy ghost because that is the duty of God's believers. Paul said, wear your armour and shield it with holy spirit to keep you standing turbulence we going through each day. God bless!
  • pekalong.

    Are you a psychic to know who I am? And by the way, psychics are of the Devil.

    You seem to believe I cheat with some widow and that I live in Pohnpei. I have mentioned I do not commit fornication with any widow. You keep guessing wrong and falsely accuse. I hope you see the need to change that. And I hope it happens soon.

    Thank you.
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    I am not angry of or whatsoever but I am upset of someone always coming up with something that will make me angry. TruthIsThat,  I know who you are just from what your showing in here make me to believe that you are that person or pastor I am talking about who is now living on Guam, aren't you? So don't force me to reveal your identity and introduce you to everyone in here. Also I had a feeling that you are using two cyber names in here or maybe more.

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    ssearcher1, I am doing my best to become like Jesus Christ, that's why I am spiting these bad feelings from me cause it might ruin my goal. Even Jesus Christ did that also once before who got upsets when he saw those people selling things and disrespecting his Fathers house. Just like what TrutIsTaht is doing to me. He knows that I've mentioned once before that us LDS are not practicing polygamy today but yet he keeps coming up with the same old polygamy situation over and over again. Is this how he considered him as a Christian or a pastor of his church who always come up crucial and offending behaviors, instead of preaching the gospel?
  • I totally agree with you pek. Like I said, don't let the devil to win but let Jesus to win and always. I guess the analogy you used regarding Jesus being angered when He visited the Temple is correct. However, I believe the main reason for Jesus behavior toward them who have made God's house of prayer a place of robbers and thieves marketing. This shows that where there is a place being consecrated holy and house of prayer of God's people should never be treated as what was taking place when Jesus entered the temple of God on earth in the city of David (Jerusalem).

    Anyway, I heard you and hope our brother will be able to at ease and peace. I believe his goal is not to ridicule like the Pharisees do to sinner being found in sinful situation. So, I hope his intentions is pure and clear to the gospel rings out to the every corner of the earth so that all can have the chance to hear and decide before Jesus comes again soon.

    My advice is always the same or never change. Just do what you know is the truth of the bible and block your ears from anything that will prevent you from passing the salvation message as Jesus and the apostles have done and others came after them. Will keep you still in my prayer so that things get right and these hurts make your faith in Jesus alone stronger each day. God bless both of you. [-O<
  • pekalong.

    I do not live in Guam. I am not a pastor of any church, SDA or otherwise, never trained to be one, never attended any seminary or studied theology. So, please do not go posting people's names. I am not who you think I am. The person you mistake me for has a family and relatives. Same for the woman. Do not ruin them, I plead. Again, I am not who you think I am.

    The Bible story in 1 Samuel 25 about Nabal came to mind. Nabal was a person who was so easily excitable and impulsive and had trouble with self-control. He did not know how to think things through rationally. He did not know patience. He did not know how to help people. And we know what happened to him in the end.

    Peace and love to you. Jesus loves you.
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    Thank you sseaecher1, I'll do my best to comply with what you shared but you know diabetic people they even sometimes go off with little things like what I've encountered. 
  • Wow!! TruthIsThat, denying your calling in your church and also betraying it? I know that your are exactly that person whom I am referring to and I guess your the atheist that also arguing in here. First you don't want to share what denomination is yours and was so fighting with SDA believes and now saying that you don't belongs to any church? Now saying that you never attended any seminary or studied theology when no one have asked you such. Now you are beginning to appeared your identity yourself that your a guy who attended Philippine School of Theology which own by the SDA church, right? 
  • Pek I don't think this is the guy that you might know from Pingelap. He doesn't sounds like the guy whom I only guess did the sin that you've been alluding that it is TT. My advice to you that no religion in our times that their leaders or preachers (Pastors, Priests, Evanglists, Laymen etc) without faults or fell into sin. But, the heavenly beings (God) and all of the hosts rejoice when a sinner (even these individuals mentioned above) falls on their knees and asked God to forgive them. My point is, the bible does not err but the people who hold them do sometimes. So, it is not encouraging to use the errs of others to discredit good works and words conduit through human. In fact, the most important thing for you and me to focus on is to have mercy like our Father in heaven toward everyone who fall and stood up and walk again. That is the realization of who God you and I worship. God bless!
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