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I heard from a friend that Kosrae is presently reviewing some of the governor's cabinet - winton clarence from utwe for department of education. Education being a priority sector is mr.wc the right person?


  • Ah yes... isn't Mr. WC works for PREL? Personally, I think he is capable. He is a hard working person.
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    i hold nothing against mr. clarence...there are a number of qualified individuals for the post, but i believe he is highly qualified...although, i do believe that dir. robert did a tramendous job administering the dept. for the past 16 years or so, if i'm not mistaken...he should be applauded..
    i just hope that, if wc is appointed, he push for a more transparent and accountable education dept..
    i feel as though the education dept. does not need that much of a change, aside from its share of the state's rediculous travel expenses...this being left out, the dept. seems to be heading in the right direction...
    the finance dept., on the other hand, badly needs a make-over, head to toe...don't y'all agree?
  • very true, indeed... i think they need a CPA over there... back to the real issue here.... just how capable is Mr. WC in "pushing" the largest, most critical department in the right direction?
  • usr,

    I must dispute that DOE has been administered well over the years....it has been a department mired in corruption; Mr. Roberts and his sidekick Mr. Kephas being the prime instigators. I am talking about sole source contracts to cronies and kickbacks to the bigshots.....this is currently under investigation by US DOI Inspector General auditors and is well known by OIA.....I hope the new guy is honest. The old one's were not.
  • however distinguished Mr. WC's resume` is, his ability to lead and administer the largest department in the state gov't is yet to be proven..surely he is capable of hammering curriculum and academic issues within the dept..but will he be able to cope with the pressures of administering a whole dept, let alone, deal with the rather 'stubborn' organization of teachers?..this i don't know..hence i decline to comment...
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    i wasn't aware of the accusations mentioned...i must say that i was ill-informed on such acts w/in the education dept. having been away from ksa for more than couple 'a years..
    i was merely raising compliments for the DOE's overall noticable achievements during mr. roberts' directorship, in reference to the achieved academic progess and the reforms to the ksa high school, and other schools as well, during the past few years..
    if your accusations are true, and of severe consequence to the dept. of education, i take back my compliments..i do beleive that any matter involving the US DOI and the OIA is of serious severity..
    tokai, i thank you for bringing forth those accusations...
    can you update the forum about the OIA & the US DOI's investigation on this matter?..
  • Both names are capable of handling the post as director of education. Previous director truely did a tremendous job in bringing the Kosrae's standards in tests and students' ability. The new nominee, of course is a current employee there and most likely he'll do great. But he core question is: " Can either one improve the attitude of the teachers and staff of the whole department?" The central office needs to jump in and consider this as a priority, improve the the teachers and staff, then Kosrae will see big changes in their children.
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