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  • as you secret clearnce vice interm, expired(good for 10 yrs) now back on track following another background investigation. KILL!
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    Like many have stressed, it all depends on your career field. The level of clearance depends on what job you will hold as an enlistee. Security clearance is good for ten years. Every ten years it needs to be renewed. Again, depending on your job and the nature of the job you do, your security clearance may be different from those of others. But as non-citizens, you will most likely be given "favorable" until an SC has been opened for you by your security officer or OIC.

    As for becoming an officer, there is no way around the citizenship. It's either you become one or kiss it good bye. Becoming an officer is not that difficult, however, it involves a process that takes time, especially if you are an enlisted member trying to make the transition to the officer corp. All that is needed is a Bachelors in a career field that needs manning in any of the branches. The other requirements include putting in a package for OTS and turning in all the required paperwork to HQ. Such required paperwork again depends on what branch it is. ASVAB score is also taken into account, although it is not always what HQ base their decisions on. Rather it is your Officer Qualifying Test scores and your ability to put in a package as described by HQ. A package is judged with the concept of the "whole person." Everything is taken into account: the candidates awards, recommendations, etc. So you see, there really shouldn't be any excuse as to why micronesians, or non-citizen enlisted members for that matter, couldn't make the transition.

    A parting advice. If you enlisted, it would be a wise decision to seek citizenship once youre able. It doesn't take much time. Seek out assistance from your FRC or your MPF. The internet is also a tool you can take advantage of to get info regarding the process of "naturalization." I can understand why some people hold on to the FSM citizenship after enlisting, and I'm totally okay with it. But if you want to make it up the leadership ladder, citizenship can really help alot. Not just while in the military, but also on the civilian side if you ever decided to get out.
  • Listen, get your citizenship first. You will be denied commission even if you get all your ducks in a row. Trust me, I am talking from experience. I went to OCS and two weeks into the training they changed their mind and told me to go home till I get my citizenship. Needless to say, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
  • Get a US citizenship. FSM is already allowing dual citizenship. When you have the chance to come back to FSM for vacation, make it a point to make the required appointments to stand in front of the FSM Congress to reclaim your FSM citizenship. If approved, bravo - dual citizenship.....
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  • Cross rifle, you have an interim secret clearance, that's not a full clearance. An interim is issued when your investigation is pending, then it gets upgraded to secret once the investigation is over with. I'll tell you all this much, if Defense Security Services (DSS) finds out that you are not a US Citizen and have a security clearance they will take it away in a heartbeat. I am here in fort bragg assigned to a USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command) unit and everyone is required a clearance. I had my clearance taken away for that reason but luckily a month later I was due to swear in for my citizenship so right before they tried to take my clearance away, I frikkin slapped em with my naturalization certificate. Also, for all those who wants to get naturalized, if you're country is supporting dual citizenship then there is nothing to worry about. They do not know what you do here and they have no way to find out you are naturalized. They have no record of you that links to the record you have here in the states. Remember, micronesian countries are like third world countries and their system is in no way linked to the US system. Another thing cross rifle, we are not considered US citizens and if that is on your record without you being naturalized, that's considered fraud, falsifying goverment document, I know this from experience. I was filling out my EPSQ for my clearance and my S2 OIC which is a good friend of mine told me to go ahead and put US citizen on the citizenship block since Marshall Islands is not on there and I would not have been able to continue beyond that block if I hadn't put US citizen, so I did, now remember this is before I got naturalized. Well, 6 months later, I PCSd to a new unit and I still had an interim clearance due to the ongoing investigation. Listen to this when you move from one unit to another with an interim it will stay with the unit that gave you that interim clearance and then you would have to do everything all over again or atleast I had to do it all over again accept for the painful part of filling out another EPSQ form which is like 100 pages long. This is when the drama came in, USASOC did a followup on my clearance and found out that I was not a US citizen and they freaked, the damn USASOC investigator came to my company to investigate and interrogate me on why I put US citizen when I was not one. She was ready to report to the authorities to lock me up for falsifying government documents (remember this is a federal offense). So I told her my OIC told me to do so and she did not believe me one bit. So, I called my old S2 OIC and she contacted the investigator and told her the story. I'm telling you people, this is no joke when it comes to security clearances and US citizenship. So, my advice is, get naturalized, get your security clearance because both of these are good in the military and out in the civilian world because companies do not want to spend all that money on security clearances for newcomers, so with you having one is a definite plus.
  • 100% agreed, Tibin. i was in the same situation. i was told that in order to continue on in the service, i must have a secrity clearnce. to get a clearance, must be a us citizen. well, i accomplished all.
  • congrats piggly. People are so naive, they hear the word "religuish" and they freak out. That doesn't mean shit. All it means is, the US wants you all to themselves, on the other hand, your country will keep you as a citizen of whatever country you're in if it's the RMI, FSM or whichever country does dual citizenship, as well as a US citizen, that's why it's called dual citizenship. In the RMI, we do not have to do any paperwork on dual citizenship. It should be automatic.
  • wow!! all the work to get clearance?! again.. I got my top secret clearance as a Micronesian citizen.
  • lol@top clearance as a micro citizen…good luck with that…does it even make sense to say "top secret clearance as a micro citizen?" lol, oh well, it's a crazy world...
  • Here we go again...U.S of A taking advantgae of our people and island nation...FSM congress should stop them from recruiting back on the island and make some type of amenmend that will allow our citizens joining the US military full disclosure of what we can and cannot do in the military before recruting our fellow citizens that are fighting for their freedom. Start at home FSM Congress should put some thing in place where these recruters tell all instead of giving them false promises...
  • Just an FYZI...People of FSM...Their is an Amendment passed by the FSM Congress and The Signed by the President to have Dual Citizenship to be voted on March of 2011. So please vote yes to Dual Citizenship that way you still hold your FSM Citizen and be able to be a US citizen at the same time...
  • All these commotions....I know how hard it is to be caught in a hard place. Getting a security clearance is important for the job and it demands a lot of decisions on your part on what to do. Uncle Sam is good at getting you in with a lot of strings attached. Look at history....let's learn from it. You gotta understand too that he have to protect his nation first and with all this craziness going on, he has to be really strict on who have access to his special documents and weapons. For those of you that have changed your citizenship- I congradulate you in your decision. For those of us that didn't - STAND STRONG AND HOPE FOR THE BEST. Keep fighting for this dual citizenship to come through. Some of us don't have no choice but to keep our citizenship for the sake of our brothers and sisters back home. I came from a difficult family and i know that giving up my citizenship will only create chaos and drama on my people and my children. Got properties back home and just giving up my citizenship will take those away. My family first than my welfare. I know my brothers are gonna faced challenging cousins or others later on in the future and i wanna be there for them when they quarrelled over our small island. I don't wanna be a stranger on a place i know so much and around people that i know and love so much. I push the dual citizenship for my children cause they are born abroad and they love the islands and considered themselves islanders. Foreigners taking your lands are not foreigners..., they have every right to be islanders. Those are the future leaders that can move
    micronesia or each state forward and compete with the rest of the world. I know a girl that graduated at the very top of her class at Standford University that claimed she is micronesian when giving her speech. Her mom was from
    micronesia but she is born in the states. Listen, stop thinking negetive about everything. i don't think people are waiting in line to become micronesian citizens. We have almost nothing to offer to pour own people. Give your children the room to maneuver in and let them get the best of what their host countries are giving them so they can come back and help us with their gained knowledged and experiences. We have a very beautiful and secluded area.
    We have a lot to do and please start working on the constitution you all copy from the united states. I want our own laws and customs derived form our own cultures and way of life. If you want to keep our peace better start working new on ammendmends just for micronesia or each states. Foreigners needs to respect our own laws when they come into micronesia. A tourist from the united states knows more about our constitution when in micronesia. It happen so cause it's theirs to begin with. Yap have their own system and that is good. People have to respect others when in their country but we won't get none from anyone that know more of the system than we do...............Even the blind can see how jacked up that can be but nobody is doing nothing about it......I know our leader are aware of this but nobody is doing nothing. I know it will take time but waiting and pushing it to the next generation is killing our way of life and just confusing our fellow islanders.
  • that's true! i got my U.S citizenship just to reenlist and plus have access to alot of opportunities. DON'T SAY WHY! cuz, it makes sense why you need to change! eheheh
  • Another option is if you have a child who is born US , then  when he' s or she 's  at the age 18 she will petition you to become a US citizen and that depends on you as a parent
  • I can't help but wonder, why FSM citizens would be reluctant to become US citizens. Please be advised that  in this day a age, you cannot expect to get anything better anywhere except in the USA. That is why the US Border is being controlled secured  24/7 so that foreigners don't just come over and deplete the so many good things that the USA offers to its Citizens. If you look back to our beloved Micronesia, FSM we have nothing to offer our Children in the future. Our future is  not bright expecially now tha the Compact Funds are being decreased. Already our children are facing difficulties in financing their studies at the higher learning institutions. The only way that these children would have future if you folks become US Citizens. Should this happen then the education future of your children would be secured.

    And, if the Military offers it, take it. Its a Gold Mine, this I can assure you. Besides, I think the next time another referendum of our FSM Constituion comes about the "Dual Citizen" issue would be approved. So, what have you got to loose if you become a US Citizen?

  • I guess whatever in our CFA  will reflected and respected otherwise.
  • The usual advice for the non citizens in the U.S arm forces is be a U.S. citizen. The logic behind such an issue is for DoD to be able to track each personnel and extradite them  to U.S. to face judgement, should they violate any of DoD personnel regulations, or commit some cross conducts while  representing DoD over seas. Some non-citizens may undergo rigorous screening just to be deployed without occupying any of the sensitive occupations within the arm forces, but usually evade having to gain U.S. citizenship prior to deployment; However, with the growing number of sleeper individuals in the U.S., trying to gain entry into the arm forces, DoD in association with HLS, necessitate the creation of a data base on all individuals within the united states, especially DoD personnel to be maintained and updated for security purposes.

    Gaining U.S. citizenship would get non-citizens into the database, and make life easier for HlS and DoD in screening personnel and individuals for security concerns.

  • Security clearance requirement applies not only to military personnel but also to civilians who are contracted to work at the military installations or companies that manufacture military sensitive equipment. I was accepted for em
  • I meant to say, I was accepted for employment as technician at one of military installation but failed security clearance due non US citizenship
  • Wow that's very sad If i were you I would address that to our FSM President and the Congress. they do have their email and addresses on line .
  • Ignore Protocol. Takes too much time. Just call their cell-phone and address them about the problem.
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