$600-$700 million of Chuuk's share of compact funds

Last wk, VP Killion was in Guam to meet with Chuukese....

and what bothered me from his speech was a mentioned of a $600-$700 million Chuuk Govnmet share of the Compact fund from the 1st Compact in 17yrs. He confirmed that no one knows what happened to the money. The millions of money....not just thousands of money, but millions and millions of money and NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE MONEY WENT, including himself.

What bothers me is this....he mentioned it as if he was in no position of questioning the Chuuk Government of what happened to the money. He never mentioned that someone is looking into it....or he will be looking into it as far as investigation. We know that some chuukese were convicted of only thousands of dollars misuse....how about that hundreds of millions that no one knows where it went.

The chuukese people were so humble and didn't want to offend the VP by asking him direct questions. The questions were mainly to Why VP wants to be elected again next year....because he wants to be the President of FSM next year.

There were alot of things that he wanted and hope to accomplish next year..............hopefully he will do it next year.

Please, those well informed forumers may you educate us on this matter. What happened to the Chuuk money.

The new Guam Airport was only $200 million and the new Duty Free Shopping mall was only $20million....Only if he had taken care of that money chuuk would have the nice airport than the one in Guam and spanking new TTC better than DFS in Tumon. How did we miss the train.

with the $700million Chuuk would've build a bridge to connect the islands and overpass, underpass on the roads of Moen.

I DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION to be done by an outside agency.



  • Rongo-lap, you are soooo right to feel that way because that is the way I feel too. I don't know how to answer your question beside asking you to just look around you and ask yourself what is going on. You see the people being sentence and are on their way to court and jail? For abusing compact funds. I am not sure about the first governor of Chuuk, the late Aten, but I can tell you this, all governors after that always give out committee expense, not to mention all the perks that comes with being a senator or representatives. Think about the ridiculously high price of land in chuuk and the myriad of land litigation and payments, think about all the municipalities in chuuk and their operating budget. Then, think about thousands of dollars illegal project money given to constituents. These are just some of the reasons why chuuk share of compact funds did not go into what they were meant for.

    Yes, the investigation is ongoing, the people that have already been sentence and going to be sentenced, is just the beginning of the long journey towards accountability, for pare....there are more coming your way, so do not be surprise if some are your close friends or relatives. sucks, some of my relatives already in jail. smile!!!
  • Pwipwi Ronge~Lap,

    I find your post very interesting and at the same time regretful as to the exact amount of Chuuk State' share of the first Compact funds. Interesting is that the huge elusive amount- in the range from $600 to $700 million in 17 years time- that could perhaps have the ability to evade the knowledge of even an intellectual economist leader. What regretful is if we actually expended such massive amount wisely, then the talks of today will be full of praises for our leaders and governmental services.

    However, I question the legitmacy or even the lagacy of the amount because, as I could remeber, the total amount of funds provided by the U.S for the 15-year duration of the first Compact was exactly $1 billion. If Chuuk State alone was given $700 millions, what could be the shares of the other States (Pohnpei, Yap and Kosrae) in addition to the National Government? I am afraid it does not exceed the principal amount if all shares are finally added up.

    By the way, we are in the campaign season where every incumbents and prospective candidates will flood streets and even lands afar to meet with their constituents. Why only meeting his own people-the Chuukese-while he has full obligation to all the citizens of the FSM as the Vice-President of the nation? I just hope that those people from the other States, also residing in Guam, don't perceive his visit as a Chuukese-only and then persuade their respective Congressmen for another non-confirmation for the presidency. Hopefully, he can do better than that so that he could win confirmation to the presidency when relected.
  • I would like to highlight one of HCB's comments. That is, as "we are in campaign season where every incumbent and prospective candidates will flood streets and even lands afar to meet with their constituents." I hope we all keep in mind that this is politics and not everything we are told is entirely accurate. Not to say that the VP's information is wrong, but every issue can be looked at and interpreted in many different ways.

    The VP and his companies have been a matter of interest in more than one review into the mismanagement of funds. If funds were misspent how will things be inproved if he becomes President so this does not happen again. Did any of the $600 million go to the VP as payment for the land on the hillside in Chuuk sold to COM. How about the payments to the VP's companies for cement for the TA Airport, which still hasn't been built. How about rent payments for government offices that have no power or are in to bad of shape to even use.

    As it is election time again I hope we can all focus on the facts and do our part to ensure problems of the past do not repeat themselves. This also means that we may have to look past what candidates are saying and evaluate them on their prior actions. Actions sometimes do really speak louder than words.
  • Rongo-Lap:

    Thank you for the very interesting but unfortunately incomplete information on the Vice President's meeting with Chuukese residents in Guam. At least that is news... Like HCB and Yellowfin, I too would like to broach the news further if you or anybody else could help with further elaboration. (I am not sure why the Chuukese people in Guam should feel overly polite that they did not want to engage the Vice President with significant discussion of the issues when the VP himself asked for that meeting. I would say that was such a wasted opportunity!)

    First, like perhaps a lot of other citizens, I am interested in your report that the Vice President DID IN FACT expressed his goal for re-election to be the next President. It is the right thing for both Vice President Killion and Senator Mori to discuss that very issue with the Chuukese voters. The voters do expect that whoever between the two of them is elected may be considered for either the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. The question is not over qualifications but realism:
    Which one of them has a better, realistic chance of becoming the next President or Vice President?

    The two of them have to explain fairly to the Chuukese voters that issue, not only over which of them is better qualified, but also over which of them has a realistic chance. For a while, given the political jockeying in our national government, the impression is that the other states would rather allow President Urusemal to finish out his term before there be any changes. I thought lot of people--even in Chuuk--are prepared to go along with that for the sake of stability and harmony within our national government and the nation. So if either the Vice President or Senator Mori is campaigning on a desire to make such a change in the national government, they need to explain and convince the Chuukese voters that (1) such a change is needed AND (2) is very possible. The worst thing is for either of the two to lead the Chuukese people onto a false expectation that is impossible to achieve at the national level, and then we end up being divisive and resentful amongst ourselves again.

    Second, the information in your report did not fully connect the Vice President's camapign platform to be the next President and his discussion on the amount of Compact money mismanaged or wasted in Chuuk. We hope to understand if there were discussions on what actions or plans to remedy that huge waste, or if the Vice President discusses how and why such plans would make a difference today as opposed to the period of time he has been in government (as some of you pointed out), and if his desire to become the next President is part of those plans to restore the lost economic development opportunity for the Chuukese and FSM people.

    With all due respect to the Vice President and Sentor Mori, that indeed is part of any discussion of economic development in their campaigns. They should not play the Democrats' game with the Chuukese people of promising economic development every campaign time without explaining why such is possible now and not yesterday when they have been part of the system all these time! That is not an unfair demand on the people's part. Both of them are capable economists and macromanagers. They know full well that economic development means far different things to each Chuukese or FSM individual. They have to assure the people that their visions of economic development does not leave any Chuukese or FSMer behind, nor that it benefits only the government they are running but leaves out the families on the outer islands and in the outlying villages.

    We would hope that when both Vice President Killion and Senator Mori are discussing economic development with the Chuukese people at this time majority of Chuukese families still do not have a steady income and no longer afford basic necessities like gaseoline, they are discussing realistic plans for improvements in the people's lives instead of the George Bush Republican kind of economic policies that cater only to the people at the top of the socio-economic ladder. Recently, on this Micsem Forum, we learned of reports by the US DOI raising questions about the management of the FSM Compact Infrastructure Funds that has a questionable relationship with the FSM Speaker's family business. Economic development should at least include equal, meaningful opportunities for the common citizens to participate in and benefit from, not just our government leaders. And we fervently hope both Vice President Killion and Senator Mori do present realistic plans for such opportunities for the people this time around.

    Too bad that those Chuukese in Guam did not make productive use of the rare opportunity meeting with the Vice President. They better not come back and complaint that they did not understand what the Vice President or the other candidates are running for. They had their opportunity; They should have made good use of it.

  • This is an insult!

    We have been cheated many times already. And now finally knowing that we had all that money, but none of it was spend for a betterment of our state? It just gives me doubts of any success in this state.
  • The statement was true that the COmpact 1, funding for the FSM was 1 billion, if Chuuk share is $700 million how much would be left for the other States. Chuuk Share was then divided up between the State of Chuuk and the 40 municipalites. the Capital Account which accounts for 40% of the Compact funds was divided on a fomula of no less than 40% of CHuuk share would be given to the municipalities. For the operation, which was about 60% of the Compact funds, no less than 8% would be given to the municipalities for their operation. To find out the exact amount for each municipality, you may contact the FSM Budget Office, or the State budget Office. Keep in mind that CHuuk Sate share of the Comapct 1 funding was less than 30% of the total comact fund.
  • Mr. BJaynes

    I hope you look into this issue. Its not that how much had or how much Chuuk suppose to get.

    Its how the VP and if congress knew about the money for Chuuk that untraceable.
    What were they doing to track the money.

    If they knew that money were misused in Chuuk and they did noting about it.
    Why they didn't investigate it. Why did It take the US to come in and start investigating misused funds for the FSM to know that they have been doing it wrong?

    If the VP knew about it and did nothing about it then he must be part of it.

    When he became aware of the issue and what did it do about it?
    Please if you could look into this......only if you have time

    Tirow pwan Fairo womi pwipwi atefoon kana
  • There is obviously an overstated of the amount of Compact I funds earmarked for Chuuk. I agree with HCB and perhaps the original poster should check his/her facts. Even if the inflation adjustment amount is added, the total would still fall below the stated figures. Good luck.
  • Wohmmi,

    I attend the meeting. The meeting lasted for about 2 hrs. Most of it was used by Mr. Killion's master of ceremony telling his stories and answereing questions that were supposed to be answered by the VP.

    Some of the issues discussed were:

    A) Purpose of visiting Guam: The VP emphasized that there was a conference and he was the chairman of the conference. Other reps from the FSM states on utilities were also present during that conference. Mr. VP further mentioned that since he had some time left before heading back, a meeting with the Chukese (for conveniency) was called.

    B) The VP of the Federated States of Micronesia National Goverment has compared his National Goverment to two objects:
    1) to a human being-- FSM is in its adolesence age
    2) to a canoe-- FSM is still in the carving stage, years ahead / more to be
    completed and be able to be riden.

    Any comments? It's your vote that matters!!!!!!

    C) VP Kilion mentioned that there is money indeed. For Compact 1 alone, one-third of the Compact fund was used for infrastructure. I did not recall if this $$$ is earmarked for Chuuk alone. If it's for Chuuk State, how much? If it's for all 4 states, how much? Do your math and wonder!!!!! Just a reminder, every lingus hungg marr in the ocean knows that Chuuk leaders are something else!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hope I enlightened you with some issues discussed during his short visit in Guam.
  • It doesn't take scientist to figure out where the money went ... the only problem is that they were not record. I think we will all come to the conclusion that the leaders, I mean the preview and present leaders, including the vp must be them whom got all that money.
  • KReuney,

    Ran Allim pwipwi and thanks for the piece of information.

    First, I would like to comment on the VP Killion's trip. It seems that there was something wrong with his TA when he requested it. He should know firsthand exactly how many days it would take to attend the conference from overspending public funds. It showed that the conference ended and he used the remaining time on the public expense to meet his only Chuukese constituents for the mere purpose of conveying a discreet message that he was there for them since election is approaching.

    Secondly, the emphasis he made were full of hopelessness. Figuratively, comparing FSM to a still stall carved canoe is a sign of failure and without any charted course or destiny. Given the much millions of dollars unwisely expended, the canoe can never be christened and ridden except to be left in rotten desolation.

    In my opinion, this kind of leader does not deserve to be re-elected into office. Mr. Redley Killion has proven ineffective ever since his election to the post. His only concern as obvious and witnessed is to building his business empire which has been catapulted by channeling CIP funds.

    Moreover, he seldom attends public occasions in the outer islands of Chuuk at least to pay gratitude to the people who help him into office.

    Since it is only 4 months left before going to the polls, I hope the Chuukese voting populations and especially the outer islanders are consciously ready to cast their ballots for the right candidates that not only talk the talk but also walk it. This is very critical as to the present situation Chuuk has been encroaching upon.

    I sincerely hope that the people of Chuuk will vote for Mr. Manny Mori for the at-large since he is a true representative of the Chuukese people. Mr. Mori have been visiting the Chuukese people frequently and have been instrumental in many areas where he finds the needs of the people. He even volunteers his time and services in the minimal renovation of the Chuuk Public Health building. He also assists many organizations by providing financial support out of his own pocket.

    This is the kind of leader we need in Chuuk not those kind that only know us during campaign seasons.
  • hcb,

    it seems to me that you're from the Mori's "extended family". If you think Hon. Killion has been ineffective eversince the beginning, how about Mr. Mori? What has he contribute to our developement as a state? If we have to judge them based on Chuuk government current status, then both should not be re-elected. Let's us try a new one, say about that Moulten guy?
  • hgc,

    nothinh wrong with your suggestion, maybe that would be a right choice but give us a run down on this moulden guy. i might just change my mind. good one hgc.
  • hgc,

    Greetings to you. As to your seeming curiosity, I am not in any form or whatsoever related to the Moris. And as for the new face, challenging the two, why not? Nothing wrong about that.
  • High five, brother HCB. Although I am not related to the mori's, I myself also believe it is time to vote Manny Mori over VPres Killion. VPres Killion is too involve in his political gain motives now to be trusted and effective.

    In Mr. Sellet's case, I would not even go there. Farmers Home dragged under his management and the people have been denied too much from his incapabilities. we do not want to add that kind of bad leadership to our already hopeless congress.

    Let us give Manny Mori a chance to show his capability.
  • whoever is the next man in Congress. I hope they will be able to tell their nation that every penny was accounted for. doesn't matter who it be....just make sure that they are all accounted for. None of this...ask him....ask them....ooh JEMCO stopped it because someone stole it.

    Vote wisely my fellow brothers and sisters.
  • The poster "ate" is Mrs.Taxiwomw, so of course she's related to the Mori's. Indeed, she's the closest relative blood to the Candidate himself. Closest as it can be, the real sister.
  • NumLK,

    don't just "aumaum" (assume or guess) your story. please stop badmouthing people from mere suspicion and hate. how can you be sure who is "ate" that you go on saying is the wife of so and so and the sister of so and so. have you read the other posts by "ate" on this forum? do they sound like a lady post? come on. just because "ate" supports candidate Mori on forum does not mean she is sister of the candidate. so the other posters like "antagonist" are sister of Vice president killion and Molten? stop personalizing discussions. discuss ideas like great people. you are not even from Namoluk yourself! You don't sound KUPAR...
  • NumLK and Bagar..no comments made here can change anything anymore..we are already in the process of voting so just pray that your candidate wins, that is all you can do for now.
  • In terms of fiscal health and better accountability in Chuuk State, it matters very little who gets elected for Chuuk's four year seat to FSM Congress. Wake up! The problem lies with elected State officials......both the legislative and executive branches for not enacting and implementing the necessary fiscal reforms, and the judicial branch for burdening the State with claims and judgments that will be impossible to pay. There are no excess fund at the fSMNG that can be pushed Chuuk's way....does not matter who you elect at that level.
  • Good point Tokai, all these forumers posting here are seems to be both family members of the two candidates in Chuuk. The thing that tells us from their postings are Chuuk politics are far from unity nor at least have one common goal toward their State. Is it self-interests prevail over the betterment of their government and welfare of the public in general? I believe it must be something associated with honor of the family than mere personal gain. Then it raises the question as to what type or form of democratic governance is suitable for Chuuk. Election should consists of one vote from each family then there might be an equal and fair consensus from the general populace. What seems to be the politics in Chuuk, is who gets there rather what Chuuk can get from that candidate. And this does not mean that the other states are not nepotised in casting their votes but rather only those that feed under the fingernails of their candidates are the few that remains. That, we can understand where they're coming from giving the trickling down of the government assistance being bottle-necked.

    Also the inconsistency that swings from one candidate to another is not good for Chuuk. What Chuuk really needs is consistency in goals that can only arise through maintenance of their candidates long enough in one post to garner performance and benefits. There is no black magic in one candidate for all the problems facing Chuuk today but they must come to terms with them. Time and unity are the essence, not mere personal trait of the candidates. I always wonder why Chuukese, the most humble people in Micronesia and highly educated but at worst in political organization. There must be some cultural elements prevailing over these matters. Let us be more sophisticated and to re-prioritize our consensus over political matters. Honor does not dwell good in politics but humbleness that may prevail to the end!
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