Prediction for May 10th

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Now is the right time to predict our next Pres & the V-Pres for our country . Just write down their names. There is no need to explain your reasons. That simple. If anyone wants to challange someone else opinion, please don't.


  • Alik Alik - President
    Manny Mori - VP
  • Prediction for the Presidency: Joe Urusemal
    Vice Pres: Alik Alik
    Speaker: Moses Nelson
  • President.....Yap
    Vice Pres.....Chuuk
  • I think I like MSY's list better...
  • pres- chuuk
    vice - ksa
    speaker yap
  • Pres - Chuuk
    V/Pres - Kos
    Speaker - Dohsis Halbert OR

    Pres - Yap
    V/Pres - Kos
    Speaker - Pni
  • Commander in chief: Kap

    Vice: Sakuna

    Sec. State: Snap

    Sec. Defence: Jack

    Chief Cook: Katuchol

    Vice Cook: Judas a.k.a Alukot

    Press Sec. Ulong
  • Prez- Prince
    VP- kaptal
    Sp- Kuttu
  • president : CHUUIK
  • Get real people. Why not the A Team?:

    President: Ramon Peyal
    V-Pres: Manny Mori or Alik Alik (doesn't matter)

    Speaker: Resio Moses
    V-Speak: Claude Philljp
    F-Leader: Asugar Sipenuk

    Foreign Affairs: Sebastian Ruecho
    Finance: Anna Mendiola
    TC and I: Len Isotoff
    Economic Affaris: William Iriarte
    Compact Management Board: Patrick McKenzie
    Assistant to the Prez: Rose Nakanaga
    China Embassy: Chris Christian

    Everybody else can go to Hell. Early Retire and Government Reduction.
  • My prediction is for consistency and continuity- President Urusemal
    For diplomacy-VP Alik
    Speaker-Senator Nelson
    V-Speaker-Senator Moses
    Chairman Ways and Means-Senator Mori
    Chairman R&D-Senator Sitan
    Chairman J&Go-Senator Primo
    Chairman HESA-Senator Neth
    Chairman Foreign Affairs-Figir
    Chairman TC&I-Kansou
    Floor Leader-Senator Halbert

    Of course this is just a prediction but may have a 360 degrees pivot.
  • hi plumeria,

    just a few questions regarding your nominees:

    Ramon Peyal is a 2 year member and thus cannot be considered for Pres.

    Who's Asugar Sipenuk? Henry Asugar has long been out of Congress. Simiram Sipenuk lost the bid for re-election and so has Claude Phillip.

    Who's Sebastian Ruecho?

    William Iriarte is an outlaw who is wanted in PNI. If he shows up in PNI, he will be arrested immediately for the IAC insurance scam.

    Chris Christian (or is it Pagan?) will get lost in transit to China so that will be a waste of money for the gov't.

    Anna makes more money where she is so I don't think she will be interested. She's been there, and done that b4.

    And finally your comment on everybody going to hell? I take it that is an invitation for us to join you there? Are you lonely being there all by your lonesome? Try playing scrabble with Lucifer, you can beat him if you use made up names of non-existing people.

    Cheers to you.
  • President- Mori
    VP - Alik
    Speaker - Kansou
    Floor leader . Suka
  • thanx to trinity,

    I think i can follow what trinity just posted it up few days or minutes ago.
    it is better if yapese are taking term for the presidency. Who the heck is out of his or her
    mind and want the chuukese to be a pres... are we all the fsmers want corruption in our government...
    we all know what the heck is the chuukese government went trough, but why to we have to put them in that
    position.... please i think it's good if we put Ramon for pres, follow by vice from pni and lastly kosrae...

    This to all who don't agree with what i say..
    you all stay gold and hold on to your d@%$# but don't wanong mefiom..........

    c-yall later or maybe five minutes later
  • I tend to agree with Fifa. If we are talking about the composition of Cabinet members, it will all depend on who is the new President even if it is going to be the same President now. What I have heard around which might not bear any truth is that:

    TC&I- Uglino Susaia
    Economic Affairs, Roger Mori
    Finance- John Ehsa
    HESA- Midion neth
    Foreign Affairs-Lorin Robert
    Justice-Cyprian from Yap
    FSM Embassy in Washington-Ieski Iehsi
    FSM Embassy in New York to UN- Masao Nakayama
    FSM Embassy in Fiji-Gabriel Ayin
    Special Asst. President on Legis Affairs-Tony Otto
    Special Asst. to President on Disaster-Andrew Y from Yap
    Special Asst to Pres on Admin.-Hilary T from Yap
    Special Prosecutor-Gillian Doone
    Public Auditor-Rose N.
    Special Asst to Pres on religious matter-Edgar Isac
  • Ceremonial Title Holder of FSM President: Manny Mori
    Most influential Advisor/FSM PRESIDENT: Peter Christian
    VP: Alik I LIKE
    Speakher: Halbert Dohsis
    Floor leader: Ramon Peyal
    Sexytary of Foreign Affairs: Redley KilliOn
    Chair Foreign Affairs: Figir
    Chair Homeland Security (New Committee): Nel Moses
  • President: Joe Uresemal
    V.Pres. : Somebody from Pohnpei
    Speaker : Isaac Figir
    Floor Leader: Somebody from Pohnpei

    These two states we trust.
  • My lady mzarzar, do not be surprised as Ramon Peyal will be coming back with more powerful force. Someone just whispered in my ears that he will be running if Urusemal made back to the seat of President and he has the full support of the yapese chiefs. This time around, he will not just sit and clap, he will actually speak loud with thunder, the Congress chamber will have an earthquake. He will introduce so many bills that the President will not know which bill to veto. Even the bills that the President will veto, he will be the first to overide. Give a break to the fabulous and fearless Congressman who will be coming back to chair the new Committee on Homeland Security.
  • Sounds like Peyal Propoganda to me. Folks, like the good MZARZAR said, he cannot be elected if Ursemel does not become president. Why should Senator Ramon Peyal be so passionate about coming back to office with a big bang? What has he accomplished?
  • LOL@Peyal Propoganda...although he is related to some extent, I do belive that he has served long enough. I will go with the early suggestion (if Ursemel does becomes President...) wait a sec..hold on...I'm counting eggs before they hatch...Sorry
  • Not controvertibly but metaphorically speaking, the swine would best symbolize certain physical condition and/or mental health. So, Kap, to settle all disputes which I have unexpectedly aroused, please do let me help you finish and tidy up your previous half-done statement . "If Urusemal does become president.....then pigs could really soar."
  • You people haven't got any idea of the political turmoil unlike any businessman knows, don't hire anybody smarter than you. If it works in business, it should work in politics.
  • Turmai, you drunk again? lol!!
  • Wow!! people,
    Regardless of your awesome opinions, you all have chosen atleast two representatives to make such decisions for you ,just like me.
    Sounds like all of you are very smart, intelligent and politically correct group and I am pretty you all can follow a very simple instruction. Save your opinion for another day, follow the instruction and ofcourse always follow the golden rule.

    By the way, very intersting predictions!!
  • kap,

    Why not challenge Ramon if Joe becomes President. The guy works hard and he has chiefly leadership in his personality. Don't be j....
  • Even in the guessing games, people still don't seem to understand the meaning of change. When voters decided to change the leadership in Palikir, a few still stubbornly suggest names of old Palikir department people to continue in the departments. They still suggest names like Akilino Susaia, Lorin Robert, Patrick McKenzie. Aren't these the old farts in government that don't move the FSM forward?? Isn't it time to change them just like changing some of the elected leaders?

    Let's understand the implication of the election results first. People want change just like in the US after the midterm election. In FSM, the voters want change in the Congress and Executive Branch. They want the Vice President out, the Speaker out, the Vice Speaker out, the Floor Leader out! If the Yap Chiefs did not intervene with their undemocratic authority to help Urusemal run unopposed, Urusemal would have been out too!

    Urusemal has shown weak leadership and no vision in his management of the nation. After he opposed Peter Christian in FSM Supreme Court over the Kosrae special session, he later wrote to the Congress to invite that Congress send their bills over so he would approve them, including a Pork Barrel bill. But during the campaign, he tried to hold the congressmen's projects so that they would not be able to use during their campaigns.

    Urusemal tried to hide from the people and Government the Washington Embassy wrongdoing with the Wachovia bank loan. He even tried to protect the DC Embassy staff from Government questioing. When Alik and the Congress found out and called for the DC Ambassador removal, Urusemal evicerated, refused. When the Public Auditor Report confirmed the Embassy's wrongdoing, Urusemal allowed the Ambassador to return to Yap without justice done like what happened in the Chuuk government officials' cases.

    Urusemal would rather appoint Yapese to government positions even if they are not totally committed to the National Government like Secretary Sebastian Anafel who left the post to run for Yap governor. And Urusemal would rather protect Yapese government officials wrongdoing like Ambassador Jessee than let justice be done in the Government.

    The people want change. Urusemal has not proven he deserves to continue leading the Nation. He needs to step aside along with most of the people around him who have not helped him lead the Nation successfully. A new totally new Government from top to bottom is NOW NEEDED!!

    The mandate for change is very clear. Urusemal only received 2000+ votes. Resio received 6000+ votes. Mori received 12000+ votes. Alike received another 2000+ votes. That means Urusemal only recived 1/3 of the total votes that voted for Resio, and less than 1/5 of the total number of people/voters who wanted Mori in.

    Mori received the same number of votes or more than all the other At-Large senators combined. The people who voted for Mori knew they wanted Mori to replace a sitting official in the Government. They wanted change.

    Because there are no tangible and historical accomplishments for the Urusemal Government, and his base of support is less than the amount of people in the FSM who want change, Urusemal should accept the people's desire for change and step aside. People cannot be forced to stay with a leader that shows no merits, no record of accomplishment, no vision to lead.

    This is a Democracy, by Golly! Change is Democracy. When there are no tangible merits, Change is the Democratic Answer! The Micronesia Gentlemen Agreement for rotation of the President allows the smaller states a chance at the Presidency! But when they don't perform to par, Democracy provides for the rotation to continue rotating.

    Change means rotating the elected as well as those of their appointed people who failed to move the Government forward, except to seek their boss' favors! All the ambassadors, department secretaries and assistant secretaries, special assistants must undergo reevaluation in their posititons. They should not just pretend to kiss a++ everytime so they can stay in their present positions.

    Democracy requires changes and changes are based on merits and loyalty evaluations. Even Carl Rove and George Bush could direct Attorney General Gonsalez to terminate US district attorneys and ambassadors who are not performing loyally and meritoriously.

  • Holy Crap!! The pigs are really flying!! Anything can happen now I guess!

    In the old days, we didn't have to vote for our leaders. They were born and raised as leaders. Now, we vote, eat rice, and die early! DAMN YOU DEMOCRACY!
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