Micronesian Folklores and Legends

Folks, I understand some of us may feel reluctant to share, but I truly believe it is time for us to kindly and willingly share at least One or Two our very own short stories and or legends, for identity purposes and for the sake of our young generation. So, in order to eliminate this so called "Lost in Generations", I am humbly asking you please do proceed.. The floor is now open...


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    Let's start with clan. I want to know who those are members of my clan that visit this forum. My clan's bird is the white bird with the long neck that walks at the shore lines. If you are a member of that clan, you should be able to know what clan this is.
  • Honestly, the reason why I posted this subject is, a few days ago my ten year old daughter came home from school and told me that their main topic for that day was American Folklores. She then proceeded to asked me some unavoidable questions. "Do we have folklores in Micronesia? And if yes, Can you please tell me some?" At that very moment, it dawned on me that yes indeed I have lost some of my very own identity. Her questions kept ringing in my ears like an alarm clock, a wake up call, if you will. I have been abroad (USA) for the past 25 years. My memory of these stories and legends comes and goes like a TV with a bad reception. I will be the first to admit that my memory does not function like it once was. One of our great Leader once said,"Take this example and live better than we do" something to that effect. In my case, I will say " Take this example and live better than I do!" So with that, I humbly ask again for your help. If not, at least help direct this lost soul to the right place.... I thank you!

  • What about the chicken shit legend of Palikir?
  • NGHEI,
    I BELIEVE I AM WITH YOU........................

    Sounds good to me, I think that one falls under the category. So please do send it! Folks, you can even use your own language. I have translators available at my disposal...Thank you!
  • Eisena.... Wetei ipwe akieki eu.
  • Do you know the story about MITIR? and the Emweneko ito angei numom tut ieeeeeeee. uh?
  • Judas, sounds interesting to me goahead with your story.
  • Do you guys know the story of ililiaio? The bird like Kuling and urupap. he has red legs. he always flys along with the kuling. he was a young baby according to the legend. His mom was abandoned him. Little baby ililiaio was very hungry. he tried to reach his mom for milk but she always pushed him away. She was totally busy with her business. Many times the little baby try to reach to her mom to suck some milk, but again and again she pushed him away. Little ililiaio, saddly he crawled back and started to cry. Slowly he started to crawled outside the house and ened up at the sea shore. the Kuling and the Urupap saw him and they felt sorry about him. They asked him what happend. He told them the story that he was hungry, and mom did not want to feed him. They heard the story and they ask if they can take him with them. he agreed. The Kuling donated some of their feathers on him and he became like one of them. All of sudden, the mom realized her baby is not in the house. Quickly she prepared some food [mwatilin kon] and started to search for him. She went to the shore and saw him among the birds, kuling. She called out ililiaio, he respond, what? She said eto angai anom mwatilin kon ei. he respond by a song [Ngang uu sapw mongo, ngang uu sapw mongo pun nei urupap iei ra suto ra suto aunaunaei changachangeta] they flew away from their place to the next place. She ran after them she called again..he respond again by singing the same song...they flew up again to the next place.....again and again...She started to cry. Now the the birds are at the edge of the island and she still followed them keep calling ililiaio. And ililiaioi still respond with the same song....She chased them until she was drawn in the deep sea.
    This is on an isalnd in the Mortlocks. The family is from Eor Village. so they started from place to place from Eor Villiage to Effong Village till the end of the island. The birds with ililiao flew away from the island......Today you will see Urupapa on the beach. They always fly from place to place and if you see one with red legs....That is the abandon baby, ililiaio.....

    I heared this when I was kid. And I still remember it. It's a very good moral story for parents.....
  • Sote,

    "Now I remember!" Thank you! I must say I am truly grateful for your respond. I very much enjoy all your posting.
    You show patient, peace, calm and collective. One can only conciude that you are truly a gentleman and a scholar! Keeps it comming. Ochom, Ochai, Ochachpak!"

    Judas, aka (Alukot)

    I'm still waiting for your MITIR story. Please do send it! Alon re Korea we chok,"Ap opwal Ngou....Apngou!
    Pwitikikikikikikik....Masekile Pwan alukot!
  • Thanks Katuchol.

    Why not ask mwass [Kuttuisland] he might have lots of legeds to share..

  • Sote,

    Although,I kind a miss hearing from our Mwwasss brother, I held a little reservation to that idea. Don't quiet know, I quess I am just a bit afraid, he is going to throw me the story of his great, great, great grandfathers Moses and Arron!

    Just kidding, KuttuIsland, )Please do share! We missed you,Bra. Ochom, Ochai, Ochachpak!
  • Sote how old is that illiliaio. My Emweneko story is about a 2 years old boy from Arluk who got feathered by chowe an urupap and kuling and managed to fly along the birds leaving his neglected mother ochoch taipo lechomweiset. You said that his mother cooked him mwatilen kon when he was at the age of ilael mesen tuut. Dude. That poor kid could CHIOR. And his mother, maaaan, epwele ia lelein mesen tin. Can you imagine, a young boy who could eat mwatilin kon and still breast feeding with all his grown teeth? Well, thats only a story right? Not base on true story but my Emweneko myth is.

    Katuchol stay tune. My Mitir story is now rendering. Too many commercial at the end of each clip. It will be realesed on myspace.com June 8th of next following month.

    coming soon! [CHEMWI me KOMWOKA]
  • Judas,

    Emwen le kichufou opwal MWWWASSSS
    pwe pwata oke itenei iten semei?
  • Honestly, I remember bits and pieces of those stories you mention above ateneon,25 yrs.plus old age, lefelanin re mochwe chok"Sa pwal feiengaw mo!" are met?
  • Chemwi ne Chemwi.. Meta ne Komwoka.. Feita chok ii feita chok ii ete ran ii chok.. Judas can't for the continuation of that story.
  • do you know the story about the story about jong one?
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    I remember seeing a book by Gene Ashby. I looked online and found these three references:

    Ashby, Gene (compiler/editor). Some things of value: Micronesian customs and beliefs. Rainy Day Press, 1983.
    An enjoyable and informative collection of traditions written by the students of the Community College of Micronesia (Kolonia, Pohnpei). ISBN 0931742129, LCCN 82-060520. See address for Rainy Day Press above.

    Ashby, Gene (compiler/editor) and Thomas Joel (illustrator). Never and always: Micronesian legends, fables, and folklore. Rainy Day Press, 1989.
    Another collection by the students of COM. ISBN 0931742110, LCCN 89-51110. See address for Rainy Day Press above.
  • Judas,

    Ew I kinda forgot the age of ililiaio, because when grandpa told the story I was half a sleep. It must be the same story we have but differnent version. Just like the 3 synoptic gospels fo Jesus, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. awww..iaalii...

    Hey it's summer it's time for atik leshomweiset. Fito sipwe lo urur iluk on seawall, ulukun Lawo mura. Apw ina ipop wetik Uleelewow fan nu we lepi....

  • Itsrks,

    Thank you for the infos, I will surely look those up! Thanks....


    Ailuku Judas eke lo pel lipwei pwal os an amuch fanuen pwa. Met pwata ose pwal invitiniei ngeni ena Liksosopio!
    I have corned beef, rais, setin liating me manteo, affuch(mweal) and meramwell...Lefelanin Danni we chok,...sa
    pwal pipikuri me apinkuch......

    I posted something under Micronesian Joke, commend # 307 check it out!!
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  • Keta,

    That is an affimative!..10..4. Please accept my apology.

    Sote and Judas

    Here is chant from one of the story. I just can remember the story itself!Hopefully this will jog your memory. If it does,
    Please share it!..The chant goes like this: Mechengen pwiliu, laliu laliu..mechengen pwiliu laliu laliu...

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