Woleai, My Peaceful Island...But What is Happening?

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i heard recently about an incident that happened in Woleai that almost caused the life of a student at the Neighboring Islands Central High...this student is from the island of Satawal and he is still in the hospital in Woleai recuperating from the ordeal...this student was drowned by Dickson from Woleai, and luckily someone rescued him just in time...the men's house WOLAM was also burned down...so what is going on???


  • Was kap there? I haven't seen him here for a long time. Last time I saw him he was kind of pissed off at me and Sakuna.
  • send out police to bring Dickson down in jail
  • Do not worry I will send my staff on this trip to settle everything in
    woleai. There must be a real problem with the people. Everything is under remote control. Someone has it and play with. I play my game when I get there.
  • what are we waiting for???Lets lock these criminals from woleai behind bars. Enough is enough. How many life more to be lost to get the message across....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wake up woleaiians you are a real killers. People stay away from these people. They're dangerous to the society......PEOPLE NEVER STEP FOOT ON WOLEAI SOIL, THEY WILL EVENTUALLY KILL YOU.
  • Maisu, what happend? Can you update us on the incident? It reminds me of myself when I was at that school. I almost got bid down just because i got all them women coming after me. It was a jealousy dude. That could be the reason why that kid got bit down.
  • Maisu,
    Could you please update us on the incident in Woleai? Where is this killer fella? Someone must teach him some lesson, that will cool him down. I wish I was there to give him some very interesting lessons.

    Are there any Yapese Law Enforcement officers, SWAT or Special Force in here? If so, please do follow-up on this incident in WOLEAI...before it gets worse.
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    Half way to Pohnpei from Ulithi on MSS Palikir, Chotailug is receiving clearer radio transmission. The static voice on the other end seem to be saying something regarding a pissed-off ambassador and an upset president. Other than the twelve yellow fins, which his crew have poached by the reef of West Fayu, something is very fishy on deck, with that distorted voice over the radio. He ponders. He briefly glanced at the smeared piece of paper, which was his sailing orders and...Aha!

    Under the pressures of the tactical operation on Ulithi, he, Chotailug alone, had naturally overlooked the name of the atoll on the blurred and sea-drenched copy of his orders! "180 degree full turn to starboard!" He declares to his midshipman, " We're heading to Woleai and this time, it will be the right Falalop".

    Apparently, the raid was initially ordered for Falalop....Woleai. Not Ulithi.
  • I guess an arrest warrant would be issued to the Law enforcers of any kind to do arrest in Falalop Woleai for the attemted murder caused by one of the islander against a foreign student..if not...then perhaps something might errupt between the Woleaians and Satawalese in the nearest future......where are out island chiefs and Police?are they blind that they dont see whats happening?This incident will remain unsolve until something done to Dickson.....if not then what? can i kill him my self? please do something before i get my bloody hands on him....boom....kefel.
  • Ya, bloody twelve yellow fins that breath air. My gosh, a bunch of poachers and thieves.
  • Maisu,
    tirow womw. could you updated us on the recent event happened in woleai.
  • Isn't there customary ways of dealing with poeple who cause this type of ruckus in the outer islands?
  • according to the sources, the victim's name is Melvin, son of Reilug and Lemwaisou, both from Satawal, i think
  • The customary way is to let the chiefs deal with it, they have half a dozen or so hf radios provided by the government to call for assisances if they need. The chiefs of Woleai need to get their act together and deal with the problem(s).
  • Don't worry guys!! Here comes the problem solving on da trip to Woleai. I will til with this situation when I got there>. Melvin is my relative and let me do the job for him. Maisu, give me five days to til with this problem in Woleai. I already warned this guy (Dickson) but maybe not enough....
  • this family is fatherless...their father neglected them some years ago, and ended up in Yap...the older brother, Marciano, had brought shame to the community of Woleai some years ago by doing some disrespectful acts that led him to jail in Yap...but he is back in Woleai probably harboring these acts of evil...hope they don't travel to Satawal, for they will end up like Niwasakii...watch your back guys for somebody will sneak up on your and let you pay back...kengan feja
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    How big are your islands that you cannot just yell to each other and ask what's going on between your households? This topic is not quite the kind we need to entertain nationally. Or, is it? I am not being prejudiced, but I really think you guys are getting carried away. Just one thing in your little village that you can easily yell to each other, yet you want everyone on this f orum to know about it. This is so absurd! Well, well..I'm not surprised! The outer island kids have access to internet even than the Chuuk state government. No wonder they get on line amost everyday than anybody else! But, please...do you mind to kindly limit your topics of discussions to major ones that we all need to put our heads together to figure out solutions for? Sorry, just thought you could just get together and pull the guy's ears out for being a naughty boy than bringing this issue to the front page of MicSem's forum.
  • Rumor has it that some people in Woleai had already rendered traditional apology by giving some materials with traditional signifigance to the people of Satawal. Whether or not the apology is intended to excuse Dickson from facing justince for the crime committed, I do not know. Personally, I think that despite the traditional apology, it will be an injustice if my son Dickson will not be brought to Yap Court to stand trial and serve time. The traditional apology should be factored into the judicial process and should have some effect on the weight of the sentence but not to completely excuse Dickson for the heinous crime committed. I have no doubt that my son Dickson's real intent was to kill Marvin. It took Marvin's swimming partner to wrestle Marvin away from Dickson but not after Marvin was unconscious and blood had already came down from his nose. If I were from Satawal, I would not accept the apology but rather I would demand for Dickson to serve some time in Satawal if the State Police will not bring him to face justice in Yap proper. Dickson should not fear for his life in Satawal because I think he will be greeted with gracious welcome and hospitality.

    People of the this post, small island talk counts for nothing compared to global warming, rising gas prices, cargo embargo's, conspiracy's in Washington etc. Please take your baskets, fix the wisdom in the basket that you are all proud off and find a nice spot under the shade to take care of your island problems.
  • OUCH! She said "Kids" as in "young buffoons". Ha ha ha ha! Go Keta!

    P.S. Keta, pls don't bash Chuuk State Govnmt too much. It's not their fault the "kids" from Woleai have internet access in their schools. It's a result of the Education Sector being highly prioritized in Yap State.
  • Comon people. We are adults and we should deal with situations like this as adults. I am sure this is not the only incident like this in Yap OI which we are all blowing it up like it is the end of the world for us. Why don't we allow people who are there to deal with it accordingly instead of us people who are not there trying to raise a big commotion to cause hatred amongts ourselves. We all know what Dickson did is completely out of whack but the guy has a mental problem that our system needs to deal with. What I mean is for both our traditional and contemporary legal system need to intervene and ensure that proper disciplinary measures are administered. If it is a true story of attempted murder then that is a big case for our detectives in Yap to go up and investigate and take the proper actions but I am sure both the relatives of the alleged suspect, Dickson and the victim, Melvin have gotten together to deal with this situation traditionally and according to custom to prevent it from happening again. Let's not create hatred amongst us Woleain and Satawalese as we are one family and seek revenge. Melvin has a lot of relatives in Woleai, relatives for both the mother and father so allow them to take care of this situation. But for all of us who are outside of Woleai, let's give better advice to them rather than making it difficult and create hatred amongst ourselves in due course. We all have to remind ourselves that Melvin is still alive but our Redeemer Lord Jesus died for all of us on the cross to show us that selfless and unconditional love is what we all should pursue to have for each other. He also showed us that he forgave all of us for our sins and we should all forgive others. His famous words in the bible is that if a man slaps your cheek, you should offer the other-that is mere forgiveness folks. Jesus never preached to his people on pursuing revenge. My people in Woleai, please do something now to discipline Dickson the way we do in normal custom and culture until the Yap State detectives get to Woleai to conduct their investigation and take proper course of action as prescribed by state law. My people of Satawal, let us instil some forgiveness in our hearts like the way Jesus our Lord showed us in the bible.
  • What caused the incident?
  • this is so wierd, we the OI people are hating each other and trying to kill each other. We are worst then the people from big islands in Micronesia. How come we do this when our fathers and mothers long time ago always tell us no hating no killing no peeing even on the side of the road so public see us. Padre John and padre Kenneth please go woleai and help. The devil now running round in woleai. my home lamotcheg no problem always peace so please satawal stay like lamotcheg. when people come my island always take guud care of them, espesially those not from lamotcheg because no father no mother. God help u.
  • atin_namoireg,

    i think what you've said here are pretty good. In the bible it mentioned that every where the good news go
    the devil appears too. so where are the priests now???? how could they sit back and relax while the people are
    in trouble because of them. if it is not because of the bible devil will remains but people could not end up like this.
    why are they sit if they think they are good in preaching then they could also good in solving problem as well.

    anywys, i've been to lamotrek and experienced what you've said here. the people are so nice

    woleaian and satawalese who are not in the outer islands, please don't develop the evil feeling in your heart because some day the real evil will come and eat you all where ever you live.... so just shup up read the comment but don't even think to hate each other. if you don't want what i said here,,,,, then wait for me to show you the real evil and devil that you are longing for.

    dickson,.........interested ..... did he know what is the meaning of his name??? he might not ...lol......too bad
    he don't knoe rite
  • Comon. That's the talk. The fact is we (OIers) have been and will always hate each other. So let's not pretend we like each other. Rather we should do it like the old days, more island wars and killings. Like or not, that's who we were and still are. Put a young lady from Lamocheg next to a young boy from Satawal, what do you get? Nop, not babies, but a lady with swollen eyes.
  • Come now, children. Can't we all just get along.
  • i had brought this up cuz this is one of the factors people were mumbling about closing down the school in Woleai...what do you think most of the parents will feel?...are they gonna feel safe about the safety of their children eventhough they are sponsored by some of their relatives?...i love my Woleai...but i'm worried about the safety of my own pure Woleaian blood...i'm also related to Satawal...
  • be careful Woleaian,first attemt to kill moiush,ends up in a fierce battle that Moiush wiped out Woleai,not Niwasaki will do the same.
  • Im just praying that they dont pospone the ship! These teachers are in here everyday with thier research papers when they should be doing some of thier own research and learning instead of making storys like little old ladies! gai te ma?
  • i think the best way to deal with this is it is up to the chiefs,elders, teachers, and the community members to deal with the problem traditionally...but they gotta do it fast before the next school year...why???...this is for fearing that the parents of the students who would like their kids to come to Woleai, will put a red light in the path...and the outcome will not look so good to everyone...hare ifa???
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