Eighth Pacific Island Conference of Leaders



Since most of us are so interested on the guessing game with who's/who will be our next FSM president of our nation, here are some important articles on what's happening with leaders in our Pacific region. For the past years, the Pacific Island Conference of Leaders usually had been sponsored and held at the East West Center on Oahu, but this is like the first time for them to move the conference to Washington, D.C.


  • Thanks chris17!! Ms. Rice highlighted some areas of US close deplomacy in the region. A new development and initiative by the US focussing at the Pacific region.

    1. Established US Dept. regional office in Fiji to oversee US deplomatic activies throughout the Pacific.
    2. To increase educational exchanges and the continuation of South Pacific Scholarship Program.
    3. The Dept. to introduce democracy grants for capacity building of non-government sector.
    4. The increase of participation of Pacific Islands in International visitor Leadership Program
    5. She highlighted the security issue and shared economic benefits of the relocation of 8,000 US troops to Guam.
    6. Briefing the delegates on duty-free treatment of exports under Generalized System of Preferences Program (GSP) to US and other econmic issues relating to direct investments into PICs.

    I believe it is time the US must seriously consider the "American interests" in general and especially the significance of economic and security in the pacific region toward the US continent. The Pacific Island Countries (PICs) has become significantly important not in terms of its economic, political, or social aspects but on geographical and general issues of global challenges. The emerging trend of EU, China and Taiwan, and Africa and Carribian States in formalizing their relationship in the region have been predicted by some political scientists that the 21st century is the century of the Pacific. The tide is coming and we must be prepared for it.
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