New Leaders

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Being restless, that's all.



  • Be patient, be patient. Tomorrow's caucus.
  • I cannot, you know what, by around noon today, this might shipo called FSM is will be headless. No more capitan. Now it is about 3:40pm. This nation is indeed without a master. What's going on people?
  • Gich.. time is very important keep on winding your watch tomorrow is almost at your
  • What is tomorrow. Is there anything big that will happen tomorrow? All I can think of is the holiday which was moved from Thursday to Friday, here in Yap, to give time to the government people to party around. So anybody out there who can clearify what coming up tomoroow?
  • canon, tomorrow is the day for selecting the new president, vice president and the stay tune and listen to your radio station.
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