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Over the past years, i have realized that COM-FSM National Campus has a problem with keeping student's records confidential. Who is to blame? I definately blame it on all the c.o.m worker, most especially, Financial Aid Workers, Admissions workers, and the instructors. Work Study is a very good program, yet, i find that students working at the Admissions, Financial Aid, or with the instructors are accessible to student's achademic and financial status. I have witnessed a lot of situations where information leak out, due to the fact that workers can not keep their mouth shut, either students from the work study programs or employees themselves. It troubles me because it will not help a student achademically and socially if he encounters this kind of situation. All I am asking is, students should not be allowed to work in the financial aid or admissions. Who knows, they have all the time to look through other student's records. I'm just being general here, i don't want to really give c.o.m a bad name, I just want them to solve this problem. Please Mr. Ringlen Ringlen, Mr. Spencin James, and Mr. Charles Musana, be aware of this and remove students who work in these offices. I don't trust them. Even the permanent employees, i know what a lot of them have been doing. They might deny if yu ask them, but its true, i've been through this a lot. I don't want to say their names in this forum, i just want u to be aware of what's happening.


  • Tiger, write directly to COM President and cc copy to the vps' I dont think they would ever have time to come in here and read all your comments.
  • Thanks alot Mr. Tiger ika wolf for your good points...have the kaselelia press to print your concerns so everyone in Pohnpei can read it....i got your point and i encounter the same during my old days.....
  • Tiger

    Quite frankly, Micronesians are plain nosey and can't really keep secrets. All supervisors in those areas you mentioned are duly responsible for ensuring the confidentially of those records and they shouldn't allow just anyone (workers or students) to access those files. They must continually remind their employees or workers of this fundamental rules on confidentiality of students and staff records. Then when workers or student violated this rule, then they should be accorded the proper punishment or reprimand and remove from the place or relocated elsewhere. Confidentiality of records are conditions in the accreditation of the college and if this area is weak, it should be reported appropriately to the Vice-Presidents or even the President.
  • In that case Tiger, where would you prefer they work (work -study students)? Some students don't have time to work off-campus and they prefer to work on-campus so that they can be close to their classes.
  • Tiger has a very ligit. concern! Even if you think he is only babling, still if the right or should I say wrong people see his concerns, COM-FSM would be in deep trouble. So instead of you trying to question his ligit. concern, turn to COM-FSM and ask them about their procedure on confidentiality; then everyone understand Tiger's plea.

    COM-FSM can and should continue to offer work-study to students in every department at the schools, but they must have a procedure & regulations to protect confidential info. Beside educating the hired students, it is also their job to screen students who will BE placed in sensitive areas at the schools. Stopping the students from working in these areas is a sign of lack of control of ones system, and it would give others a bad "rapp" about Micronesians that we are not to be trusted. Both private and governmental agencies here in U.S. MUST protect confidentiality of its clients/customers; FSM is no exception! If we can not trust each other in our own homeland, what makes us thinks that U.S. would trust our homegrown G.I to serve in their "senstive positions" in the Arm Forces of the United States? With all that being said, I would like to reaffirm that we are TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE. It is usually ignorance and lack of control and procedures that gets people into trouble. Micronesians are good people; we are worthy of holding any position, it is the lack of training and education that creates problems. So once again, let them students continue to work at them departments, but educate them and screen them candidates well.

    COM-FSM contineu to do the good job, just fasten and strengthen your system within like Tiger has mentioned!!
  • OOps, my sincere apologies to everyone esp. the professionals and respective people in here. No disrespect, no pun intended, my writing flaws in here might be eye sore...sorry, I will try to check and triple check before I post next time and yes, I am still learning to write professionally... (*slap brain, tiz brain moves faster than these fingers.... kidding aside though, once again, sorry for the eye sore.
  • Guys and gals, let me answer your concerns. The college of Micronesia-FSM is a recipient of the Title IV grant so it is mandated to observe the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)and other federal regs governing the higher ed. grants and scholarships. Students who work or have worked in the offices that Tiger metioned did signed and were given explanations of the document they signed. The document is an internal control measure, which protect any confidential information from leaking out to the public. If a student is found to breach the FERPA s/he will be properly dealt with in accordance to the procedures stated in the college student handbook. Therefore, students who are working in the Admission & Records Office, Business Office, Financial Aid Office, etc. can have access to other students files, if they are work-study and the nature of their work includes updating students files and records, calculating and verifying the number of students' work-study hours, etc. These students understood their job, and were given ample explanations of what they could do and what not.
    Any students who comes to these offices requesting to see their files are allowed to see their own files, but what has been the most problematic areas is when parents are calling or have come to see the files of their kids. The common problem is " why to do have to withold my son or my daughter's file when you know that I am the one who pays for him/her at this college. Are you guys hinding something?" What we always say is for the son/daugther to authorize the parent or both parents to come and see their college kid personal information. This particular instance does not fare well in the Micronesian setting so I would suspect that Tiger may have been a parent who had come across this type of incident. Last word, the college will always protect students' personal information.
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