New President

New FSM President of the FSM is Manny Mori


  • What?! I'm online right now and the ceremony hasn't even begun. Is this the best signal that we can get?
  • Yes, citizen is right...Vice President will be Alik Alik prediction will is Isaac Vigir
    Floor Leader.....someone from Pohnpei
  • did mori get it?????????????????
  • Citizen

    You must be dreaming my man. My good sources told me that Congress is still going at it. Hopefully they will come up with something before or by noon time. Who knows, they may continue into the late afternoon. See you.
  • Sincerest Congradulations to our New President Manny Mori, Alik Alik Vice President, and new Speaker Issac Figir. May God Bless you former President Joe Urusemel for your hard work as you transistion back to our home island. We in Yap are proud of you.
  • To the newly elected officials, now that the talk is over... it's time to walk the talk...It's time to live up to what you've promise to deliver. Now is your time to fulfill your promises and work to your own words. The irony of the results of V.P and Pres. is the two that are seated and therefore leading this nation are from the two states that are financially in trouble, Chuuk and Kosrae. Lets hope that they will not lead our nation into another Kosrae or another Chuuk. Finally, it's time to put aside our state-pride t-shirts and put on our FSM-Pride Jerseys....wear them proud and let it be known that we can be a Nation.
  • My congratulations to our new President of the Federated States of Micronesia. May the Lord continue to bless and guide you.
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    President - Manny Mori
    V/Pres - Alik Alik
    Speaker - Isaac Figir
    V/Speaker- Resio Moses

    Congratulations to the gentlemen! People, this is not the end, but the beginning. They all need our support.
  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations.... Chuuk State is on fire.... you rock chuukese!!!!!!!!!!!! behold a new era has begun...... yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • President - Manny Mori
    Vice President - Alik Alik
    Speaker - Isaac Figir
    V. Speaker - Resio Moses

    Peter Sitan - Chairman, J&GO
    Dohsis Halbert - Chairman, Ways and Means
    Dion Neth - Chairman, R&D
    Moses Nelson - Chairman, T&C
    Roselvelt Kansou - Chairman, HESA
  • Congratulation gentlements! Our nation is in your hands to lead us forward. Let's us step forward and please not backward, atleast neutral. Iwe iwe, thank you all and yes, spill the champagne! It's party time...woooooooohoooooooooo!
  • Let me extend my congratulations and best wishes to the new leadership of FSM. While they have work cut out for them, it is incumbent upon all FSM Citizens to support these new leaders as they chart the course of the nation. I join all FSM Students here at Palau Community College and extend our best wishes. As President of the Palau Community College, we pledge our support to these new leaders and want them to know that we can accomodate more students from FSM if they so choose to study here in Palau.

    FInally, I want to send my thanks to President Joe Urusemal for the fine work he did when he was at the helm of this nation. He did well and saw to it that Compact II was implemented in a timely fashion. I am sure he will do well as a member of FSM Congress. Thanks Mr. Urusemal.
  • Now that Keta has spoken and confirmed what I consider as rumors on this topic thus far, I am tipping my hat off to Mr. Mori and Mr. Figir on this ocassion for their ascendence to the leadership roles of our nation. I am not sure it is any surprise that Chuuk would get it this time freeing up the speakership for the state of Yap. But as many of us have been saying all along, we don't really care which state our newly elected president or the speaker for that matter come from as long as they are effective in their roles and move us in the right direction. I am sure I am speaking for many. I am sure most of us want to see FSM moving in the right direction under an effective leaders. And I am confident that that is the direction that our newly elected leaders are hoping to do.

    Now that the FSM elected leaders have spoken and new leaders have been chosen, I hope all of us will now join in a chorus and extend our sincerest appreciation to our outgoing President Mr. Joe Urusemal for all that he did or tried to do for us and our FSM.

    Congratulations to our new leaders and a big Thank You those that are leaving.
  • Sad Sad Sad!

    He failed his family for not observing the weather, How could he be trusted? This FSM will sink to the depths of despair I guarentee.

    He was supported then by the chuukese congresional delegation further down the campaign for the mere purpose of the plan to gain more power to the legislative branch. I will not surprise if there would be no veto on whatever resolution or bills regarding appropriation of funds mostly for congressional spending or for bailling out Chuuk from its freakin deficit, and needless to mention appropriation for next election spendings.

    Be prepare FSMers. A poorly organized depression about 110 nautical miles (280 km) west Chuuk lagoon expecting to reach tropical storm within next two years. It will grow to typhoon strength at lhe last of year for this new administration. As it will move westward, it will continue to gain in strength, reaching category three status as Yap or Pohnpei is no longer part of FSM.
  • Judas no wonder you are Judas cuz you betrayed your
  • The drums beating and now ladies and gentlemen:

    The verdict reads:

    President of the FSM nation is ----Manny Mori
    V/President --- Alik Alik
    Speaker ---Isack Figir
    V/Speaker ---Resio Moses
    Floor Leader --- Joe Suka

    That's all folks, case close, CONGRADULATIONS to our newly elected leaders. Let's go back to work!

    Kinisou chapur!

  • Thank God A-lelu-ia, A-lelu- ia!! It's Over, finished, Finnito, Awas. Asop! Nehk, Ateri oo!! I can finally get some good sleeping tonight!!.....NOT!!!
  • Quit frankly, I'm really dissapointed that Resio S. Moses declined the responsibility of being our President because I think he would be a very dependable servant for this "money desparate nation". Having Manny being the President, on the other hand, is not so favorable on the public point of view because his state of Chuuk is the most abusive state with our compact funds. And if you ask yourself, if Chuuk State Leaders are not leaders enough to start cleaning up their acts and stop misusing public funds and compact funds, "HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE GOING TO LEAD THIS NATION"? As for Resio, I hope he has a better reason for not taking the Presidency Chair because Pohnpei voted for him with believe that he would fight for President.
  • OK Chuukese. Now that you get what you want. Let's all sit back and relax. Let's feel how the Chuukese drive our ship. Chuukese, I will give you six months to hold the stering wheel. If you can handle it then we might just give it back to the Yapese.
    Yapese, please sit still. Don't go anywhere. Chuukese might need you.
  • Dear Abby,

    Blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah. Just because a few Chuukese leaders allegedly mis-used federal funds, doesn't mean everyone from Chuuk is mis-using funds. That is just racist!
  • Abby, RSM is a joke in that arena, people of Pohnpei should know that they voted for a wrong wrong wrong person to that chair, period! Anyway lets work together and support our current leaders and many thanks to the prvious admin. of the executive and the legislative branches of this nation.
  • Congratulations to the newly elected leaders and thank you to the previous..I pray and hope that the new administration leads us into the right direction.
  • ooooooooooooooo....yeahhhhhhhhh! once again let's clap our hands and spill more champagnes...yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh! Bring it on boyz? We got a canoe to sail...Thanks a lot Urusumal it's one hek of a ride..Love the way you steer our canoe so far so good. Now it's time for a newly intiated navigator..Let's just hope he got the same skills to ride....I think so. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.!
  • Great nation we were last term and we'll be this term. I pray that every citizen will remember that democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people. Lets not just leave our leaders on their seats to do the job, but lets get involved and help them do their jobs. Ones we see that they are approaching a downfall, lets get it into their attention to improve, but not just stay away and criticize.
  • No, I disagree with the views of the Pohnpeians who think that they made the wrong choice to elect someone who did not want to take the helm seat of the nation. He will be doing that in Congress where the most abuse is at, don't you think. Let's face it, RSM honestly admitted when asked whether he could be the president or not and he said that he would be lying if he said yes or no, because the power is not his to make such choice on his own.

    I like the sense of honesty that RSM continues to display down to the hour of decision-making by our Congress. RSM knows his physical health and knows how he or Pohnpei fares with the other States like Chuuk. You would think that a person so principled, seasoned and steep in the affaris of this nation would fight toes and nails to grab the highest position in our nation, especially having defeated a powerful politician and having the most promising chance now. But, he did not. He accepted his physical frailities and was frank in saying the odds he faced with a more powerful state like Chuuk. People, including members of Congress, know that it has been about 20 years that Chuuk or Kosrae has not had the chance to head the nation. That, according to many of our people and a good number of congress member, is too long.

    And to my friends from Yap State, President Urusemal left gracefully and honorably. He delivered an eloquent extemporaneous speech on the floor of congress, with composure and charisma, something than can only come from someone who feels strongly about his dedication to the well-being of the nation but with regrets that he was not given another opportunity. It was a great impromptu remarks from our out-going president, in fact, the best on the floor. The new President was a bit wobbling in his short remarks to be honest. Alik's remarks was also in style. I trust that former President Urusemal now Senator Urusemal will deliver well in Congress being on both sides of the fence, something that very few president ever had the opportunity that I know of.

    Best wishes to a new leadership for our nation.
  • God Bless FSM with the Newly elected leaders. I hope a better future for our nation is awaiting as it is up to them to lead us through these many faces of hardhship. I pray, and please join me in prayers for a better tomorrow to come. Wishing for a prosperous tomorrow yet to come by the hands of our newly elected leaders. Good luck.
  • I just want to say congratulation to President Manny Mori and to all the others leaders. My hopes and wishes that all the fsm people will now come together and compromise our differences. I humbly ask if we can support our leaders and truly work together as one country. My apologies for this unworthy comment. God bless our new leaders and God bless you all.
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