For Shame! What About Joe?

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A lot can be said about a country by the way they treat former presidents. I can understand Urusumal not becoming the President for a second term, but he should have been Speaker, if not President. It's embarrassing to have a former president as a simple congressman. At least with Falcom he retired from politics after his presidency.


  • Boxer, go easy on Joe, he's already feeling bad, what can do about the Chuuk delegation, they have the MOST number of representatives, there's no doubt that if they all voted for Manny that's already half of Congress members. But you know what I felt sorry he was not give the Presidency, otherwise, he could have worked on the "25 dollar salary raise". Have a good night sleep.
  • Serious question.

    What did Joe ever do in the way of substance to make a difference or better the life of any Micronesian? As President, what noteworthy contributions did he make? I never read, heard or saw anything suggesting that he did and am curious to know. Did he champion any cause during his watch? Can anyone list 5 achievemnts that altered the fabric of the country for the better? Seriously?

    And as a Congressman, what are his plans to improve things? Does he even have a plan? I have never heard one from him. Has he ever stated his opinion publicly on anything?
  • I actually know only one; he let the DC Ambassador that is good for his relationship with the rest of Yap but FSM lost face in the integrity department!!
  • Honestly I thought Joe Urusumal was going to retire after reaching the pinnacle of FSM politics and let other Yapese Congresman to continue. Well, I was wrong. I guess some people just can't imagine life after politics. Is it addictive?
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