The Miracles of Honesty and Hard Work

As an FSM citizen what impressed me the most during the May 11th event was Padre William MaGarry's prayer - referring to the senators as instruments of the Lord and quoting PSALMS 127: Unless the Lord Builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. The same passage goes on to say: "It is in vain that we rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil.

We are all instruments of the Lord. I encourage every FSM citizen to keep the prayer by Padre MaGarry close to his/her work desk so that we can all become honest and productive workers in the FSM. Having this attitude in our lives will not only benefit our nation, but also our respective families. The miracles of honesty and hard work will benefit our families. We reap what we sow, nationally and individually. I hope that not only the new FSM Leadership, but that each one of us takes up the challenge of being God's instruments in our work and in our daily lives.

God Bless


  • Kapingpen Kalahngan en Koht
    Psalm 127: Ma Kaun-o sohte ketin kauwada ihmwo, doadoahk en sounkou ihmw kan sohte pahn katepe; ma Kaun-o sohte ketin sinsile kahnimwo, silepe kan en kahnimwo pahn sinsile mwahl.
    Sohte katepen omw pahn tihtihwohki raparapahki omw mour, sangkenei pwopwourda nin sohrahn, oh pwand en meirla nipwong.
    Pwe Kaun-o kin ketikihda kisin tungoal ong me e kin poakohng kan,
    nindokon arail kin wie memeir.
  • Some of you do not provide us with an email address to contact you directly if necessary. I ask that you do that now and make sure that we can reach you at the address you give us. Otherwise, we will start banning posters without any given email addresses. Thank you.
  • Micsem Admin,

    What happened to Keta's comments? Was it blocked? Did I provide my email address? How do I check to see if I did provide my email address?
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    After you logged in then left klick on your name and from there a new page will display so again left click on "personal information" on your left screen. A new page will come to make changes or add information to you bio.
  • Turmai,

    Thank you. That was helpful. I am now able to check the correct information on my bio.

    Take care.
  • Keta,
    For curiousity sake? You will be banning IPs, the host name or screen names?
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