I noticed in another thread, about the salary increases the Legislature voted for itself, that there seems to be some interest in getting involved. For those who do not know about it, the website of the Chuuk Reform movement, is a truly fine internet site, with news, reports by NGOs (non-governmental organizations), reports on things happening in Chuuk, and especially very well done videos.

One NGO that many of you may be interested in is the Chuuk Women's Council (I think that is it). It has its own website, , and has a strong organization on the ground in Chuuk. I am sure that many of you may find kindred spirits within that organization, if not actual kin.

Take a look. What you see may surprise you.


  • I remember growing up and using the branches of trees as media means. it was very useful, one could usually set up a date using that method, and worked real well, fantastic method it was.
    that's how I found my ashimaki..LOL
  • u alrite taken...heheh whataa one hell of a lucky one...>>>>>>>.heading to the back exit...
  • I like it and it is a helpful site for us all the Chuukese who live outside Chuuk including us those who lose our voice in the Public and even those who stays on the neighboring isles.
  • Interesting! Is it because I have not stayed long enough on Chuuk for me to hear about this group and what they have been doin or what?.. Good, very good, Chuuk reform! Now back to fin Maria, mercedes and anisi... *hehe. Cool, even better! Okay, so will this group be able to tell me what is going on in Chuuk and if they have been participating in anything non government?

    I know Keta has a group registered as well in FSM these woman have any interest in government affairs or are they just doing the house work and nurturing? I am not being funny!

    Anyway, let me study their website and see what and how we can connect with them...

    Thank you Sarem, YOU DA MAN!

  • Child_Justice,

    Why are you sure that Sarem_Chuuk is a MAN?
  • Dunno, Chuukese say, "INA CHOK, A CHOK EMON MWAN, SIA MANG! " *LOL
  • Hey Chuck, nice thread.
  • Instead of "Fin Maria" how about "Fin Mafia"?
  • Paj,
    LOL. I never applied that method you referring to, although i invented my own, when grew up I used to walk downtown and I would start writing my messages in Alleys and on rocks hoping that my prey would follow..Indeed they did. what a great media that was, free of charge, no hassle, no headaches and it took years and years to fade away...mother nature did that. with rains, mud slid and etc. the last time I was using that method some dude was confused with my message thinking I was a she...well, you know what happened then? I happen to check my message in hoping that someone would me such and such place...but to my surprise the guy was rolling and kneeling and jerking like he was doing some weird ritual, when I finally approached him, I said, "mwa met ena ke fori"? LOL, he said: oh, looking for my quarter coin I dropped under this rock. I said, why is your chuchu is out and hard? end of the short south story. LOL
  • lol..@ u..u silly minded!
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