First FSMer (PNIan) in the Guam Police Dept.


Hats off to you PNIans, you worked hard to gain access to places where none of our other brother FSMers never imagine to go. In 1998 Guam Police Training Academy was rated 3rd in the Nation as per the FBI stats to be one of the Top police academies in the USA.

A Handsome looking PNI man is currently working with the Guam Police Dept. What a challenge. He is the first and only one from the FSM that I know of. Many FSMers have tried but none prevailed. This one made it. This is a great accomplishment for us FSMers. We all share the pride that he achieved.
I hope that this young man will be able to help those of us that don't understand the laws of this place we call HOME(Guam)

Very proud and impressed by the dedication and sacrifices he made to secure his place within the ranks of the Guam Police.

I know many Micronesians have gone to the Guam Police Academy, but none was hired by the Department. Many have gone back and work with their respective State Police or just stay home and enjoy life. Why is it that only this man was able to make it to the department? Was it connections, dedication and sacrifice, or just pure political influence?

I hope this man will play a good role model to the other FSMers in Guam to see to it that they behave accordingly. Or should the FSM Police recruit this man to come and work for the FSM.

Sarapino Artui is his name, he belongs to one of the chief clans in PNI said the article. He is part Chuukese. I think this what gets him going, the chuukese part in him. See I always knew Chuukese blood is good for something.

Anyway, GOOD JOB to you officer Artui for a job well done.

Can you fix my traffic ticket?....


  • I have a different knowledge of FSM citizens joining the law enforcement on Guam. There has been a young fellow from the island of Tonoas (Duplon), State of Chuuk, working with the law enforcement as a permenent employee of the Dept. of Public Safety. I think he has been there for more than five(5) years. He is a kind of short guy and may wight less than 200 lbs in my estimate.

    Not too long ago, I was standing in line at the First Hawaiian Bank and overheard somebody talking to someone behind me and when I turned back this fellow was talking to another man in Chuukese. Their conversation was a mixture of Chuukese and English. He looked different from the average Chuukese but I could tell his English accent as a Chuukese one. The other Chuukese was so excited telling me that the other guy was a Police Officer. I interrupted asking if he were actually the Chuukese police officer in the Guam police force that I only heard of long time ago. He said politely, "Yes, I'am. Good to meet you." The thing is that I only heard about him years ago but I never had a chance meeting him in person. My apology that I do not remember his name. I only remember his face and how he is physically.

    I'm just bringing this up to clarify your posting that seems to be untrue. Should that be true, then, we have two FSM citizens working with the polic force in Guam; not cell guard at Department of Corrections, but, that position falls under law enforcement as far as I know.

    Update yourself regularly and have patience.
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