• anisi_chuuk,

    I would like to believe that, too. But, let us wait until he dispenses the work of the presidency as it would be premature to make that judgement know. He will need our prayers.
  • Ulong,
    To be on the safe side that is to wait but I always have faith that true leaders always serve the will of thier nation under the guidance of the heavens. We all pray for all the newly elected leaders and hope for a better future to come.
  • I think so as well
  • Well, from seeing what transpired in the few days leading up to the day of the New Congress, I cannot help but be somewhat wary of the new administration.

    If anyone happened by the FSM Finance in those few days, they would have seen the long lines of Chuukese Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Speakers, Vice Speakers, etc. and even other non-gov't employees waiting to collect their per diems just to witness this transition of seats. They even paid for a band from Chuuk to come to PNI on per diem, car rental and the whole 9 yards! Now if that is not abuse, then I don't know what is.

    I foresee an abuse of the patrol ship, and Voyager in that the services of these two boats will concentrate mostly in Chuuk. That is worrisome to me. Very worrisome especially when the supporters of Mori will start calling in the favors.

    But then again, I might be wrong and that would be a good thing considering the alternative.
  • Jack,
    Why are per diems for Chuuk State personnel and their musical band at FSM Finance? Don't they have a Chuuk State Finance for that? I'm not pointing any finger, but someone's certainly jumping the gun here.
  • Hello???? Paid for by FSM Congressmen...that's why it comes out of FSM Finance and not the State...State is broke remember?
  • I'm not too keen on the new President of the Federation as I have pretty much figured out which direction he is most likely to drag us all in...... the famous Marianas Trench, no matter how good people said he is. Chuukese and Kosraean are at the helm and their states are the worst off in the federation financially at the present.
  • Like Ulong, I'd like to wait out a few more weeks or months to allow the new administration settles in. Big challenges lie ahead of our new president and vice-president. Now Chuukese constituents have to undergo another round of election to find the replacement for President Mori in the Congress, and so as Kosraeans.
  • Stop picking on the Chuukese. Not all of them are hopeless. Remember, during Leo Falcam's terms as President, he did a lousy job and the Vice President, Chuukese Redley Killion did all his work for him. He only travelled around the world spending our nation's money acting like a big shot president while claiming per diems twice because he was always supposedly losing his wallets. He even spent our nation's money building his own palace in Pohnpei . . . so stop it people! There is bad apples in all the states and few very bright ones and most of them are from Chuuk, as in Killion, Nakayamas, Takeshy, Mori, etc. You guys are lucky to have them work for our nation.
  • right tell em girl! and don't forget the Goulands and the Walters and the Rafalopeis and the Innocentis and the Petewons and the Frtiz...did you say Nakayama? Well a certain Nakayama is in jail for stealing eh? The list is long, but I do only short stories. Show me a good person in Chuuk and I'll show you 50 bad ones..That's the ration 50:1, 50 bad people for one good one. So out of a population of 50,000 plus, you have 1,000 good people. Now 500 of those are dead, 300 of those are outer islanders, 150 of those are mentally retarded, and the rest of the 50 are Catholics (nuns, priests, etc). Do you number among these 1,000 ate??? I didn't think so...
  • tell me where you are from and I will give you names. better yet, tell me your name and I will tell you what you have done wrong . . .
  • if you are from yap, read about the former Washington Embassy embarassment. if you are from pohnpei, read what the people are saying about the picnic on ants island. are those chuukese?
  • Manny Mori is a good man, there is no question about that, but for the time Joseph Urusemal should have continued as President for contnuity and stability of government and the unity of the FSM .
  • ate,

    Are you making a claim President Falcom did a lousy job on all the years he served this nation and he spent nation's money building his house, you better get your facts straighten out because those kinds of claims are not worthy of coming on this public forum. Did you work closely with him in order for you to make such claims? Did you really do your homework before you speak. I tell you, if you haven't known, as a President, he as the benefit of housing allowance. That is from the government. The government paid him his share of his allowance and he also put in a loan at the Rural Developement to match the funding. That's how he was able to build himself a nice house. what's wrong with that? I don't blame people for picking on Chuukese, because I believe they can never improve their own financial situation, they will keep dragging this nation downward, they will keep abusing funds............... you name it!!! YOu say chartering a boat is expensive what about plane tickets. Open your mind.

    Jack, in addition to your analysist, I didn't see any senators names being in law suits besides Chuukese senators. Good point there. As for our new president, I heard a big party is going on for him and that's not the end. they will keep partying through this term. That's my prediction!
  • niewe ate. ngang emon fefin seni Chuuk. iwe? pwan met ke mochen sinei? you know the saying, "It takes one to know one?" That certainly applies here my sweet ate. iwe kineno, kosap etieti, kosap kot rei pun uwa wessen kot ren ekei firiokich non ach ei government, konnien ekei pennen Chuukese.
  • I just hope that Manny carrys the flaming torch forward i don't care how slow or fast! I know one thing that is if we our nation stopped progressing we are domed! So ladies and gents we all have responsibilities to make our nation grow and be competitive! Stop the pain and start the gain! That is my 2cents to this topic!
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    Check all the audit reports of the national government from the early 1980's and see whose names are in the reports. Falcam was identified as someone not perfect either. Pete Christian from early years in the 1980's and 1990's, he was always one of the crooked officials using government properties for his own benefits. Check out the report on the Pohnpei CAA. You will find that not only Chuukese are crooked. We all have bad apples in our states. Your people are just lucky to get away from getting prosecuted during those days, however, they are as bad, or even worse. Some other Pohnpeian men were also getting punished for misusing and abusing government funds. Simion Kilehng is one of them. I remember he had to flee to Hawaii to hide his face. Who else..A Helgenberger who used to work for Education, man, you just have to read those audit reports to know that there were Pohnpeians who are as bad as those Chuukese you keep attacking.
  • thank you abby for your comment.......i applaud you for that.....i have been around and it is that only the chuukese go to jail for stealing funds....and still yet deny it....these people are unbelievable....eniwaise, since there is nothing we can do right now but sit and wait what Mori will do......
  • Kojob, don't reveal your true nature from Chuuk, we in Pohnpei don't need your attitudes here. So what if we talk about our congressman's and leaders abuse, isn't it a good topic? Why do you have to talk about blood, are you vampires? There is a place where you can drink a lot of blood, you just need to enroll in the army and go fight for US in the middle east. That's where brave people go and warriors with brave hearts go. smashing of people's head is way too low for me to consider you as being brave. Maybe we Pohnpeians are scared, and we are also good humble people. I don't see any pohnpeians moving to Chuuk, but I see chuukese flocking to Pohnpei, is that a good sign? Don't tell me your anscestors smash heads, maybe they smash potatoes and kon. We all have brave stories to tell if you're interested. In fact, some stories are right here in Micsem, the pictures of people getting killed by Japanese soldiers, I didn't see Chuukese stories back from the World war 2. OR maybe I'm not interested. You can talk brave, I guarantee you, you'll find braver Pohnpeians around. see you in our next chat
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    Ate, your attitude is reminiscent of the Chuukese leadership. You drink blood but here the blood is replaced by your people's monies. No place else is the government is blantantly steading in broad daylight and nothing is being done about it. Again, I guess that attitude explains a lot. I like Abby's comment that you do not see Pohnpeians flocking to Chuuk except for Chuukese getting their buds whipped every weekend at Flamingo. You belong to your kind in Chuuk and stay in that cage. We do not want any.

    YOu government get the lion's share of all types of monies, yet your contributions are minimal.
  • Palikir, you mean to comment on Kojob? Please remind them that we Pohnpeians are very humble, but when it comes to kicking ass, we kick hard!
  • Where are Turmai and Kaptalwach from Yap all this time? They have been so quite and all of a sudden humble. They have contributed to the fall of Urusemal. All Yapese too who were lining themslevse up on this forum to run for the four year seat as they were too confident Joe Urusesmal would win the seat for President. You have paved the way for a suicide and it happened and you may now wait for years more to come to try the four year seat. Oh, what about that petition that we all heard about in Chuuk circulated by the Yap leaders showing all the strengths and can dos for Joe Urusesmal. Is not that a political sucide in itself a non-Yapese way? Just curious because when I heard about it, I pushed my Mayor to push our Chuuk Delegation not to accept it. I heard that's what made the other Congress delegations mad as if they were not capable of being President. If they were not being capable of being President, then why we in Chuuk voted for Manny to be our Congress for four year term. Is it so just to give in so easily to others? No way! It is time for a change for someone honest like Manny with the help of Alik to go in and clean up the FSM Embassy in Washington mess created by Joe Urusesmal and his corrupt cabinet.
  • Folks -

    The time to come together and work for the betterment of FSM is now. I don't see where you are headed with this discussion. Past issues are "water under the bridge", you need to work together. Mr. Mori will lead your nation for the next four years and he will need your support along the way. This will include calling his attention to potential abuses of public funds in every sector of the society. I am sure you can do that in a decent manner without resorting to the type of discussion we've seen here.
  • Sorry Abby (and Ate) but the comment was definitely for Blowjob, sorry, Kojob.
  • Kojop,
    Please calm down and sniff the ginger flowers deep and slow for mximum results. It would be wise and gentlemenly rewarding to know that pointing fingers and labeling at this juncture in time will only enhence the blood flow to such unstable porportion where chances of stroke to take place is very likely. Your name speaks for itself, however, it also depicted the famous Indonesian raccoon that could not multiply its species amongst a tiny droplet of blood but very very active and abusive when under disguised... very common among the species in the area from the back of the elementary school in Uman and extend to the northward direction about 4 miles inland. Peace out!! rest assured that no matter what, you are still under the scurtiny of the Lord in the kingdom of God and that his love for you is there always until the end of your time... which again he and him alone will determine when, how, and where would he ended for you. Till such time, do take good care!!! kalangan oh kilisou chapur
  • Hi Abby,
    You go girl. You tell them and tell them hard. This is just too funny. I would like to smash heads as well. Let me know and I will be there with my pachingko.
    Palikir, what is a KON ASS?
    eha ehe
  • Urulang,

    You may have a point there, but now the man of the hour is Manny Mori. He is the current, the contemporary and the future (at least for the next four years); the man in the driver-seat. Joseph Ursemal is the past. He is now one of the four living former presidents and an active member of our national congress. Let us hope that history will judge him and his administration well.
  • well said Temujen. I could not agree more. All Presidents of our Nation no matter what whether four year or 8 years in office have earned the seats and we should all applaude them. They have done their best and of course we are all human beings as we tend to make mistakes but it is more important for us to work together now as one Federation.

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    First of all, kickin' the rear end and all that is not even supposed to be in this topic. You people are complaining left and right about the chuukese, you don't even realize that your counterproductive attitudes make you no better. No better at all. What's done is done. The topic says President Mori is a good man. If you can't leave it at that, can't ya'll be constructive and come up with ways to set aside differences and just support whatever's already gone down? Ya'll sound like a bunch of sorry lil puppies. The man hasn't even had a chance to breathe as a President, and the dogs are barking mm mm..sorry lil puppies.

    "Hate it or love it, the underdogs are on top, and i'm gonna shine -- until my heart stop, go' head n' envy me...and I ain't go nowhere, so you can get to know me"
  • correction..DA GAME
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