Email addresses everyone!

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Oh, thanks keta!!! My prayer been answered!! Does it make any sense to be responsive in our efforts in here? It is a good thing to better manage and moderate our public forum. Click on "personal information" to make changes to your bios. And your email kap don't work.

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Some of you do not provide us with an email address to contact you directly if necessary. I ask that you do that now and make sure that we can reach you at the address you give us. Otherwise, we will start banning posters without any given email addresses. Thank you.


  • Keta: Why would you want to contact me directly? Is participation in the forum limited only to people with e-mail addys? Please advise...
  • Why?why? Turmai and Keta want email me at Pwungun
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    I think Keta wants to correspond with us individually. It's easyer that way than making a show in here.
  • Turma,
    If what you're quoting (wait a minute i did not see the " ") is official then i would suggest you disable the option where the application allows user to edit their profile (personal information). I'm sure you can edit the syntax within php to disable the option rather than trying to be a macho in here....hehehe.
  • localz,

    Sorry, I recopy and pasted the threading from keta here but still you see it for youself under the heading "The Miracles of Honesty and Hard Work". I am not trying to take keta's job or be bossy of myself here. I just happened to share her concerned in here. I guess the option is left for those who can control themselves in here but for some of us like myself who tend to forget things easiely and overdo their works needed to be warned. I honest believe the same should goes to keta on the token if one of us here wishes to email her regarding this forum.
  • Oh my my my. Ain't it nice to know that Turmai is so concerned and want to know our profiles and even email addressess. Well, my brotherman from another island I have nothing to hide so I will give you my bio and email addy. Oh, I just remember, since you already know who I am I will only provide you my alternative email addy. My two email addresses were posted few weeks ago, and I am sure you already got those down in your precious infobook so you may include this one also. The alt email addys are and

    Take care bradda mon!
  • Mr Y,

    Remember that kid in the classroom who would report you for the little things you do....hehehe. Everyone hated that kid! Teachers pet...LMAO Say hello to everyone at the Carnival this weekend!
  • kap,

    Oh thanks for calling me a teacher's pet or it could be something worst. I still remember you back in school. You were the worst kid in the whole school. Hahaha!!! You still want me to tell some of our stories back in school? Ouuwahaha!!!
  • Turmai,
    what is your email addy?
    are you ready to copy mine?
    here you go
  • Kaptalwach,
    You are the hero and the mon' in hea..yes..control that new in here but i got tired of him already....if you know him,please tell me his email addy or his phone number or where he is from and where he is staying so i will go myself and offer him some gifts......
  • wechetiw,

    Are you related to kap? You sound just like him. If not don't be with him alone in this room, God knows what might happen to you. Oh, give the gift to kap for happy mother's day. Hahaha!!
  • I gave mine ever since day one
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