William McGarry's book entitled " Pwoson Repen Marain"

I want to invite all who could read Pohnpeian to please read Padre McGarry's book "Pwoson Repen Marain". My comment on the book is this - being educated is not the same as having true wisdom and living it. I am a mere reader and I hope we can all benefit from it.


  • seatle,
    Iam not Pohnpeian,. what's the title of the book stands for in Einglish. What is in the book?
  • Canon

    W. McGarry is a Senior Jesuit who has been in Pohnpei for over 40 years now. His book is Biblical based. I am not qualified to translate Pohnpeian, but from the little that I know, Pwoson refers to one's Faith and Repen Marain is to search for Wisdom or Enlightenment. I can only thank Padre McGarry for his way of sharing his wisdom and experience in Pohnpei through this Biblical based reading.
  • hey seattle, where can I get a copy?
  • Jackstphen

    I think Micsem would have copies or at any of the Catholic Parishes. I know you will enjoy reading it.

    Take care
  • thanks much bro. I think my spirit is due for its annual cleansing
  • Jackstphen

    Mine is so bad, I need daily cleansing bro.
  • I am glad I saw someone who had picked up a copy of Padre McGarry's book titled "Pwoson Repen Marain" from Padre Curren recently. I recommend the book to all who could read Pohnpeian.
  • Padre McGarry's book "Pwoson Repen Marain"
    page 26 "Iesus ketiket rehtail rahnwet. Ihte, sapwellime doadoahk me rir."
  • I don't speak Ponhapean but I think the book has same meanning as the Compact of Free Association treat. We need to find our own faith and wisdom to live it on our own will.
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