the very first FSMer(Waabese)in Maui Police Force

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known to be one of the first FSMer yapese, Outer Island native who won most of the inpirational awards during the Maui 61st Police recruits..the very first to serve on the Police force in wailuku disrtict,Maui Hawaii.....lets go Yap...collect all the awards....thats what we do....


  • Hmmmm...whose that guy with that much inspirational awards?I think I knew that the army reservist?
  • Where in Yap that he is from?
  • I met a Chief of the Correctional Facility on Ohau who was from Kuttu, and the Chief of the Airport Police in Saipan from Likie in Pohnpei, and the commanding officer of the Guam National Guard from Sokehs Pah and the list is long now. Many Micronesians are holding higher positions outside of the FSM and it is always a reviving revelations of our capable people out there. My hat goes off to all of them!
  • rice,

    I thought his job is to apprehend those jobless yapese in Hawaii and send them back home. What has he done to entitled him for such awards. Tell him to apply for the chief of police post in yap to receive some inspirations from the public.
  • turmai ,

    I will send him to pni to apprhend you and take you to yap. You are one of them.
  • Kasusu,

    you funny!
  • Turmai,
    if you know nothing about him,just remain silent..dont change the main idea of this topic..
  • Who is this person? Rice, can you give us a profile here?
  • Any one of you know who Mitchell Neth is? He should be the topic here. He's a law enforcement officer in Hawaii too and a good one from PNI.
  • Abby, that guy you are talking about is a security at the airport for Hawaii Air..sorry....
  • kasusu,

    You can come to yap and work at my betelnut plantation and rice can send her cousin to be the chief garden security. Hahaha!!
  • i've always wanted to be a cop...but i decided to finish high school instead...8-)
  • Rice, don't be sorry, I think he's earning more than what the President is earning here, you might want to check your sources again.
  • I know Mitchell Neth....he is a good cop and he is very good at what he does and i am proud to say that we are related.......
  • sampwakihda, I'm glad you said something good about him as well, he is my classmate and he's very smart.
  • Rice, do not be sad. Obviously you called to brag but ended up with your foot in your mouth. Good for the Yapese person in Maui but we could give you countless Pohnpeians. Leo Falcam, Jr. is a Colonel in the US Marines, if has not made the rank of Brig. General or even a Major General. I hate to continue this dichotemy but you opened the can of worms. Deal with it by closing it.
  • Palikir,
    am not bragging,just share the infos..for all readers to not comparing our two states.I know Falcam Jr. that he is in the US Marine....and my hat is off for him.....what next?....any more commends?????
  • So what's the use for everyone to know. Provide us with his telephone, email address, and his whereabout of work so we can contact him if needed. Or else go back and finish you leftover smelly rice on the table. Hahaha!!! Cheers, my friend. Think over your whole story before you post in here.
  • Palikir,

    I don't think rice is trying to say this to brag about the Yapese. He is merely sharing an info. And Leo Falcom, JR is truly a Pohnpeian with a US citizenship so how can a FSMer beat that. Once you are an American, you will always be one and one with all the rights that comes with the citizenship. But for Pius, who happens to be from the island of Fechailap in Yap, to serve on the Maui police force is a big deal considering he ain't an Amerikano like LF, jr.

    LF, jr. was also brought up a privileged kid, unlike many of my former students here in Saipan who are pure bred Chamorros or Carolinians who have attained a rank in the US military and most came from humble families. I am sure there are and will be a lot from Micronesia who will eventually end up that way. I can tell you that during my college years in US, I needed an I-94 in order to secure an employment in the states. So you need to take that into consideration when discussing our opportunities nowadays. Circumstantial opportunities, wouldn't you agree?
  • Mitchell Neth from PNI is the first Micronesian on the HPD force and Pius from Yap the first on the Maui force. As a Micronesian, I am proud of both of them.
  • Mr.Y
    Thanks for clearing up the air for Pwipwi Turmai and palikir...
    Rimpac,whatever it is and iam on your side..lets go micros....I think i know that guy Mr.Y mentioned..he is also in the us arm forces..He was in the Hawaiian news Bulletin.....
    any micronesian out there in Hawaii can you please brief us on this issues?
    for you pwipwi Turufas ika Turumai, kose mochen kopwe esening? Tirow om pwipwi Turutur..Turungaw me netipan Pwich we Kaptalwach meinisin....Turufoch noa.....ika met?
  • Kaptalwach,
    dont you think that turmai is all over this place,attacking everybody?last time i saw him,he was siding with keta,asking for everybody's email adress while hiding his ......kinisou pwipwi are the man to shut this childish Turumai ika Turufas.....if i see him here in Guam,i will ask rice to white out his face before going to Yap.....tirow turmai ..amusalo tipisin ai kei makepaat......amusalo.....
  • Hey, my email address used to be accessable to everyone in here until yesterday and now only this forum administrator is access to it because some of you people kept on sending me porn pictures and nasty comments but never left a valid return email address. That's black mailing!!! Who is been honest from the beginning?
  • Is that why you want OUR e-mail address?
  • shout out to islandrodow & God bless..
  • sorry turmai

    all the angry are on you.hehehehehehehe
    maybe the new president will give you a special award and i will be the one to bragg for you........
    keep up lLAM boi..................go ping lap
  • lol@yall...funny how you guys brag and praise other people's accomplishments..i'm pretty sure they all are where they're at cuz they work hard. lesson to learn from this is, if they can do it, we can do it too. so plz enough of the "he's from my island and look where he's at" and start working hard.. and by that, i mean do something that will put us all at one destiny..
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