Sweep for listening devices @ sensitive government offices and residences

This topic has been discussed by some mid-managers and officials whether the FSM National government need to sweep for listening devices at the President's Conference Room, at the 3 Official Residences build by China, and at the Tuna Commission Building in Kolonia. The Chinese government did the complete overhauling of the President's Conference and build from scratch all the buildings mentioned. The FSM National government will always have this thought in the background unless a professional sweet is conducted in these sensitive official locations. A lot is at stake if the FSM national government ignores this basic national intellegence duty.


  • Interesting topic!

    How much this counter-surveillance or debugging effort will cost the government? I think nobody from the FSM has the skills and electronic equipments to perform such task. And is there really a need for it? Who are we going to ask for helping us? I don't trust the US government anymore especially after what happened with the CIA in Saipan during the TT.

    Pls. someone, bring some facts in here!!
  • Turmai, please accept my Blated Happy Mothers Day if you're indeed one of our beloved, sagging the mothers as some posters were hinting.

    On the debugging issue, I think I side with Seattle. It is a matter of Executive Privilege and National Security, even if FSM leaders do not regularly discuss national security issues. If the Chinese did renovate the President's Conference Room and are building the top FSM leadership official residences, the FSM is perfectly within its right to request debugging assistance from the US intelligence community. Our FSM Depts of Justice and Foreign Affairs can innovate the argument that that is part of the US national security responsibilities for the FSM Government under the Compact of Free Association. We shouldn't be charged for the service. We can be sure the US NSA and CIA would be more than happy to do it.

    Just this week, a US citizen of Chinese origin was convicted in a US district court for stealing and passing national security secrets to the Communist China Government through family members in Hong Kong. According to confidential US intelligence presentation to the court, the case is only one part of a coordinated Communist China effort to utilize the Chinese American community to spy for China. During the 1970s, the Soviets built a building for the US Embassy in Moscow. When the Americans swept the building after construction completion, they found they could not use it because of extensive Soviet built-in bugging in the building structure.

    It all adds up to a DUTY for the FSM to sweep its sensitive government buildings for possible bugging from foreign governments. You would not want your FSM President and Secretary of Foreign Affairs discussing a sensitive diplomatic initiative while being bugged by the People's Republic diplomatic intelligence services. Besides it will make intriquing reading in the FSM Press about Chinese bugging of FSM government buildings.
  • http://www.mjelectronics.com/pages/countspy/tdsentrandet.html
  • Taxi,

    Thanks for elaborating on the importance of our national security as to the politically sensitive information to be safeguarded. Our government indeed needs to take some precaution regarding non-privilege diplomatic information but also to include all FSM embassies and their mode of communications. I believe it doesn't really ends there at the Presidential conference if the security of information is concerned. This is something that we cannot be trusted on direct assistance from foreign task force to faithfully implemented. We should have our own citizen in training in this area by sending them to Japan for their highly sophisticated and advanced electronic technology. Surveillance is an art of employing advanced technologies and there are many countries having relation with FSM that can provide us with the skill and technology e.g. US, Japan, Australian, Isreal and China. This is something we should long involved with at the beginning.
  • FSM, Belau and the RMI are within the U.S HOmeland Security territories therefore U.S have to help out! Especially when it deals with Chinese building such building? Definately U.S will lend a hand. Skills? I would not undersestimate or look else where for skills as many micronesians far and near have such skills. I'm sure HR will be suprised to see the bulk that apply if such vacancy is opened up. Anyhow i hope
  • Very interesting topic. I hope our leaders look seriously into this. FSM is a good friend of the PROC, but that wouldnt stop the Chinese from spying on us or used us to spy on a third party. Even Israel spied on its most trusted ally, the US. Its about time to open our eyes and find out what is truly behind China's over-friendliness toward a harmless nation like ours.
  • Here is something I picked up on Internet...concerning the eavesdropping issue by NSA in the good old Uncle Sam, and I quote:

    "WASHINGTON, May 15 — President Bush intervened in March 2004 to avert a crisis over the National Security Agency’s domestic eavesdropping program after Attorney General John Ashcroft, Director Robert S. Mueller III of the F.B.I. and other senior Justice Department aides all threatened to resign, a former deputy attorney general testified Tuesday.

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    Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
    James B. Comey, an ex-deputy attorney general, testified Tuesday.

    Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
    Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and President Bush Tuesday.
    Mr. Bush quelled the revolt over the program’s legality by allowing it to continue without Justice Department approval, also directing department officials to take the necessary steps to bring it into compliance with the law, according to Congressional testimony by the former deputy attorney general, James B. Comey.

    Although a conflict over the program had been disclosed in The New York Times, Mr. Comey provided a fuller account of the 48-hour drama, including, for the first time, Mr. Bush’s role, the threatened resignations and a race as Mr. Comey hurried to Mr. Ashcroft’s hospital sickbed to intercept White House officials, who were pushing for approval of the N.S.A. program.

    Describing the events as “the most difficult of my professional career,” Mr. Comey appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of its inquiry into the dismissal of federal prosecutors and the role of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales. Several lawmakers wanted to examine Mr. Gonzales’s actions in the N.S.A. matter, when he was White House counsel, and cited them to buttress their case that he should resign.

    Mr. Comey, the former No. 2 official in the Justice Department, said the crisis began when he refused to sign a presidential order reauthorizing the program, which allowed monitoring of international telephone calls and e-mail of people inside the United States who were suspected of having terrorist ties. He said he made his decision after the department’s Office of Legal Counsel, based on an extensive review, concluded that the program did not comply with the law. At the time, Mr. Comey was acting attorney general because Mr. Ashcroft had been hospitalized for emergency gall bladder surgery.

    Mr. Comey would not describe the rationale for his refusal to approve the eavesdropping program, citing its classified nature. The N.S.A. program, which began soon after the Sept. 11 attacks and did not require court approval to listen in on the communications of Americans and others, provoked an outcry in Congress when it was disclosed in December 2005.

    Mr. Comey said that on the evening of March 10, 2004, Mr. Gonzales and Andrew H. Card Jr., then Mr. Bush’s chief of staff, tried to bypass him by secretly visiting Mr. Ashcroft. Mr. Ashcroft was extremely ill and disoriented, Mr. Comey said, and his wife had forbidden any visitors.

    Mr. Comey said that when a top aide to Mr. Ashcroft alerted him about the pending visit, he ordered his driver to rush him to George Washington University Hospital with emergency lights flashing and a siren blaring, to intercept the pair. They were seeking his signature because authority for the program was to expire the next day.

    Mr. Comey said he phoned Mr. Mueller, who agreed to meet him at the hospital. Once there, Mr. Comey said he “literally ran up the stairs.” At his request, Mr. Mueller ordered the F.B.I. agents on Mr. Ashcroft’s security detail not to evict Mr. Comey from the room if Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Card objected to his presence.

    Mr. Comey said he arrived first in the darkened room, in time to brief Mr. Ashcroft, who he said seemed barely conscious. Before Mr. Ashcroft became ill, Mr. Comey said the two men had talked and agreed that the program should not be renewed.

    When the White House officials appeared minutes later, Mr. Gonzales began to explain to Mr. Ashcroft why they were there. Mr. Comey said Mr. Ashcroft rose weakly from his hospital bed, but in strong and unequivocal terms, refused to approve the eavesdropping program.

    “I was angry,” Mr. Comey told the committee. “ I had just witnessed an effort to take advantage of a very sick man, who did not have the powers of the attorney general because they had been transferred to me. I thought he had conducted himself in a way that demonstrated a strength I had never seen before, but still I thought it was improper.”

    Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Card quickly departed, but Mr. Comey said he soon got an angry phone call from Mr. Card, demanding that he come to the White House. Mr. Comey said he replied: “After what I just witnessed, I will not meet with you without a witness, and I intend that witness to be the solicitor general of the United States.”

    Mr. Comey said he reached Theodore B. Olson, the solicitor general, at a dinner party. At the White House session, which included Mr. Olson, Mr. Gonzales, Mr. Comey and Mr. Card, the four officials discussed the impasse. Mr. Comey knew that other top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, wanted to continue the program.

    Mr. Card expressed concern about mass resignations at the Justice Department, Mr. Comey said. He told the Senate panel that he prepared a letter of resignation and that David Ayres, Mr. Ashcroft’s chief of staff, asked him to delay delivering it so that Mr. Ashcroft could join him. Mr. Comey said Mr. Mueller was also prepared to quit.

    The next morning, March 11, Mr. Comey went to the White House for a terrorism briefing. Afterward, he said Mr. Bush took him aside for a private 15-minute meeting in the president’s study, which Mr. Comey described as a “full exchange.”

    At Mr. Comey’s urging, Mr. Bush also met with Mr. Mueller, who emerged to inform Mr. Comey that the president had authorized the changes in the program sought by the Justice Department.

    “We had the president’s direction to do what we believed, what the Justice Department believed, was necessary to put this on a footing where we could certify to its legality,” Mr. Comey said. “And so we set out to do that and we did that.”

    Mr. Comey said he signed the reauthorization in “two or three weeks.” It was unclear from his testimony what authority existed for the program while the changes were being made. Mr. Comey said he shelved his resignation plans that day when terrorists set off bombs on commuter trains in Madrid.

    Mr. Comey left the Justice Department in August 2006, saying publicly that he had never intended to serve through the end of Mr. Bush’s second term. Privately, he has told friends that he grew weary of what he felt was increasing White House influence on the agency.

    Tony Snow, the White House spokesman, deflected questions about Mr. Comey’s testimony, but defended the N.S.A. program. Mr. Snow also noted that the Justice Department placed the program under the supervision of a special intelligence court earlier this year, which department officials said placed the program on an even firmer legal footing.

    “Jim Comey can talk about whatever reservations he may have had, but the fact is that there were strong protections in there,” Mr. Snow said. “This is a program that saved lives, that is vital for national security, and furthermore has been reformed in a bipartisan way that is in keeping with everybody.”

    Spokesmen for Mr. Ashcroft, Mr. Mueller, and the Justice Department declined to comment. Mr. Card did not respond to a reporter’s inquiries."
  • Seattle

    Interesting topic and I would like to pitch in our story...and here it goes. Our capital building was build by the Taiwan Government after Palau asked President Chen Shui-Bien for help. During the construction of the building, Palau was notified by the US Intelligence Service that they have sufficient information that the building will be “bugged” with all kinds of intelligence devices and we should beware of that. Additionally, there were couple of contractors and sub-contractors from Taiwan and the Philippines who were chosen to do couple of works in and around these 3 buildings. These companies were put under the watchful eyes of our US Intelligence Service for the whole ten yards during the course of the construction.

    We believed also that there were US intelligence agents on the island but no one had any idea. But, at the end the US Gov agents were able to sweep the whole place before we started going in. Well, I’m not saying US agents did not find any devices, but there were some found in and around the buildings…that includes the legislative and the judiciary. In the executive building, even if you breathe, you can be heard through these devices.....now that’s amazing, don’t you think?...keep the discussion going and thanks again for an interesting topic.
  • Seattle,

    Assume the areas of concern have already been compromised. Take immediate measures to enact proper protocols to train and educate the people affected by the risk. Locate the listening devices, provide a jammer for the signals and continue business as usual without alerting the Chinese that you are aware of the listening devices as this may become potentially useful for diplomacy and politics in the future.

    I would also assume that the confessional booths in churchs frequented by fsm leaders are already compromised as well. Never forget that China continues to this day to oppress religion and basic human rights on their own soil. They have no moral conscience when dealing with human loss of life as long as it serves their communist agendas.
  • While we're on the listening device issue, the whole yapese public overheard on public radio broadcast yesterday the distinguished gentleman, Joe Urusemal, portray a distinguished cry baby in the State Leadership Conference. His whining was fed live on the internet as well. Which brings us to the questions, why sweep for listening devices? Are'nt we supposed to promote transparency in government, i.e Joe's transparent and broken ego?
  • As explicitly stated in our agreement with the US Gov't, NAtional Security intelligence and related assistance can be provided by the U.S.A. So, why should we deny utilizing the assistance provided free of charge. Of course, detection of such sophisticated technoligical bugging system is something beyond our present knowledge and capability.

    US Military build-up in the Pacific region is now increasing. Guam, our neighbor, is the main target whereby shifting of US military presence in Asia is in the process of and the years ahead. While undergoing such and a formal request from the FSM is brought to the table, I think it would be of interest to the Military Intelligence to take part. It is somewhat important for ALERT purposes and to take necessary steps to prevent the unexpected situations from becoming reality... as learned from the 9/11 trategy; an unforgetable event in the US History like the Pearl Harbor situation .... "remember the Maine".

    Undoubtedly, the US NSA,, the CIA or the US Gov't itself would be willingly extend a good hand since it is, not only part of our agreement, but part of its security initiative/measure. Who knows, if the Chinese communist effort is using the FSM capital or Nation, in its long term strategic plan, as a stepping block for future attack for Guam or for Chinese Pacific Dominance future plan or just simply to counter the Taiwanese presence in the Republic of Palau to compete with as far as Pacific alliance and presence is concerned.

    At any rate, we shouldn't let it go without due action-oriented afforts.

    Good topic.
  • I believe this is a very important topic not only on this forum but must also be considered as one of the subject and urgent matter of the new administraion. However, I will be reluctant to give the work to US only knowing what the US did during the TT time and how they are doing things now under this Compact II Period. I believe what they are doing now is more than what is allowe under this new treaty. They are invading our country and micromanaging our government. Beware of American spies especially ex-peacecorps, former foreign workers and please don't exclude those religous freaks, not all of them are honest.
  • Saro,

    You're becoming more and more like a Fidel Castro, or a Fiji Army General. You think you have to start a coup or a revolution everytime you don't get your way.

    Come on, man. Go spend the summer in the Outer Islands. Go fishing. Unwind and slow down. You sound like you're approaching the breaking point.
  • Saroki,

    I share the same suspicion, especially the terms of the compact II. Is the US working within the spirit and textual meaning of Compact 2? That is the question?
  • Hey Sarokis:

    The intention is not to ESTABALISH. However, it is intended to DETECT. Two different verbs and meanings.

    During the TT era, they were able to do it because they were with the understanding that we weren't able or enough to understand what was going-on even during the brightest light of the day. We ere not even able to pronounce the generic names of their devices or even read the labesls in English simple terms. It was advantageous to them because we were all in our grade school years. I'm sure, now, it is a totally different story since we can use terms like "TRO", "P.O.", "Obligated Funds", "Fund Disbursement", "Allottee", "CIA/FBI", "Advice of Allotment", just to name a few, as rampantly practiced orally by the many elementary drop outs which all have become their daily vocabularies. It's amazing that even my grand father could say such words! Isn't it?

    I hope you can tell the difference between the aforesaid two words and the importance of utilizing this FREE OFFER.
  • WHY DO YOU ALL QUESTION THIS MATTER NOW? DID SOMETHING HAPPEN? WHEN THEY FIRST SPILL ON HERE THAT CHINA WAS GOING TO BUILD THE RESIDENCES AND OFFICES, AND COM-FSM MULTIPURPOSE FACILITY, I DID COME IN HERE AND WARN "you all". National Security for the FSM is more important than ever... China will never give out grandious gifts unless they see some benefits for them in the deal. China is working quietly and delligently to kick out U.S., but that would not happen unless U.S. walk out on us and leave us be with them Chingz.

    This is a very serious matter, I am sure U.S. is "listening" as we are discussing this matter. I am sure they would be more than happy to do the sweep. Afterall, they are partially responsible for our security. It is benefitial to both U.S. and FSM to have this test done. IT MUST BE DONE! Do you think U.S. does not have the same worry like with do? All FSM has to do is ask for help.

    I do not mean to scare anyone, because these are just my opinons; but if I were the people who live in the residences, I would not be able to close my eyes... I would always be wondering when is China going to press the button and .......

    On another note, we as FSM CITIZENS, IF WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT OUR SECURITY, WE MUST STOP DISCUSSING THIS MATTER ON HERE AND DEAL WITH IT,THE TRUE MICONESIAN WAY...WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT IS... let the right people deal with it and clear up this piece of intel.

    Someone, somebody wake up and pay attention....
  • wow, people, people peopleeeee... I think there is no danger in asking for help from U.S.gov't. even if they have bugged office buildings in the past, this should not stop our government from asking U.S. for help. U.S. does know that we are paying attention now, we are not as ignorant as we were during the early stages of our "friendship". Every government, excluding baby nation like ours has done some intell work in foregin soils, including their allies... That is a given, that is politics, that is survial! There is a difference between good intell. and bad intell. Good intell is gathered for the purpose of preparation for the future... bad intell is another story...

    Here is a difference between China and U.S., China does not have any respect for human right, U.S. does! Regardless of what you believe, you must accept that U.S. even if she is our "best friend", she is still getting intells. on FSM, that is what government does; but I like to believe and think that U.S. unlike China will not desrespect our human rights...

    Once again, someone, somebody do something!
  • Ya, Cid! Maybe we should call one magician and put the curse on both US and China embassies so they can mislead their governments.
  • Turmai, I did not mean it that way, but you can call them in and I will send in Sylvia Brown to represent us here in U.S. *heheh. We have more reasons to be suspious of China than U.S. if anything U.S. would be checking on "his children" if they have not wasted uncle sam's inventments. Do not worry too much about U.S. I "believe" they have more than one way to ensure check and balance in every operation and investments. TURMAI, DO NOT WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT UNCLE SAM, uncle always checks up on his "children" and investments, even here in U.S. If our security is compermised, it would by our own igorance not because U.S. has not and will not do its job. So educate our "oldies", there is no doubt that they are very wise, but pehaprs ingorant when it comes to National Security and techonology.... that is where the problem is....
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