Bodyguards for Manni Mori?

Is the the beginning of a new relationship to waste FSM monies. Can you believe that. Sighted all over town yesterday were some National Police guys following the new Pres. I was told that they were body guards. Calling the National Police, it was confirmed. What gives? This is not Chuuk. Pohnpei Governor has none, US, China, Japan, Austrailia ambassadors have none. Where do we see this? Chuuk. What a waste. And imagine, this is just the beginning. Next thing, Chuukese will be lining the Treasury in to collect their famous "claims."


  • This is the President of the FSM for crying out loud. Just FYI..previous presidents always had bodyguards.
  • The former President had bodyguards too, even when he visited his own islands. After a couple or sips from the the old tuba bottle he confided in our drinking circle that as an islander, he wasn't used to this kind of treatment. So it may take our new President a little time to adjust. But maggot has a point, as our new President, he shopuld be accorded with this type of treatment and gives our police force something to do instead of shooting up bars.
  • Palikir,

    I was hoping that you know the National Police rolls, duties and procedures. Because if you don't know anything about them, please don't preoccupied this forum with your nonsense discussion.

  • wow..blows my mind how stupid some ppl are...micsem should have manditory I.Q tests before issuing accounts...palikir, those "bodyguards" will go virginia tech on your @ss if you keep stalking the you my friend soulik from palikir, keep selling your sakau bottles cuz it dont pay to hate!
  • uumm..even i know that mainly THE PRESIDENTS have bodyguards..DUUUH!!! hehehe..oohhh boooyy oohhh boooyyy!!
  • My friend Palikir, the NEW PRESIDENT him self do not bother having bodyguards around him, something that he needs to adjust to, just pure bad lucky on your part to really going around pni, seeking information to confirm your curiosity of HIM having been followed around by guards. Thank you for being a body guards too.
  • When Leo Falcom came here (Saipan) few years ago for the Mobile Goodwill Baseball games he brought in four or five Maui special forces as bodyguards, and rode the most fancy and (guess what? fill in the space) the most ______ limo around the island. These specially trained guys from Maui were in addition to the officers provided by the CNMI government. When he met with us (FSMers) we thought someone was out to get him because our governor and other CNMI gov leaders never had those types of escorts: 4 or 5 Maui special forces and two CNMI police officers. Most of us here thought Mr. former pres was just showing off, and wasted so much of our limited FSM resources. It was a laughing stock of the town, at the time. Mr. Joe Urusemal, as the sitting president of FSM, visited CNMI at least twice but never needed any escort. Not even from the CNMI. What a contrast?

    As for Mr. Mori, I believe the circumstances would dictate his needs. I hope he is not simply wasting our nation's limited resources.
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