meRRY chRIStmas to yapese brave men and women in uniform.

as a yapese i am proud of all yapese men and women in uniform... you guys are brave and our heroes. may the grace of GOD be upon all of you to keep you and to lead you into a peaceful holidays. Go YapEse!!!


  • What's with the individualism...yapese are micronesians too...
  • LOL
    maybe they're special. lol.
  • aliyenation,

    you should read leatherman's statement and comprehend it good. Don't take it as an offensive post because he/she did not include the other states. Don't you read the first beginning of his sentence? "as a yapeese".
    To make you happy, as a yapees, I am proud of all yapeese men and women in uniform.... And I will also include my brother and sisters from the sister states, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. I am proud of you all in uniform and, GO FSMERS....
  • When you guys from Yapese go in the Military, and this is out of curiosity, when they finds out you are from Yap, do they still give you DOG TAG? I mean, you are from Barking Islands.
  • PyxTeas,

    Dude, I think you should think your sentence thru then post it up...cuz honestly you dont make no sense!!!
  • 29eRs,

    that's another way to put it... i like that!!!
  • pyxteas,

    for your info. yap is the island and yapese are the people or the lingo of yap... also known as yapper:-)... you decide!!!
  • LMAO!!! Don waste ur breath LeatheRman, I think he still tryin' to comprehend wat u tryin' to say.... Give him about another 45 dayz n' he should start seeing wat u mean.... I think he been all over google tryin' to see wat u mean!!! LOL....
  • Lol Suwel.... You don't have to do that, dude.... Should he need help, why not helping him? I have chinese dictionary that translated in to english, just!
  • To all Service members

    Merry X-Mas to all of you in boots and uniforms. Leatherman, thank you for this post. I always see hatred in here but it's x-mas time and we need to come together and embrace one another. We are out all over the face of this globe. The little support we can get from each other and our love ones will surely re-energize our battery for the coming years. MELEKALIKIMA to all FSMers in the service.
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