CONGRATULATIONS to our newly elected leaders,wish you all good luck.

I would like to congratulate the newly elected leaders,"CONGRATULATIONS!". To our newly elected HONORABLE PRESIDENT MANNY MORI,a very special greeting from your families,"KAPONG,PWOS AND TONG NGONUK!"
we are all very proud that you are willing to serve as the president of our country... Remember that you are kept in our prayers!...


  • Yes,

    I too would like to CONGRATULATE our new President. May the GOOD Lord guide your every move.
    May He give you Wisdom, Patience, Strength, and Love.--pwan am kapong,pwos me tong ngonuk tori omw family.

    God Bless
  • Great wishes and prayers to our newly elected President and Vice President. May they be guided by the grace of the Almighty to lead our nation out of perils and crisis and into prosperous future. May He grant them the wisdom and the foresights needed to mobilize the weary and burned-out workforce at the national government and eliminate the bad apples.

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