Should Previous Cabinet Members Serve New Administration?

Rumor has it that few of the previous cabinet members serving under President Urusemal refused to submit their resignations, as they wished to continue serving under the new administration, regardless whether they fit their jobs or not. This should put the pressures on the newly elected leaders to seek out new and qualified candidates for their cabinet.

Should they be continued under the new administation if they do not fit their positions?


  • the cabinet members need smell flowers. the AG needs new bathing suit. she is sweating a lot. you remember she screwed up the Kansou case. so Kansou will not go to jail. because kansou is friend of the Peter Christian. just watch. this Chuukese new President will just keep the same AG in office. to safe the Roosvelt Kansou. just part of their Chuukese deal. safe all the cabinets. and safe all the Chuukese. OIC. OIC.
    FYI, the Chuukese are sneaky in the departments. in the Finance and the Foreign Affairs, they worked for the old Vice to win. the Acting foreign affairs secretary and the Washington and Honolulu officers. they all worked for Vice Killion to win again. they said the Mori and Kansou side were for the crooks like Fritz and Simon and Petewan side. now the Vice did not win and these people pretend to work for the new Prez and Vice.
    if the new president and vice president are for honest government for development, they should change these sneaky people. like the AG and the Chuukese diplomatic officers. the government cannot step forward if they remain. its been like that all the time in these offices. sneaky and pretend. we need new begining and new people. no change, no progress as they say. need real change. if no real change, this new government is just another puppet of the old crooks. OIC.
  • Lempwei,
    I think it's too early for you to raise a topic such as this based on rumors. For your info, all cabinets must resign within 90 days of a new administration. From what I heard they still have plenty of time to turn in their resignations. Did the rumor specified who refused to resign and who's eager to work for the new administration? I guess not. Secretary Nick Andon resigned before the turn over of this administration because he got a job offer somewhere better than the National Government. Aside from him, Secretary Anafel got elected in his own State to be the Gov. The rest of the cabinets will be working with Mani until Mani appoints his replacements, but until then, there is a committee that exists who's responsibility is to aid Mani in the selection process.
    The question of who fits a position or who is unfit for a position is interesting, however, the committee that has been assigned to do that specific task should already have the experiences. Lets just sit back and observe the outcome!
  • Abby, thanks for the information; could you please elaborate more on who are the members of the transitioning team and what their qualifications are? Thanks again.
  • ah, yes... the old cabinets. Keeping the old cabinet scheme was a practice started two administration ago, and it shouldn't even be continued to this day. There is the prerogative, if not mandated protocol to appoint Acting cabinets, pending the confirmation of new cabinet members. The Public System runs the government, not the cabinet who are basically babysitter and rubber-stampers. Constitutionally, the old cabinet no longer have authorities, as their authorities ceased the moment the new president and vice took the oath of office. The assistants, deputies and even administrators, not subject to the advise and consent of the Congress are more than capable to run the departments temporarily. I say the old cabinets should turn in their resignation and bid farewell to their staff.
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