Islands INUNDATION by 2080

Claim from TNC: "At the rate of sea water level rising due to global warming, all the outer islands or low lying islands will be underwater by years 2070-2080." Any basis, special reports, scientific result or apparent due investigation to prove such claims? If such claims are true, where is our government's standing on this issue? It is clearly a losing battle against nature but what can we do to preserve our race?


  • We are being blessed by the Ark, Maisu! We will pack in one couple from each island to save our dominant race.
  • Turmai...

    Lol! Your statement fit in the other thread! Okey, if we have an ark and have to choose couples from each island, then what would happen to the rest? What will be the choosing method for which couple to pick? I'd like to amend that and include at least one woman from each clan.

    It is believed that if all the icebergs in the world melt, it would add less than an inch of water worldwide, but what would make it worse is the lunar gravity which shifts the tide. Ironically, the same water which Abraham, Isaac and Jacob drank back then or even earlier than that is the water we drink today and some of which have formed into iceberg at the polars. Anyhow, I believed the adverse effects of the rising tide is already affecting the islands now, especially their food supplies in the patches.
  • Hello,

    I suggest that you go to this website. This is the offical site for the intergovernmental panel on climate change that just released its report earlier this year: I suggest you go and look at this site. Any case the best estimate by the report is that temperature rise of 1.8 °C with a likely range of 1.1 to 2.9 °C (3.2 °F with a likely range of 2.0 to 5.2 °F), Sea level rise likely range [18 to 38 cm] (7 to 15 inches). This is the best case senerio according to the report. In otherwords, pray that its not worse than this. Though even with 15 inches rise, it will nicely affect low lying atolls and costal areas.

    Know as far as comment about iceburges adding one inch to sealevel thats not quet true. Iceburges are already in water and thus displacing it. This will not cause the oceans to rise, though due to properties of water expanding when heated and shrinking when cooled, the oceans could expand a little bit, and this is how you get the one inch figure. What scientists normaly mean as cause of increase in sea level rises, would be large glaceries of Antartica and Greenland melting. Such ice is on land, and not displacing the water, if all of Antartica and Greenland melted, your talking about 10 to 20 feet increase, I even heard as much as hundred foot increase in sea level rise but not sure thats true.

    Any case please look at that website I listed, that is the offical site for the UN.
    Likewise if there is compact 3, global warming and loss of atolls should be high priority.

  • Michael,

    Global warming has already arrived. Read PDN for updates on Likenioch, an island in Chuuk that is already faced with the consequences. Let's lobby the big boys NOW and convince them to cut down on the deadly gas emissions.
  • Mr. M.J:

    As per Mr. Y's post, yes global warming is already in our low-lying island of Likenioch, Chuuk! If you still insisted that we visit some governmental sites and educate ourselves on climate changes and so forth? Well, maybe you need to convince the people of Likenioch and Tuvalu too. Pls. read below:

    Tuvalu, a nation since 1978, joined the U.N. in 1999 and is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol. Laupepa, for one is angry at how things are playing out. "President Bush goes to war to protect is country, and talks of national security but the security of my people is threatened by global warming," he said. "How can you tell the American people that the way they live -- having three cars, using so much energy -- is endangering lots of small countries down the track?

    Just some surreal stories happening in the Pacific, Tuvalu 2005 & Likenioch 2007.
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