Yap State Scholarship Applicants - Fall 07 Reminders

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Yap State Scholarship Applicants for Fall 2007

Important Reminders:

*Deadline for all applications, supporting documents, references and
transcripts - JULY 1st
*Previous/continuing scholarship awardees still need to re-apply and compete for fall
07 scholarships (for continuing students - there is no need to re-submit
basic application forms - but it would be particularly advantageous to
include updated references, certificates, financial aid award letters and of course updated
transcripts to reflect applicants' most recent academic and campus-based
*There is approximately $250,000 worth of scholarship funding available
for Yap State students for the fall 07 semester
*Yap State R&D has currently received over 150 applications from
students competing for the fall 07 semester merit-based scholarships (and we anticipate
receiving about 30 additional applications prior to the expiration of
the deadline)
*Check out the Yap State Scholarship and R&D website for downloadable
applications forms and updated information (www.yapdevelopments.org)
*The COA (cost of attendance) is skyrocketing at post-secondary
institutions throughout the region and the US! Merit-based scholarships
are critical to meeting students' financial needs! Pell grants alone are no longer
sufficient enough themselves to cover the entire COA.
*Secure recommendations ahead of time...
*Transcripts can be emailed in as attachments (unofficial - but can be
easily verified) while awaiting the arrival of official transcripts. In
fact, it is recommended that students email their grades in as soon as
possible (in order to facilitate the awarding process) - in addition to
requesting their official transcripts.
*Priority fields of study are aligned with the 3rd FSM Economic Summit
(and geared towards sustainability and workforce development).
*The new Workforce Enrichment Program Advisory Council (essentially with
the same functions as a scholarship board) will convene within the next
ten days - then again in early July to determine our fall 07 awards.
*Interested candidates for the Yap State Scholarship Coordinator position are
encouraged to contact Keith Sieg; R&D Director Michael Gaan - mgaan@mail.fm;
R&D Dep. Director Jesse Gajdusek - jtgrd@mail.fm). R&D is looking for a
bright, enthusiastic college graduate from Yap to take our scholarship
program to the next level of sustainability and responsiveness!
*SDA Graduation will take place on May 24th; Yap High School graduation
will be on June 8th! Congratulations to our outstanding graduating

For further amplification of the contents herein, please feel free to
contact Keith at R&D (keithsieg@fastmail.fm - (691)350-2182).


  • Yap State R&D is looking for a college-educated, FSM citizen to assume the duties of State Scholarship Coordinator! Please email Keith Sieg at keithsieg@fastmail.fm for further information.
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