What Happened to the Congress Website?

Will somebody please help how to access the FSM Congress site?

Some of us been trying to access that site, peruse the information and public laws on the site but unsuccessful. We need those public laws because the Code on the Legal website is not updated. So, what happened with the Congress webiste? Are they locking out individuals? Somebody among our Palikir browsers, Webcoordinator Keta or others, please see if you can inform Speaker Figir and Vice Speaker Moses' offices, tell them and their PIO people, Franklin Frank and Josaia Waguk, they are denying the people a valuable public service by denying public access to the Congress website.

Exactly as someone predicted. As soon as Senator Peyal has left the Congress, things are falling apart there. What a shame!


  • Greetings Taxi:

    Thanks for addressing the problems with the Congress website. Most of these sites are old and yet not quite updated for avail sources of infos.

    By the way, as for the PIO people: Mr. Franklin Frank passed on a few months ago, just FYI. I'm not sure who is his replacement at the moment but still regardless the sites need updating.

    Cheers and kapong.
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