It is clear that you have absolutely no way to control the use of this forum by Chinese scam artists. All one has to do is to see the number of new posts placed by a no doubt new user advertising wholesale knock-off cheap merchandise, which if it could actually be purchased would fall apart before it arrived in the hands of the purchaser.

Worse yet is that the scam is clearly intended to get innocent people to try to purchase cheap merchandise using credit cards, the information from which can then be stolen, and used to steal from the innocent purchaser through identity theft.

If you cannot control this criminal use of this forum, YOU MIGHT AS WELL SHUT IT DOWN!


  • not an infringement.
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    Hi Sarem

    You know Keta is a very busy person and can't police this forum alone. It would be nice to see you and earl_edgar give her a helping hand. Just a thought since you two are well versed in things internet. Happy new yr to you.

  • Sarem,

    Would it be Micsem's fault if someone got bummed by the Chinese ads that runs randomly in here? I don't think so. Only a fool would succumb to such ads. Just like any internet site, scams are everywhere. Welcome to the cyber world. Precautions are in YOUR hands not Micsem's.
  • We should be prudent about our actions on the net especially when it comes to stuff like these. Scams of same nature are inevitable and eventually would be to someones disadvantage. I agree that micsem should do something about these intruding posts. They are beginning to litter up the site. BTW, CJ you don't need to shout and hope you are not serious about your suggestion.
  • calling the chinese, invalid? Ngesa ina rewpe pusin anea chon ar ina office iwe ra saw... just from coming in here. Nge apw, u chok eniwa ekkena people...*SOWWIE
  • Sun:

    I would love to help, but am not where I can do so. I understand that Keta is just one person, and I did not in any way intend to criticize her, just to point out what I believed to be obvious, that the Chinese scammers were seriously interfering with the purpose of this site, and that if something were not done, it might just be better to shut it down, rather than deal with hundreds of daily scam postings.


    As I just said to Sun, I did not intend to criticize anyone at MicSem, merely to point out what should be obvious. And you can rest assured that I do not fall for this crap, but it is clear, from anyone who knows someone hurt by these scams, that people do fall for this bullshit. Perhaps you have the money to reimburse the people deceived by these scams. Maybe you are one of the scammers?....
  • Child,

    If I was a scammer, I wouldn't think of doing it in here simply because a majority of the posters in here knows better than to waste their time visiting these none sense ads by your chinese friends. Learn and understand so you can be among the majority who knows. Nobody has fallen victim to these so called scams you describe and yet you want to close the forum. Is that the best you can suggest? From my viewpoint, this is more than just a scam. This is a VIRUS and I am sure Micsem is having a hard time deleting it. I would suggest you and your friends to stay clear from entering these threads. They could be contagious.
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    Thank you for crying out loud. Just from your posts, you have alerted the forum visitors that the ads might be some scams and to stay away from them. As far as we're concerned here at Micsem, it's a very time consuming job on our part to moderate this forum, not to mention to delete scams and such as they, hour after hour. So I ask you to please be patient with us as we're trying to keep up with the moderating job. We don't sit by the computer all day long to moderate this forum; actually, it's the last thing for me to do when I am alerted through email. We have projects to do that are of major importance and with deadlines that often times the forum is left un-checked for sometime. That's why we have other people beside ourselves to moderate it. It is helpful, however, when you alert us to check it. On my part, I've given you people some credits to have become much more responsible to your postings that I don't want to spend time anymore to moderate, unless some of you get back to their old habits of posting nasty comments just for the sake of making other people to look bad. This is a new year, and we've noticed there are many people who really want nothing but useful information to be shared here, subsequently, my visit to the forum becomes lesser.

    None of us moderators have any right to close the forum, except to edit, close, delete, and ban postings. Only Fr. Hezel has the right to close down the forum or make any necessary configurations to the forum as the owner of it.
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    I agree. Shutting down this forum would only be playing into the scammers hands. My guess is that the scammers have a computer that sends these "advertisements" out automatically at prescribed times. I'm not sure if this forum website is set up with filters and the like to help combat this, but I'm sure that Keta and her crew are doing their best to deal with it. It's one of the downsides of globalization.
  • thanks, keta.

    if i may offer a suggestion...

    the scammers/spammers can't post anything unless they have micsem usernames. the mods need to scrutinize new membership requests more closely. maybe you can ask potential members to communicate with you via e-mail, as opposed to simply providing their e-mail addresses without any verification. maybe have potential members answer micronesia-centric questionnaires. most scammers/spammers will probably move on and not bother with completing their membership registrations if they have to go through a relatively elaborate screening process. there are many other, more vulnerable forums on the 'net, waiting to be victimized.

    in any case, thank you for all your work, mods. good luck with the infestation!
  • geeez! No need to close down this site. Ray is right, just stay clear of the posted biz sites from ching-chang-chong! As far as Keta moderating this forum. She has been doing a good good. Let her go and do her work. Iwe oh, Keta. Nepong ngonuk..

  • ching-chang-chong was just the scapaegoat. It was actually Wang Ching Hong.
  • when they get tired of it..they will quit, i think but then again it might be as hossrdr said its the only solution is to ban by isp...hope someone up at micsem is skilled enough to catch that and do the necessary codes to block it. anyways, i for one, will not fall for such i guess thats the message we need to spread around...
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