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Heard that Kiribati has various forms martial arts, went to meet one of the best 'Eneasi', knocked one of my tooth out. We became good friends and still hoping to get another chance with him. Any one knows where I can go to the islands to find some better techniques than Kiribati so I can go back and give "Eneasi' a kick in the 'B'.

I heard that the Kiribati fighting arts is the blue print of the Asian Martial Arts - history as some says, that King Kahmehmeah of Hawaii soilders and followers were stopped on the outskirt of Kiribati by Kiribati warriors near Nui Island on their route to invade the Micronesia and FSM's.

What do you think?


  • Here's an elite martial art technique often used by us pnians, "The Kos Takai". works all the time.
    google it.
  • Heard Polowat and polap still have surviving masters in the arts of pwaang..heheh is that how you spell it? Anyways, perhaps you can start there...Chuukese traditional Martial arts is pretty much similar to Aikido...Mostly for Blocking..Perhaps then you can tire out that Kiribati guy while you fight and avoid losing another tooth...

  • Good luck with your search....and don't forget to stop by in Palau for the best of them all techniques…..the rock throwing. I could show you how rocks are delivered accurately depending on the size, shape and weight.
  • Mukul,

    Cool topic, but you know the art of local self-defense is really a skill that is passed on down like Navigation and Massaging. They are only given or passed on to people found responsible and with complete self-control. Their not given to just anybody or everybody. On top of it all, especially Local Self-defense is kept a secret only until necessary.
  • Olay,

    Stop that rock throwing art. I was hurt once by a Palauan by that rock throwing art. It didn't occur to me he was returning by means of retreat with a rock. Whew! Good lesson learn. I now know what to expect.

    Anyway, have a nice day Uperem (Chuukese name) & (I mwahu kin uhk) Pohnpeian name......
  • thank u 'Uperem' I have already experience that in the RMI, but probably will be one of my last consideration when I say I am done with my brain, heart and fist, but for now, I am not yet interested in children and pea brain fantasies.

    ATE ...I heard Chuukese traditional martial arts are very similar to those of Kiribat..but Kiribati has the advantages and MANTIN hope that you are just next door to me so I may google your domain.
  • with open doors...........
  • No more fighting! Today we are fighting with our brains. NO more physical contact. We have to fight with our brain. What i mean by this is if someone tries to fight with you you may call the police not because you are a coward but play smart. That is how the problem solve nowadays. Thank you that is my advice.
  • Interesting concept here, mukul! Ate is right, I have witnessed the poluat martial arts in action ... in a real fight among some students. The amazing thing about the person who intervened that night and saved many lives is this... he was a very quiet and shy guy. He does not make trouble to anyone...he happened to pass by some chuukese when some Pohnpeians were about to cut sum Chuukese in halfs. *naffing* no kidding there! I heard it on the air and I ran up on a vehicle... I got out and everyone was shouting and cursing and all... I just stood there, almost like accepting that someone will either die or hurt that night... and out of NO WHERE...A DUDE WITH FINTOSI..ran in and with a distinctive noise...just like the ones they make in the kung fu movies... this dude, flew up and ...*um, I have no idea what he did, but I saw the knife flew from this Pohnpeian's hand and he turned to another and did the same thing... funny thing is, about this time... the about to be cut in half chuukese boys started yelling and going after the pohnpeians ... after they saw that this dude...took care of the knifes... *NAFFING* The Pohnpeians retreated ...by the time the popo and security came, everyone was gone... amazing thing about this PUluwat dude was that he did not have any injury except a little scratch on one of his fingers... For days, many boys follow this dude around... and he was pretty embarrassed cuz he was a "keep it on the low down" kind of a guy...

    I personally went to see this dude and he was so humble and embarrassed, he could not even look at me... I tried to get info. from him to make an official report... guess what! He refused to say anything and ... that was it...

    So every island or state do have their own martial arts... and I have only witnessed DA PULUWAT KNIFE TECH. *eheh..

    just sumthing to share...

  • That Technique sure is something...
    To be able to snatch that knife away and walk away with only but a small scartch on the finger...Oi.!!..that comes in handy. Im sure if that Polowat guy wanted to hurt these Phonepean Boys he would..But didnt want to make that mistake...
    It was humorous how them other Chuukese boys went after the attackers after the knifes were gone...lol!

  • *naffing* TRUE THAT! I must confess, I hired this dude couple months after this incident... and guess what? No one dared to make noise on those nights he was working... they looked at him in a different light... but before, everyone just looked at him as a soft..push-over kind of guy. Very quiet and shy guy. He was a lot of help on those late dance nights... I've learned my big lessons from him in terms of judging someone by their appearances... BUT AGAIN, I would have not known.. unless he took the time and had some courage to apply for a job.=) Many boys tried to bribed him to teach them, but he was a very well rounded person...$$$ was not his prize. In his own words, "Who you are, and how you handle yourself... is what could earn you, some secret knowledge.." anyway, enough from me on this topic...

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    Com'n let's play some Card Sharp games. I shovels and you deal the hand out. When I win it you take and deposit in the most safest place. For now all I have in mind is Celebrating. I need a EAST KING to go with my new Title WEST QHEEN.

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  • *um, wait a minute! YOU want to eat my heart? What are you, a VAMPIRE? *NAFFING kidding man, carry on...as you were! *lmbo Oh, you think you nove me? Becareful, I am 1 of many invasive species!! We tend to go places where others dare not to cross... It ain't pretty, but it is an adventure for others... to me, it is a lonesome job. *wink Admit it, darn it! You are having an internal battle my friend... you found yourself in a love-hate relationship with CJ. That is very common, but don't let the sassiness get to you...she's harmless and could stir up interesting conversations... don't miss out! *naffing* If you are hungry for a battle... she can send in one of her guards to be at your service until dawn. *lol Men IA? Ask me what that means and you will never want to be called M-IA, cuz Chuukese would stone or ops, no knife you, cuz that is a provocative name... *lol

  • mukul...my recommenation for ya...is to go to a place in Marshall Isand called Arno and choose one of em ladies to assassinate your opponent with just one spin...lmao..now you cannot loose a tooth but gain your respect as an islander...hahahha...take it or leave it mukul...kod-na-kewa...welcome kowos mwed Kosrae...peace...
  • I certainly understand Love-Hate Relationship, I mean at first it was love at first sight. Then something happened, either other people tried to interferred, or expectations was not met we became on and off for a while. I feel this person feels the same way, and certainly can not speak on its behalf. My feelings are natural feelings of a good relationship taken place. It was at the beginning a romantic relationship, where I might wanted Stability, Content and Happy from our Union or the fact that you have someone great in your mind. Someone you feel like a Champion with, someone you want to invite people over because you love to entertain and make them feel at home with.

    In the beginning we have that feeling. When we have it going we really have it going GREAT, then we argue and get emotional and our angered took over. The person says words, then I try to reason, understand or forgive, but I'm just as human with emotion the same.

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    Love is Psycologically an emotion that makes you feel you have an Obligatory Friendship even when the Rough get you mushed inside because of either of Love-Hate, or Hate-Love Union.

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    much aloha,

  • No worry CJ, Walking the down the Isle is just as much as walking the isle, you spend too much money, time,energy and come back with broken pride,empty wallet,less friends,trying to make a living because you are closer to retirement and done with life. Usually that is how it ends when you reach the end of the isle, you figured you have nothing more to see, so you take your groceries to the cashier. I guess Marriage is like that, you walk the isle examing every possible ways to to turn a few Cans here there, see if the boxes are really Squares, or if some items were misplaced you started to wonder who put it there or if it comes with the personality.
    Yepp, I don't believe in Marriage if a Union is not working out in the beginning. I believe if a person truly loves someone, he would or she would go to the end of their life as One. Where you say You and I and We as together we either succeed or struggle to make it through the bows/and Vows.
  • I want to walk the Yellow the Carpet though, it's a shame to stand in public and declare you have no money for honey.
  • we have some pyx teas if you want to order some...what parish do you belong to??
  • I'm Father Hazel's Child.
  • Why he's called father I have no Idea, any father is my father. I'm fatherless and motherless.
  • LAKIDURDZ....'Imao'? Thanks, I will have that but for me first.
  • Mukul,

    Just curious, even before the first signs of human dwelling appeared in the kiribati islands, asia was already a well developed society. So how can they (asian) get their martial arts from the islanders?
  • don't you dare worry mukul...i'm sendin' re-enforcement on your way...lots of mu-deng...representin' KSA...they told me that you are the last of the Kosraean Mukul...they don't wanna lose another mukul and that's why they have contacted me to safe the last mukul....lol...you don't wanna get eaten by sharks or whatnot in Kiribati...lol...take my advice, and stay safe wherever you are...kod suk-in-kud...hehehhehe....just playin' dude...do what you have to do to defeat your worse fear...hahahhaa...i'm outta here...kaselehlie mukul or paing kom...

    do not listen to sneaky...the screen name said so...hahahhhaa....peace
  • wow....U's b trolling...martial arts in micronesia?
  • Can someone send some Marshall's Arts to US to sell? I have some friends who wants to buy them. Is there a site to go and order Marshall Arts? I have not seen them in Ebay.com.
  • Eneasi looks interesting... i'd like to learn a move or two just to keep myself safe
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