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What should we expect when the March elections come and go?

Here is what I have to say in this regard. We will return to our daily lives and still get up, work, eat, and sleep. Between the lines we will be joking with friends, drink sakau, go to a church service, attend a burial of the occasional tradgedy, etc. However, It will be a different story if we elect the current Speaker for the At-Large seat. He seems to be a joker with people, but sometimes it seems, in the Pohnpei culture, his actions maybe considered disrespectful and kind of loud. All of a sudden he's shaking people's hands and trys to get to know you better. His smile goes ear to ear and his neck maybe tired from all the bowing and nodding that he has been doing lately. His campeign crews are hitting markets from kitti to Madolenihmw and some times dispaying actions that may deem them high class and that they may have been deprived of manual labor. They've hit a lot of people with so many high fives, that it makes me think that they may lack confidence in themselves when they are meeting people. But, it just shows that they are campeigning for a political office. What will happen if he doesn't make it? What will happen to the ED 3 office? Please bear in mind that the ED 3 office is run by someone from Sokehs and used to employ a brother in law and sister in law and several nephews. Election Election Election Election.


  • That deprivation of manual labor you mentioned is exactly my view as well on them campaign fellas that frequent the sakau markets in kitti and forth. The odd thing about these characters is the fact that they appear almost nitely at a certain sakau bar and keep to themselves. They joke, laugh and tell stories to themselves only. A simple nod of their heads acknowledging your presence is the closest thing they ever come to make eye contact with the others around them. I was at one sakau bar a few weeks ago and they being from the Municipality of Nett and Kolonia, stood out amongst the crowd in the sakau bar in kitti. To my amazement, they never mingled or even asked for a brief moment of everyone's attention to do some vocal campaign on their favored candidate (Peter Christian). They simply kept to themselves and spoke only when spoken to.

    Perhaps, they thought that just their presence is enuff to captivate the hearts of the people in kitti. shish, thats gotta be the sorriest campaign technique in history. The owner of the sakau bar is bright enuff to distingush the difference between appreciating the sakau and service from just being there for political reasons with no delights in the establishment at all. But what the heck, they gotta pay for their drinks, and thats business. Many of these Christian support characters are non-sakau drinkers but show otherweise to play a fake role of being one of the regulars. I can bet $100, that they will never come back for a fresh drink of sakau after the elections. I bet if the bars serve them stale sakau, they will still buy it for the sake of politics. What a laughing bunch of retards.
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