From this morning's Pacific Islands Report:

Airline answers call for better service in region

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Marianas Variety, Sept. 3, 2010) – Continental announced the first non-stop flight service between Chuuk International Airport and Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport with an introductory flight on Dec. 7, 2010.

This new flight service helps improve access for customers across Micronesia who travel to and from Manila, enabling customers to avoid obtaining a U.S. visa for transit in Guam. This flight is being offered in response to frequent requests from both the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) for smoother travel to Manila.

The flights are operated by Continental Micronesia with a Boeing 737-700 aircraft with 12 seats in business class and 112 seats in economy on the route.

"This special introductory flight between Micronesia and Manila is a good example of Continental’s strong commitment to the region as the hometown airline of Micronesia." stated Charles Duncan, president and the chief operating officer of Continental Micronesia. "We have decided to test the market for this new service. If sufficient demand does not materialize, we will cancel the flight and offer refunds in November. If this flight is successful, we intend to schedule more Chuuk-Manila flights in the future."

The Continental Micronesia introductory direct flight is available for travel on Dec. 7, 2010 only. A special fare discounted by as much as 25 percent off the lowest excursion fare between the islands and Manila is available and must be purchased on or before Sept. 30, 2010. For actual fares, visit the website at or go to the nearest Continental Airlines ticket office.


  • What was the original reason being for this proposal again? I was just wondering.
  • well read the article, blessed. the marshallese and pohnpeians no longer need u.s visas to and fro manila.
  • Only time will tell if there is enough traffic to sustain this schedule. It is a plus for the FSM and RMI. It's good to see that Continental is making an effort to change things up in the islands and somewhat make it easier to get to and from SE Asia and Australia.
  • Since when did we ever needed a visa to get through and fro manila?

    Im also still wondering when are we ever going to have a FSM domestic flight.
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    This is NOT a solution to the FSM people's air transportation problem. FSMers need competitive flights to US ports like Guam and Hawaii, where according to Micsem's data, close to 30% of FSM citizens are currently residing and close to 70% are travelling/transiting.

    With this so-called direct Continental Airlines flights from Manila to FSM, Continental Airlines is just making more businesses bringing Asian people into the FSM without the stringent US Immigration requirements through US ports like Guam and Hawaii. The FSM will end up flooded with Asian and Philippino citizens/visitors while Continental Airlines is simply making money without any responsibility over the social/environmental consequences.

    As a response to this potential increase in Asian visitors traffic to the FSM, FSM should allow each FSM state the right to indirectly regulate inflow immigration like the US state of Arizona is trying to do. Chuuk is now experiencing an increase in Philippino ownership of local businesses which businesses also own lands, which in turn raise questions whether ownership of FSM lands by businesses owned or partly owned by PI citizens/families are consistent with the FSM Constitution's prohibition that non-citizens shall not own land in the FSM.

    Not to mention the infiltration of the FSM public services and private sectors, most basic industries in the local economy, including the college of Micronesian system by Asian alien laborers, while most FSM families are leaving loved ones, searching for jobs in far off places like Alaska and Atlanta Georgia, FOR CHRIST SAKE!

    This is not racism; this is realism.
  • You'all need to read between the lines. The article does not make mention of Chuuk's proposal for better flight services( to safe guard the plotting FSM admin) and no mention of the Phillipine's proposal (to safe guard the plotting airline). No, the article only highlights RMI and PNI interests.
  • Yay!

    This'll make it easier for Filipino criminals to get into FSM.

    And FSM criminals into Philippines?
  • Innominate,

    Your speaking my language. Im with you on that one. FOR REALS.


    Im actually reading RMI and FSM....No indication of PNI only. Your probably just speakin in general right?

    I mean, where did this come from for reals. WHY THIS PROPOSED FLIGHT?
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    This direct flight plan is starting to scare me big time. I see our youth getting hooked on HARD DRUGS. Look at Guam, Saipan And Palau. What do they have in common? Direct flight from the Philippines, and drug addicts.
  • Its just a matter of time and we'll have it. Unless someone goes for a stop.
  • How will the pending merge between United and Continental impact our region? once combined, the name will be simply "UNITED."
  • Yes! I can finally get me a filipino girl!
  • Then maybe Chuuk can invent da feminin version of a filipin and call it the FIlipina!
  • I hope Chuuk doesn't get overtaken by bisexual Filipino prostitutes like in Saipan.

    a friend told me...

    How about those direct flights from Yap to Chuuk?
  • Utwa,
    Just irruk! safer that way. it prvents you from getting herpes and AIDS

    We'll have bbq dogs, cats, frogs, mice and big rats.

    replacing octupus and penijol NEE!
  • lol

    I forgot someone told me that UTWA is an avid IRRIPWITCH!
  • Whooa, not really feeling the love there,lani. what's up with that?
  • Get back on track please. We don't need to know all that up in here. Grow up Lani.
  • If I were to ship highly sensitive "materials" from the finipin destine to micro @ the same time avoid US Homeland Security clearance, a direct flight is a must....
  • Oh wow, without the screening of US custom and immigration before entering the FSM, behold the new drugs and profile criminals that will be making their way into our islands.
  • KTTH,

    Its either that, or FSM customs and immigration best upgrade themselves or do their job adequately.
  • As corrupted as the FSM Custom officers are in Chuuk, this is indeed a big time threat to FSM's National Security. Do we have to say YES! to everything that Continental throw our way? We need new airlines to compete with CO, not new destinations.
  • this is great news. it opens up new cultural and economic ties with other countries particularly those in Asia without the hassles of going through guam. frankly, as a frequent traveler, i don't like flying through guam with its arrogant immigration and customs personnel who throw their weight around. it makes connecting to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, much much easier and cheaper since you have more international airlines available in Manila.

    this is also the opportune moment for FSM to make sure and show that its travel facilities (including immigration and customs) are at par with world standards without having to rely on the US to do the work for us. after all, in the long run, we have to prove that we can stand on our own two feet.
  • Improved our immigration policy to ensure no growing population of Phillipinos in Chuuk like they did Guam and Saipan. Chuuk is over populated already and with too many at hand to deal with...Prevent newly invented issues that may cause by frequently visited Pilipino will be a smart idea. Learn from the Marianas Chuuk...just an advise...
  • Looking ahead is always wise...Thanks Croc for your advice!
  • Yes, do be careful, but do not let your unfounded fears become obstacles in the path of progress. Chuuk more so than any other FSM Sates needs every bit of developmental opportunities to re-jumpstart it's economy.
    You all point out the bad qualities in one paragraph in this forum, yet I don't see anything encouraging to say about this venture except traveling marine flattop's.
  • I do apologize if i tend to sound negative about this particalur move. But by just seeing all the movements in our region today, everthing is going to clash soon. To our east we have Kwajelein base, to the west, we got Guams military build up now, we trying to fly over US borders for our convenience now? What is homeland security going to think about this and how are they going to react to it?
  • This is a terrible idea! We never have any issues with the US immigration system! Is this benefiting us or the Filipinos? We should work on things that benefits our people. I warn you all! We are opening a can of worms that we won't want to deal with in the near future! Filipino influx on the island is already an issue and now you want to make it easier? Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
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