FSM Natl Raised Premiums on Life Insurance(s)

In the recent payday, many employees were surprised to see the increases in their cost-sharing premiums paid into their group life insurances. People immediately called the payroll who referred them to the personnel, but were not able to talk to the person in charge because he left his office...and some even tried to hustle down the office of the bigger boss, the secretary. According to those who had the guts to answer the many despair calls, there was a law, and there was a memo issued on October 13 which set the fixed day on collection on the payperiod ending October 28 (as the story went). No one has yet explain why there were two deductions on life insurance reflected in the paycheck and (of course) why one of them had gone up almost double for others. For some, it was like a deja vous which reminded them of what happened in not so distant past where the government decided to pull away from IAC to run its own insurance, only to go belly up afterward and the stiffed the employees to make up the shortages. Are we again going down the same route again with the insurance? Does anyone know?
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